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Why TrackSchoolBus?

A school bus tracking system is a matter of child safety. It requires efficient and accurate equipment so that there are minimum loopholes for miscreants to utilize. We employ industry leading hardware to ensure nothing less than the best performance. Our amazing team of technical experts and customer service personnel provide you with a positive experience unlike ever before. There are several highlights to our system that makes it the ideal choice for your school’s requirements. Some of them are:

Web Parent Portal

Are you worried about how your kid is doing at school? Be a part of your kid’s daily activities at school through our web parent portal. All you need is a desktop, laptop or tablet and an active Internet connection. You can log into Parent Portal and there, you have every bit of information about your child’s activities in school at your fingertips.

What is Parent Portal?

It is a web portal into which parents would be able to login with unique login IDs to know about various spects of their children’s performance at school. This portal also acts as a means of parent-teacher communication.

If you are worried about your kid’s safety during his or her ride to school and way back home, Parent Portal is the perfect solution. The trackschoolbus monitoring system is integrated to the Parent Portal to help both parents and school authorities to know student whereabouts in real-time, thus ensuring their safety.

Parent Portal Advantages

With the Web Parent Portal, Parents get to

  • Know the travel history of their children at any given time
  • Ensure if their children has reached the school/home
  • Monitor speed of a school bus
  • Monitor time duration at each stops
  • Track school bus breakdowns, traffic jams, natural hazards, etc.

But it is not just the parents who get the benefits.  The school authorities would get the same advantages that parents get and a bit more.

  • Manage fleet with higher efficiency
  • Would be able to avoid fuel wastage caused by excessive idling and inefficient routes.
  • Plan and route easily
  • Manage emergency situations such as breakdowns easily

Parent App

Imagine this! You are travelling and won’t be home for a week or so. But, naturally you would want to know whether your little one reaches home/school safely every day. Calling and enquiring at the child’s school almost every day is a bad option and of course, sending someone to the school on your behalf to enquire about your child’s performance won’t work either! In such situations, Parent App is the best option you can have.

The Web Parent Portal helps you to analyze your child’s performance at school. Parent App is a mobile application that brings in similar functionality to your fingertips. You can easily gain access to the details of your child’s performance, anytime, anywhere and all you need to have is a mobile phone.

Apart from knowing about your child’s performance at school, Parent App also helps you to track the location of the school bus your child travels in, real-time. You get notified about the location of the school bus in your mobile phone. The first notification will be sent to your phone 10 minutes prior to when the bus will arrive at your child’s stop. You’ll receive the next notification when the student boards the bus. Then, you will be able to track the school bus in a map from your mobile phone. You get another notification when the child gets down the bus. The same process repeats when the student is travelling back home in the evening.

Real time GPS tracking

Safety is the topmost concern and priority of parents these days. There are a lot of unexpected dangers that are wide spread in the outside world. Every 40 seconds, a child is kidnapped or goes missing. Even small safety precaution matters so much. A number of student safety issues are related to school bus. Enable the shield of protection through GPS tracking system, a one stop solution for a lot of problems.

Real-time GPS tracking system is a convenient system that can be accessed through your personal computer or mobile phone as it has web application as well as a mobile application. The difficulty of managing school bus timings vanishes by using school bus monitoring system with assured safety alerts.

  • Using RFID tags and GPS the real-time updates of the student in school bus is notified to the parents and school authorities by GPS tracking system. Be double sure about the location of your child.
  • The software takes care of routing of the school bus, replacing error with accuracy. Time and energy is saved by the system along with re-routing and re-scheduling whenever an issue arises.
  • School buses remain under the monitoring of school authorities while on road. The school authorities get to know how effectively the bus is being managed by the driver. The speed of the bus is also under surveillance.
  • Activity of each vehicle is monitored as well as stored. Working hours is also calculated and stored.
  • Manual entering is prone to mistakes and requires ample time and energy
  • Helps in school trips, without getting lost
  •  GPS is cost effective

Communication Centre

Teachers and parents are both inevitable for the proper growth of a child as a student as well as a person. Parents should not sit back and depend solely on teachers for children’s education and personal development. Rather, there must be a healthy and frequent relation between the parents and teachers which enables the perfect evolution of a child.

Parent-teacher meetings offer an ideal platform for such interactions. But these are insufficient for the overall development of a child as they are not frequent enough.

Understanding the great importance of communication in education, we have developed a web communication portal. It serves as the best thing to encourage communication between teachers and parents.

