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Road Safety Education to be Included in Goa’s School Curriculums


In 2015, Union Transport Minister Nithin Gatkari asked state education boards to include road safety education in school curriculums.  At the same time, Road secretary Vijay Chibber informed that the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has included a chapter on road safety in its syllabus and about how the minister has urged the states to follow suit.

 As a part of this effort, road safety education is included in many states. 

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 Goa transport minister, Ramakrishna 'Sudin' Dhavlikar announced yesterday that road safety education will be a part of Goa's school curriculums. He said this while attending the inaugural function of the sixth edition of the Goa Road Safety Week in Panaji. 

"From next academic year, there will be a lesson in schools on road safety for students of class VII, IX and X. This was decided by the union ministry of road and transport." he said.

A number of students from various schools of Goa attended the inaugural seminar. 


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Road Safety Education to be Included in Goa's School Curriculums
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