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What Are The Advantages Of A School Bus Tracking Software?

School bus transportation has seen tremendous technological advancement over the last few years. Today, software is available for the school bus fleet management, including scheduling, and also geographic information system to improve efficiency and tracking.

The main purpose of employing technology in school bus fleet management is to ensure student safety. This is because these systems enable route planning to improve efficiency and provide information in real-time on location and security threats.


Here are some of the key benefits that schools can enjoy using school bus scheduling software:

Improve Fleet Optimization

Manual scheduling of routes and times is a static procedure and it is one-dimensional in nature. Inconsistent school bus schedules tend to impact morning routines and results in frustrated parents calling the school for an update on arrival at the waiting point.

Inconsistency in tracking also leads to increased expenses. On the other hand, the use of right software helps schools easily overcome all these challenges.

Tracking software helps to analyze the bell times for students in different grades and tier the bus routes accordingly so that the late arrival of buses, calls from parents, and unnecessary spending can be avoided.

Tiering enables schools to use the same drivers and buses and this effectively reduces the requirement of buses and drivers by 50%. This, in turn, results in a reduction in overall transportation costs as well.

It is not easy to create effective tiered routes for school buses. Many scenarios have to be taken into consideration. However, the scheduling software allows for the creation of unlimited scenarios and study or review a number of hypothetical tiering schedules to ensure the optimal use of the school’s fleet of buses.

Makes Routing Easy

If the conditions remain ideal, schools can set the routes and use them every year. However, the reality is that the student population keeps expanding and costs continue to rise.

This means that school administrators must keep track of the routes and change them as required. Optimization of bus routes is the best way to reduce costs, minimize ride times, and ensure student safety.

This is best achieved by implementing the bus scheduling software. It may sound intimidating initially, but technological advances enable scheduling of school bus routes easy.

The software helps the school administration department to quickly analyze traffic pattern, route times, and student populations to ensure student safety.

The software also incorporates other functionalities. They make it possible for administrators to communicate with drivers and monitor the movement of school vehicles in real time.

When schedules need to be changed, school administrators will have to often put away other jobs and focus only on readjusting schedules.

The use of the bus scheduling software totally eliminates this problem. This is because the suitability of various alternative routes can be checked almost instantaneously, resulting in saving time and cost.

Update Drivers Quickly

Students move to new homes, and therefore, their pick up points change. The parents of a child may have split custody. The child may come to school by one bus but go back home on a different bus.

This child may also use different buses. In such cases, school bus drivers of respective routes should be informed of the same at the very next moment.

When the pickup point of a student changes, web access portals come to the aid of school bus drivers. The scheduling software provides drivers with daily updates before they start their work in the morning.

Reduce Costs

All schools experience problems with respect to balancing their budgets. When they face financial challenges, the first department to get the cut is the transportation department.

Parents become concerned when routes are changed and bus stops are eliminated. Fortunately, the scheduling software helps to optimize routes without compromising the safety of students.

The software helps to save money in the following ways:

Route Planning

School bus tracking software does away with the need to organize lengthy planning sessions. The routing job used to be completed only over a few days.

With this  software, the job can now be completed in a matter of minutes. It also has special features  which help to set parameters and designate zones when creating routes that are safe and efficient.

Maximizing Efficiency

Efficient routes reduce the fuel requirement and driver downtime. School bus scheduling and tracking software helps to identify the routes that rationalize the stops.

It also enhances student safety as it identifies routes that avoid areas with a high level of traffic. Rationalization of the routes also helps to minimize driver and bus requirement.


Advanced school bus scheduling software is available now and can be integrated with many other tools such as GPS systems.

These integrations, in turn, enhance the capability of the school bus scheduling software and help develop more efficient routes, identify inconsistencies, and track ridership. Elimination of inconsistencies further leads to a reduction in wasteful expenditure.


Investing in school bus tracking software often tends to save money in many indirect ways as well. For instance, the use of safer and more efficient routes helps schools to cut down insurance costs. When the software is integrated with tracking programs, reporting becomes much easier and this adds to the cost benefits.

8 Reasons to Choose School Bus Tracking System


School bus tracking systems using a GPS device has become one of the most sought after technologies by present day schools. The improvement in safety and security, which has been the highlight of such systems, is what led to its global acceptance.

A school bus tracking system from TrackSchoolBus gives you an upper hand when it comes to keeping your children safe. It even makes the documentation process easy and transparent. But the reasons to choose a GPS school bus tracking system from TrackSchoolBus are far more than simple documentation. Let’s take a look at them.

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1. Web Accessible Student Details   

With TrackSchoolBus, you get a web portal were you could access the details of the students, relating to his/her academics and school behaviour. This brings together teachers and parents. Teachers can share various aspects of students’ performance at school. Parents can log into these portals using unique ID and avail information regarding their children, that too in an instant.

Advantages to parents

  • It helps parents to get the travel history of their kids
  • It informs parents if their kids have reached their school
  • Also, it gives parents the capability to monitor speed
  • Parents can monitor the time taken by buses at each stops

Advantages to schools

  • Helps to manage the school bus fleet with better efficiency.
  • Helps to reduce fuel wastage by avoiding excessive idling and inefficient route.
  • Helps to plan routes early. This can be done in real-time which makes management of emergency situations easy.

2. Know About Kids, on the Go

The ParentApp is similar to the parent portal in a lot of respects, but without the need of a desktop or a laptop. It can be used to monitor children from remote locations. Parents can check out the performance of their wards just with the help of a hand held mobile device. Be it on a bus or a train, access student information anywhere anytime with GPS tracking system from TrackSchoolBus. The tracking is done in real-time and hence parents get notifications regularly. It also gives provision to track bus on a map using a hand held device.

