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5 Simple Ways India Can Improve Road Safety

Thursday March 2, 2017



Have you ever wondered why road accidents are more in India? It is a known fact that road accidents are the leading cause of deaths in India. Indian roads are a nightmare for drivers. Majority of Indian roads are in miserable condition and  during rainy season, they are completely catastrophic.

According to the 2014 survey, it was found that most of the road related deaths in India are caused by humps, speed breakers, and potholes. 11, 400 people died due to pathetic road conditions and about 4100 people died as a result of crashes on the roads undergoing repairs or construction works.

Here are the 5 simple ways by which road safety in India can be improved:

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1. Proper construction of roads

If the roads are constructed with space for pavements, bus bays, and smoother bends, chances for road accidents will be reduced. Ditches are a chronic problem that spoils Indian roads. They should be immediately taken care of.  This will considerably reduce the accident rates and extra expenses on road repairs.

2.   Implementation of the road safety laws

Quite often, road accidents are caused by violation of road safety rules. When rules are strictly implemented, this problem can be solved easily. Placing police officials at various points may not work every time. Instead, you can seek the aid of traffic technologies such as ticket analysers, speed guns, and breath analysers. 

3.  Monitoring of roads

When you start monitoring the roads through CCTV cameras, certain traffic violations such as violating speed limits, motorcyclists without helmets, people not following road safety rules, etc. can be reduced, as they have a feeling that they are being watched. 

Otherwise, you can replace obsolete systems with modern traffic solutions. Some of the benefits of using modern technologies in traffic are as follows:

  • Cost effective
  • Save energy and manual labour
  • Smoother operations
  • Improve road safety

4. Quick response time

Usually when an accident happens, the response time is too long, which eventually leads to the death of the victim. The system being slow and disorganized, there is a chance for more casualties.

If the CCTV cameras are integrated with intelligent solutions, traffic officials will be able to get real-time data and with that information, they can take immediate action at emergency situations. Road safety awareness can also help traffic and transportation departments to smoothly overcome the adverse situations on the road.

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5. Phone booths and health centres

Though people have smart phones in their possession, they often face network issue. Poor network is a common issue found in highways. Hence, phone booths can be of great help to people as they can quickly contact the relevant authorities, especially, in the case of accidents. 

A health centre can be constructed on highways that help you to provide first aid to accident victims before admitting them to the hospital. In addition to this, you can also arrange mobile emergency services for highways in order to reduce the road accident rates and thereby, enhance road safety.

Implementation of technology on Indian roads can help you to have a safe and smoother public transit service. Cities and suburbs are increasing in number, and so is the number of vehicles on the road. Receiving road safety education at the right time will also help to improve road safety. Road safety education must be made a part of school curriculum. Also, conducting awareness programs for people will help you to achieve the road safety goal. 

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