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Government Confirms GPS Auto Meters In Six Months

Wednesday September 23, 2015



Chennai: As per plan, Chennai auto meters will be enabled with GPS meters and issue printed receipts within about six months.  When high court asked about the timeframe required to implement meters having printers and GPS in Tamil Nadu autorickshaws, the state government on Monday confirmed that the tender process to procure of such meters would be opened on October 7.

Failing to install GPS-empowered meters for autos even two years after the declaration, the State government on Monday submitted to the High Court that it will without a doubt follow the instruction in the next eight months.

October 30, 2014 order had laid down eight directions along with revised fares depending upon the fuel price variation, toll-free number for lodging complaints and display of the driver’s details in the vehicle. Even though the petrol price has come down to Rs 61.46 from Rs 74.49 per litre, there has been no revision of fares.

A 13 member committee formulated from various departments had been established to prepare technical specifications and standards for equipping GPS-enabled electronic digital fare meters along with printers in autorickshaws operating in Chennai metropolitan area.

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On September 29, 2013, a government order was passed for this. As per a government order dated June 26, 2014, ELCOT was entrusted with the work of procuring such meters.

A tender was glided for acquirement, of digital meters and was notified on July 20, 2015. The opening date of the tender was September 4, 2015, but it was extended as a result of numerous queries raised in respect of the tender. The extended date is October 7, 2015.

Additional government pleader confirmed the court that within a period of two months, the tender will be confirmed and to implement the scheme, successful bidder would be given six months.

"In the unforeseen eventuality of any delay, the authorities shall be bound to move this court for extension of time." the judges said, taking the assurance of the state government on record.


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