TrackSchoolBus Smart Bands Ensure Your Kid’s Safety


When it comes to the safety and security of school children, there are umpteen modern alternatives that come in as blessings. While GPS tracking attached to school buses is one of the safety means, you can also look at the options of equipping your kids with safety watches or wristbands.

These safety devices help you keep a close watch on the whereabouts of your kids; whether at school or out on a school excursion with teachers and schoolmates. These devices provide the much-needed information about the exact location of your kids.

If you are the parent of a small kid who does not know how to use a smartphone or all those kids who cannot clearly express themselves, smart bands come as their protectors.

This blog sheds light on all the ways in which smart bands from TrackSchoolBus ensure the safety of young kids.

Smart Bands from TrackSchoolBus – The Safety Wearables for School Kids

TrackSchoolBus is one of the leading providers of wearable tracking devices to kids. This noble initiative offers modern and innovative ideas to protect your school-going kids.

The Smart Bands offered by TrackSchoolBus are embedded with geo-fencing features which come up with alerts about the location changes of your kids.

All thanks to the multipurpose geo-fencing capability of these safety bands, you can keep a close watch on your kids who are out on a school excursion or even while they are in the school premises. Along with assisting you track your kids, the geo-fencing software steps in to record the attendance of your kids.

Heave a Sigh of Relief with Smart Bands from TrackSchoolBus

If you are a parent contemplating to sign up with TrackSchoolBus for securing smart bands for your kids, you can check out this long list of benefits offered by these smart devices.

For your convenience, you can look at these benefits under two heads: functional benefits and operational benefits.

Functional Benefits:

  1. Real-Time Tracking Feature: This feature  deserves a special mention because of  their ability to perform real-time tracking. Let them go on a school picnic or sit within the four walls of a classroom, these Smart Bands provide you with real-time tracking details.
  2. Instant Alerts Avert Mishaps: Parents and school authorities who have signed up with TrackSchoolBus for the supply of smart bands can benefit from instant alerts. The tracking software installed in these smart devices throws up alerts which pop-up on the screens of your smartphones. The geo-fencing alerts specify the real-time location of your kid.
  3. Tracking Perimeter: The Smart Bands provide accurate information within a range of 20 m to 30 m.
  4. Lay Hands on The Last Tracked Location: The smart bands from TrackSchoolBus help you recognize the last tracked location.
  5. Error-Free Location Details: With the TrackSchoolBus smart bands by your side, there is no scope for any errors. You can enjoy error-free location details of your kids at all times. That means, these are brilliant safety devices that are exclusively meant to protect your school-going kids from any sort of eventuality.

Operational Benefits:

  1. Durability: You will always look for the durability of electronic gadgets. With this primary objective in mind, smart bands from TrackSchoolBus come with a minimum 12-month battery life, without needing to connect them to a charger.
  2. Extended Life Coming from Resistance to Water and Grime: Kids are known to be messy and careless. Keeping these two innate tendencies of young children in mind, these smart bands made in such a way that they are 100% resistant to water and grime.
  3. Additional Features: Every Smart Band comes with Bluetooth and location sensing features.
  4. Independent of Operating System: This Smart Band can be connected to your Android or iOS-powered smart phones.
  5. Global Presence: Another advantage that makes the Smart Bands of TrackSchoolBus unique is linked to their global presence. You can pick up these Smart Bands from most of the countries.
  6. Independent of Wi-Fi or Cellular Data Connection: Fret no more if your Wi-Fi or cellular data connectivity is lost. You can still track your kids’ location using the Bluetooth feature.
  7. Affordability: TrackSchoolBus offers these Smart Bands to all concerned at affordable prices.
  8. Size Variants: The Smart Bands come in three sizes. A small Smart Band comes with a 13 cm diameter. A medium Smart Band measures 14 cm and 15 cm as the diameter of the large Smart Band.

Key Takeaways

There is no dearth for safety mechanisms meant to protect school kids. A modern and viable option is to provide young kids with wearables in the form of smart bands.

When your kids wear these safety devices on their wrists, you can have a sigh of relief about their well-being. Practically replacing RFID cards which can pose operational issues to kids, Smart Bands from TrackSchoolBus can protect kids from accidents and mishaps.

You can not only track your kids  but also restrict their movements as and when the need arises.

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