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CBSE makes Women Attendants Compulsory in School Buses

Thursday November 3, 2016



By altering the laws for schools, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has taken a further step to ensure school bus safety for students. As a result of this, a woman attendant is made compulsory in school buses.

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As per the guidelines put forth by the Board, every school bus should make an arrangement for a female attendant to accompany children. This helps to provide student safety throughout the school bus journey.

Joseph Emmanuel, CBSE secretary, has informed to all affiliated schools that it is both the  responsibility of school management and principal to successfully implement the above laws.

Nevertheless, most of the reputed CBSE schools are now ignoring all guidelines of Supreme Court and the CBSE board. The reason for this is that most school bus students are transported  by private bus operators who claim that at the time of any mishaps or accidents, school authorities run from their responsibility, leaving the operators to face the consequences exclusively. Hence, they boycott every school bus safety rules.

It was said by a bus operator that the rules cannot be enforced, as parents may not be able to afford a highly equipped bus. Also, he added that the policy makers only consider major city regions of New Delhi and ignores the small cities in Delhi.


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