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Enable Tension Free Travel with Smart Luggage

Wednesday May 20, 2015



The combined effort of Samsung and Samsonite resulted in a new invention, satellite-tracked suitcases known as “smart luggage”.

The travellers will be alerted about the location of the luggage with GPS to the owner’s mobile phone. It’s easy to locate when the luggage is unloaded from an aircraft or about to appear on the carousel, reported Verge.

Capability of smart luggage is more than just giving its location to the traveller, stated Samsonite chief executive Ramesh Tainwala

According to reports smart luggage is believed to have the ability to send out alerts when it is opened or when the owner moves more than a few meters away from it.

The goal is to create smart bags that don’t need to be checked at airports. The chip inside the luggage will automatically communicate with the airlines, informing about its weight as well as destination.

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