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Top 12 School Bus Driving Games In 2019

Wednesday January 30, 2019


While the online gaming industry involves games played in all sort of devices – desktop, laptop, smartphones and tablets, mobile gaming has been on the rise.

Diverse school bus driving games are now dominating app and play stores that are not only interesting but also improve your driving skills.

They are now dominating App Store and Google Play downloads. School bus driving games are also increasing its demand, with the player being a virtual school bus driver and their goal to deliver kids safely to school.

These kinds of games will add more excitement when the driver has to overcome some obstacles, drive fast without making accidents, here are few trending games available on market

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1. High School Bus Driving 3D

High School Bus Driving 3D

This crazy High School Bus Driving simulator from 3CoderBrain Studio is ideal for energetic drivers who would love to drive long automobiles in busy city roads.

In this game you, as a driver have to pick up the teens from different bus stops in a big city. Once you reach the spotted location on the map, next task is to park the school in the given parking area to pick the kids. Features that can be highlighted includes

  • HD Graphics and detailed 3D Environment
  • Smooth controls
  • Digital speedometer
  • Realistic 3D City traffic vehicles

2. Super High School Bus Driving Simulator 3D – 2019

Enjoy real life like driving experience in this latest bus simulator game. Here, the player as a new school bus driver has to pick up the kids and drop them to school and handle the traffic.

You’ll have to drive for the Dean, School Teachers, School Kids for their Field Trips, Special Guest, as well as President Trump. Along with keeping an eye on the timer, make sure you drive quickly but safe. Its features include

  • Attractive 3D locations
  • A Free Drive mode
  • Three assisting camera views, of which one is Dash Board view
  • Drive for many including Dean, School Teachers, Students and even President Trump
  • Realistic driving physics

3. School Bus Simulator 2017

School Bus Simulator 2017

This school bus driver game is perfect for those who are up for some real coach simulator levels and public transport missions. With real parking mania missions and spectacular coach driving missions, this game also has the best features.

4. NY City School Bus 2017

NY City School Bus 2017

Learn to ride safe with this app on New York roads. Here you have to drive through a crowded, urban city to pick up students and drop them off. While driving, you should also watch out for stray cats and dogs, pedestrians, bikes, motorcycles, and other cars.

This game also features

  • Camera placed at different angles that offers more control
  • Super complex school bus parking challenges
  • Awesome jumbo school bus to drive

5. Flying School Bus Sim 2017

Get ready to drive and fly in a school bus. In this realistic and futuristic next generation simulation game, you have to fly the school bus in a realistic city, but be very careful to avoid collisions with skyscrapers, so fly correctly like an expert pilot.

This game comes with

  • Cash Animation
  • Detailed 3D optimized graphics
  • HD graphics

6. School Bus Driver 3D 2018

School bus driver 3d 2018

In this FREE magic school bus driving 3d game, along with transporting students to school, you have to take the school bus driver test to become a professional school bus driver. This game’s multifunction school activity buses have exterior warning lights and multiple safety devices to ensure student safety.

This Magic School bus driver game features:

  • Excellent graphics and UI
  • Melodious music Steering controls/ button controls/ tilt controls for driving

7.    City High School Bus 2018: Driving Simulator PRO

City High School Bus 2018: Driving Simulator PRO

Just like other games, bus driver regularly transport kids from and to school securely, however some turns and paths in the city might be extremely dangerous. Gamers describes this as one of the best free school bus games for 2018. This City High School Bus Driving Simulator game features

  • Smooth driving controls
  • Amazing Gameplay with HD Graphics
  • Immersive 3D design with Stunning environment

8. Off Road School Bus : Uphill Driving Simulator

Off Road School Bus : Uphill Driving Simulator

Get ready to experience an off-road driving adventure. This off-road racing and driving game also comes with some activities and adventures you should complete before you run out of time. Also follow real time extreme crazy traffic rules and stop at red light to avoid car accidents.

The game comes with

  • Detailed modern coach Stunning 3D Graphics with realistic vehicle interiors
  • Tilt steering

9. School Bus Farm Driving

School Bus Farm Driving

In this game you are going to drive in a farm town, Pick and drop students at school. Three different modes in this school bus driving game are SCHOOL BUS SIGHTSEEING MODE, SCHOOL BUS MISSION MODE and SCHOOL BUS CAREER MODE. It also includes

  • 40 different levels in mission mode
  • Easy to use controls – tilt, buttons as well as steering wheel
  • Spin & Win game

10. School Bus : Kids Transporter

School Bus : Kids Transporter

Here the driver is assigned to bring the children to school before the final bell rings and the missions will be more difficult with each passing levels. It features 20 epic school bus simulator missions and if you cannot beat it skip the mission.

11. Blocky School Bus Simulator Craft

Blocky School Bus Simulator Craft

This simulator game is full of surprises and challenges. In this game, the city’s high school is looking for a coach driver. Explore your driving skills and win big prizes by making sure that you drive the route in the fastest time to get the students to their college in time. Choose your favorite school bus and start your adventurous riding.

12. School Bus Game Pro

School Bus Game Pro

Same as the others but this game differs because of its two gaming modes – Career & Casual. Career mode comes with 40 different levels with well-designed gameplay, storylines and animations. Win the 3-star rewards and each star will be given 1k-cash rewards.

Same as the others but this game differs because of its two gaming modes – Career & Casual. Career mode comes with 40 different levels with well-designed gameplay, storylines and animations. Win the 3-star rewards and each star will be given 1k-cash rewards.

In Casual mode, you don’t have to complete any missions, instead drive your preferred school bus. Make sure you pay attention to the amount of gas in your school bus.

It features

  • 3D graphics
  • Abundant customizations
  • 40 different levels in career mode

Download your favorite school bus driving games to face the realistic, but challenging scenarios. Be the best school bus driver, enjoy your game and improve your driving skills.