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Top 12 Bus Parking Games In 2019

Friday February 1, 2019


Diverse bus parking simulator games are now available in Google and Apple stores, which you can download easily and play.

“Parking the bus” means playing defensively. When it comes to bus parking games, you have to complete your missions as fast as possible to beat other players and win.

While car parking is quite easy, the case is not the same with parking a big bus, without causing any accidents and without disturbing other vehicles or people around.

Not everyone will be experienced in driving and parking large coach and luxury buses. These bus parking games will make you an expert driver.

1.Modern Bus Parking Sim 2017: Bus Games

Bus Parking Games

Have you parked a bus in any real city environment? This transport tourist’s bus game provides a thrilling experience you can never forget.

After picking and dropping passengers on their bus stops you have to park this modern bus on bus parking stand. You can also choose from diverse color as well as engine power options available.

Sensible controls are available, that makes it easy to control bus and park it on the stand. You don’t have to be tech savvy to play this game.

Levels of challenges are designed in such a way that it will increase player interest in playing this real bus parking game.

Totally free to play, this app also features attractive HD game graphics, highly powerful engine buses for parking and attractive and easy User interfaces.

Know how skilled you are in parking buses.

2. Bus Parking Simulator

Bus Parking Games

Enjoy actual bus parking experience with this game!

Realistic controls along with lively gameplay makes this parking/driving game an interesting one for players. You have to drop the passengers who are waiting to reach their target stop in your bus at super speed.

Become a skilled bus driver, get more scores and earn more money. This money can help to upgrade your bus speed, engine as well as break.

This game comes with key features such as realistic driving mode, option to earn free coins by watching videos, four large sized buses that runs in the city to control and advanced camera features.

3. Impossible Bus Parking 3D

Bus Parking Games

Can you guess what is waiting for you? The real 3D driving as well as parking experience

Pointed turns and speedy driving in this game can improve your parking/driving skills. An ideal game for youngsters and youth, it teaches you how to drive and park bus in an empty parking lot.

You can also learn to master driving skills by taking control of the steering wheel of this big passenger bus. While driving these buses filled with passengers, make sure not to collide with any other vehicles.

Whilst driving and parking bus, you should also check the timer. Parking level in this game also comes with 14 different challenging missions  .

Google reviews say that this is an easy to play game. Why not give a try?

Start your challenging game now!

4. Bus Parking King 3D

Bus Parking Games

Developed by Toy Games, this fun generating game has an attractive road atmosphere. Taking turns should be done very carefully as there are chances that you may hit the speed control signs, bollards and breakers accidentally.

The camera angle can be changed easily by just touching the screen and you can experience the challenges of 3D parking.

It also features 100 challenging levels for testing your parking skills and excellent sound effects.

5. Heavy Bus Parking Simulator: Free Game

Bus Parking Games

As the name indicates in this game you have to handle heavy buses like double Decker, that all comes with unique controls as well as appearance.

You can play this game free, offline and can enjoy attractive 3D graphics and design.

Parking tasks include several challenges that make the game more interesting.

This simulator game from Gamer Vengeance also features multilevel parking missions, friendly user interface, and splendid sound effect.

Players are impressed about this app’s controls that help them pass the challenging levels quite easily.

Download and have fun with this wonderful bus parking game.

6. Best Extreme Bus Parking Simulator

Bus Parking Games

Ready to check how expert you are in parking and driving buses!

This is a smart game by Best Leading Games and it is ideal for those bored of conventional games…

By parking the bus in the correct spot, you can also improve your observing as well as measuring skills in actual life

This game features luxurious kind of buses that suits the city graphics, three mirrors in backside of your bus, option to choose any color for your bus, diverse Camera Views that makes your driving more comfortable as well as option to play the game offline.

7. Airport Bus Parking

Bus Parking Games

Driving bus inside the airport is another interesting game from PromiseApps.

You will be acting as a bus driver in the airport and the mission given is to pick and drop passengers from and to their concerned terminals. 

Also there’s a stage to show your skills in bus parking. Win this game and thus make your passengers delighted.

To play this game, it has been recommended to tap your phone on right side for gears/race, while controlling the steering using left side.

8. City Bus Parking 2018

Bus Parking Games

Now try parking a coach bus in the Chennai city area!

Fun elements and challenging levels in this game of parking a huge bus makes it more enjoyable.

Remember that the time given is limited and you have to complete the task within that time.

 You have to drive on highway, subway and then park the bus. It is also interesting that you can race the bus on the roadway.

Music in the background is also wonderful. The game also features smooth controls and better speed.

9. Off-road Coach Bus Simulator Parking & Driving 17

Bus Parking Games

Why not try off-road bus driving and parking?

Enjoy your drive in the 3D uphill atmosphere and improve your driving and parking skills in the off roads of the U.S.

Tourist passengers will be waiting for your bus to pick and drop them safe to their destinations.

Complete those missions on-time, park the bus without any errors and accidents and thus win the game.

Exciting parking missions, marvelous Rain/Snow weather, and unforgettable experience off-road makes this game special to all players.

10. Mega Coach Bus Parking: Driving school bus drive

Bus Parking Games

For inexperienced ones, it may take some time to become experts. You may have to go through many challenging missions in this realistic game.

With this bus parking game from Big Bites Games, you can become a master in parking.

Though tracks are difficult, with diverse attempts you can become an expert and the game allows off-road 4 by 4 parkings.

11. Bus Parking Challenge Mania 2019

Bus Parking Games

Developed by Saga Games production, this game gives you more practice in parking large buses even in limited space, without hitting other vehicles.

Know how skilled you are in parking huge passenger buses many places such as airport areas, streets, as well as railway stations. Whether you are tech savvy or not, this game will keep you engaged.

This latest version of this game also features eye-catching graphic designs, striking user interfaces, exciting challenges and highly influential engine buses.

Download this app and get ready to play those unique but fun generating levels.

12. Real Bus Parking 2017 – City Coach Simulator

Bus Parking Games

For those interested in driving bigger vehicles, the Real Bus Parking 2017 – City Coach Simulator game is the right option for you. To win the game, make sure you

  • Follow traffic rules
  • Check the time limit
  • Avoid hitting other vehicles

Along with some fun, improve your skills and ability in driving and parking huge buses. Arrows in the game will guide you through the path.

The app also features for different types of buses, and exceptional camera views.

Get the real experience of driving large passenger buses! Become a professional driver.