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School Bus Safety Precautions a Bus Driver should Take


Safety is the motto of school bus transportation. Millions of children travel by school bus and to keep them all safe is the responsibility of school bus drivers. For keeping the children safe and at the same time stick to the schedule, drivers should take certain precautions.

Want to know some school bus safety precautions for school bus drivers? Here are some special safety precautions a bus driver should take:

  • Ensure that doors are safely closed before starting the school bus and are not in locked condition
  • Never allow any child to stand in a way that hinders your vision to the front, side, or rears
  • Do not permit an unauthorised person to sit in the driver's seat, or operate the school bus
  • Make sure that no child place their belongings in the aisles of the school bus
  • Check whether the vehicle engine of a school bus is in off condition, gear is in neutral, and the ignition key is removed, before leaving the bus
  • When a school bus gets damaged and require lights, make sure that flares or reflectors is placed 30 meters in front and behind the bus
  • While loading and unloading students, ensure that the bus is secure by checking around and underneath the school bus
  • Before moving the bus, make sure that students get down the bus in a safe location
  • Be cautious while approaching a railway crossing
  • Stay calm and act promptly
  • Be professional, loyal and sincere at all times
  • Carry out pre-trip inspection routinely
  • Provide guidance to students regarding emergency school bus evacuation procedures
  • Be stern about school bus discipline and at the same time show a pleasant attitude to the students

Distracted driving: A Threat to School Bus Safety

Of course, distracted driving can be a huge threat to school bus safety. A clear focus is a must-have quality for becoming a safe driver. Texting, attending a call, eating, etc. are some of the main reasons that make a driver distracted from the road.

Usually there are three kinds of distracted driving:

Visual: A driver's eyes are away from the road

Manual: A driver's hands are not on the steering wheel

Mental: A driver's mind is not on driving the school bus alone

How to tackle distracted driving?

  • Observe the traffic and watch the doings of other drivers
  • Envision the route and have an idea on your next step
  • Make a serious effort to keep space between you and the vehicle in front of you
  • Maintain a safe circle around the bus
  • Drive carefully not carelessly
  • Notice each student who gets on and off the school bus
  • Check mirrors occasionally

Be positive

One of the most important things to remember is to be positive while driving a vehicle like a school bus. This positive attitude can help the driver to handle the emergency situations properly. When you are in an aggressive mood, you will naturally be unable to make swift and accurate decisions. And hence, it can be risky for occupants in the school bus. 

If you can't control your mood and temper, then it can lead to serious accidents. In addition to this, school bus drivers should have adequate knowledge of revised traffic rules and regulations.

Any driver can claim that they are transporting the most precious cargo to and from school. But a skilled and professional school bus driver takes adequate safety precautions, receive proper training, and have an awareness on renewed safety rules and regulations.

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School Bus Safety Precautions a Bus Driver should Take
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