Being part of the always connected World Wide Web, easy access to communication is one of the major advantages of the portal. Parents having a regular peek into children’s academics enhance their academic performance while also resulting in better classroom behavior.

The progress of your child can easily be tracked with the online portal. It is an all-round service that permits a quick overview of your child’s developments as a student as well as a person. If there are educational doubts, teachers can help parents with that, on the other hand the doubt in a student’s behavior can be discussed with their parents by the teacher.

Significant involvement of parents in the matters of children helps to develop the morale of teachers as well. Teachers get empowered and feel more responsible to students due to effective communication with the parents. The school curriculum activities can be followed even during tight work schedule of the parents. Communication centre is available in both mobile phones and web, making things simpler according to your convenience.  Easy access to your child’s day to day activities with the review and suggestions of their teacher.

Previous feedbacks are recorded in the communication history and latest updates will be shown as notifications in the communication centre. Through communication centre, mails can be send to teachers. The possibility of live chat makes the communication process more clear and simple.

Discuss to their teacher about their activities at school and track them for their betterment. For better results and overall student improvement, depend on communication portal it allows the stable growth of productivity and operates effectively. Power is now in your hands through communication centre, use it to mould your child in to a better person.

Notification Centre

One of the best parts of our school bus tracking software is the real-time or active notification facility. At a time when most parents would be busy with their jobs, the active notification feature keeps them updated about the various happenings in their child’s school life. When it comes to school bus tracking, real-time notifications provide an additional layer of safety and convenience.

For instance, a parent who regularly picks up his/her child from the bus stop may not be able to reach the stop in time due to an emergency meeting at office. With the help of active notification, which informs the parent when the child boards the school bus, he/she will be able to arrange another person to pick up the child.

There might also be situations when the child might get into the wrong bus or miss the bus altogether. Active notifications become quite helpful under such circumstances. No time gets wasted and the child can be tracked down in a short time.

As the student tracking system has a mobile application as well as a web interface, there are active notifications in both. In case a parent does not have access to a smartphone, he or she can get the notifications in the parent portal.

There are a number of instances when parents will get notifications. These include

In the morning,

  • 10 minutes before the bus arrives at the designated stop
  • Once the child boards the school bus or if the child doesn’t board
  • In case the bus stops for an unusually long time at any point
  • If the bus stops at a non-designated bus stop
  • When the bus crosses the speed limit
  • Once the child alight the school bus

Similarly, in the evening, the whole process takes place again.

Convenience is the day to day advantage of getting real-time notifications. The first notification of a day, when the school bus is 10 minutes away from the bus stop will make parents and children more alert. It will help avoid students missing their school buses.

But more than convenience, the more important advantage is the added safety. Children stranded at bus stops can be picked up without delay and it gets easier to track students down in case of unfortunate incidents such as kidnapping.

Industry Leading Hardware

Any good tracking system is made of equal parts software and hardware. The quality of both elements is vital to the final product, and we realize this. That’s why we use the best and latest GPS tracking device available.

Normal GPS tracking hardware would include two different components. One would include the tracking device which sends out the location signals to the satellite and another one for reading RFID tags. But, the hardware we use is a sleeker, more portable kit which takes up lesser space. It incorporates both the tracking hardware as well as the RFID reader in a single body.

The hardware we use provides numerous advantages to you.

  • School Bus Attendance – Unlike normal GPS tracking systems which do not have an attendance function built-in, our system is able to provide attendance facilities to you.
  • It enables us to provide notifications to parents when the child boards or alights the school bus.
  • The device is physically strong and durable due the use of industry grade materials used in the casing, PCB and the components.
  • The quality of GPS devices usually come under scrutiny due to quality issues. We neither use nor recommend china made devices as there are a couple of inconveniences. First is that the maintenance and installation processes are difficult due to the unavailability of local representation of such manufacturers. And the second point is that we like the components to be perfectly in sync with our system.
  • Portable design means it’s not really difficult to transport the devices, unlike the GPS trackers of yesteryear. Moreover, the compact dimensions ensure the device occupies minimal space.

Our hardware is provided by the leading manufacturer of GPS tracking in India, Their devices are known for their accuracy and durability. Combined with the rest of our system, you get an exceptional product that ensures safety for children as well as efficiency for fleet management.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, our tracking device is unique. Both RFID reader and GPS technologies are merged into one device. Being a single piece of hardware, it is relatively effortless to install this device in quick time.

The quality of hardware ensures there would be minimum maintenance required. And in case there are any issues, our experts are ready to provide any sort of assistance you might require. You would be able to know the status of repair once you login to the web portal.

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Why TrackSchoolBus?
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