3. Real-time Tracking

As said before, GPS tracking systems from TrackSchoolBus employs asset tracking in real-time. It makes use of RFID and GPS for this purpose. Even the otherwise tedious tasks such as re-routing and re-scheduling are made easy, thereby helping to make quick changes in real-time. Some situations may require the use of real-time tracking, especially when it comes to monitoring the speed of the bus.

4. Communication Centre

Teachers and parents play vital roles for the proper growth of a child as a student. Hence it is necessary that a proper mode of communication exists between parents and teachers. Parent-teacher meetings offer an ideal platform for such interactions. But the disadvantage of such meetings is that they are less frequent. The TrackSchoolBus communication centre helps us with this.

Parents can have a regular peek into children’s academics, thereby enhancing their academic performance while also resulting in better classroom behaviour.

Communication centre is available in both mobile phones and web, with easy access to your child’s day to day activities. Teachers can also make suggestions and give feedbacks about the student’s performance. Previous feedbacks are recorded in the communication history and latest updates are shown as notifications in the communication centre. It also gives provision to send mails of communication between teachers and parents. It also has a live chat facility for direct communication between teachers and parents.

5. Notification Centre

One of the best parts of this school bus tracking software is the real-time or active notification facility. It might not be possible for parents to always be with their wards, due to work related or some other emergencies. The active notification facility checks up on the students and reports the events of his/her day to day routine to parents, with minimum delay.

Active notifications are sent on both the mobile application as well as a web interface. If parents lack access to a mobile device, he or she can check for notifications on parent portal.

Parents can get notification

  • 10 minutes before the bus arrives at the predefined stop.
  • Once the student boards the school bus or if the he doesn’t.
  • In case a bus stops for an unusually long time at any point.
  • If the bus stops at a unchartered bus-stop.
  • When the bus crosses a speed limit.

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6. Industry Leading Hardware

Normally a GPS tracking device comprises of two different components. One of them includes the tracking device which sends out the location signals to the satellite and another one for reading RFID tags. Whereas we use a sleeker design which includes both these components together. This makes it a more portable and takes up lesser space. The device is physically strong and durable due because of the use of industry grade materials which is used in the casings, PCB’s and the components. This makes it easy to transport the equipment when compared to the GPS trackers of the past

7. Easy Installation and Maintenance

Our tracking device is unique where both RFID reader and GPS technologies are merged into one device. Being a single piece of hardware, installation and maintenance are relatively easy. A minimum maintenance is ensured because of the high quality of hardware used. Once an issue is reported we will provide quick repairs and you would be able to know the status of repair once you login to the web portal.

8. Environment friendly

The GPS device from track school bus makes your fleet, environment friendly. Through optimization of routes and monitoring hard breaking and acceleration, the menace of pollution can be kept under control.

Safety Issues of School Bus Rides and Their Solutions


“Be sensible, be safe”

School buses are among the safest form of school transportation. The credit of school bus safety goes to the numerous safety measures connected with them. From our environment to traffic blocks, school buses tackle a number of issues. They are at service on every working day of school without disappointing parents or children.

With the help of technology such as Student Tracking systems, you won’t have to worry about the school transportation safety any more. The location of each school bus can be traced without fail using School Bus Tracking systems. Abduction of school buses can thus become a high-risk proposition for terrorists. Even when on road, school buses remain under control of the concerned authority. From speed to punctuality, the bus remains under constant, real-time observation.

RFID tag is another technology based safety measure than can help you to stop worrying about the safety of children. Even during busy schedules, parents can easily confirm the safety of children without much effort, thanks to technology. The money saved on school bus is not money saved. Instead, it reflects a lack of responsibility.

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Safety issues of the best ride and its solutions

There are certain safety measures that must be considered  in order to ensure school bus safety.

Let’s eliminate the safety drawbacks

1. Waiting for the school bus

School bus Safety:Issues of School Bus Rides & Its Solutions

Routes of the school buses are scheduled in such a way that it is possible for students to choose the most convenient one. Leave at the right time to the bus stop, don’t rush.


While waiting for the bus, the student may be alone. They may rush to the school bus stop if they are late and could be careless while crossing the road.


RFID tags help parents to know the exact location of the child. The moment a child enters the bus, parents are notified. The fear of getting lost is eliminated as parents will know immediately if there is any danger. Wait quietly at the safest place, away from the road, for the school bus.

2. Entering the school bus


Entering the school bus can sometimes be a dangerous task for children. Always stay away from the danger zone of the bus.


Children might rush to enter the school bus, which can cause injury. Waiting too close to the bus is dangerous.


Children must enter the school bus without rushing. The driver may not be able to see the children if they are in the danger zone. Therefore, always maintain a single line of queue while entering the bus. Use the rail while getting into the bus. also, get into the bus only when it stops completely.

3. Seat belts


Nearly 63,000 lives have been saved between 2008 and 2012 by the usage of seat belts. According to law, seat belts are a must for car users and helmets for bikers.


It is quite surprising to know that most of the school buses do not have seat belts. The seat belts equipped in school buses do not go over the shoulder and lap as in cars. 


The school buses with seat belts serve better safety and security. Installation of seat belts must be made compulsory in every school bus. Seat belts must be installed in such a way that it is useful for the children rather than hurting them.

4. Behaviour inside the bus


It is natural that students tend to make noise and fight inside the school bus.


The noise made by the children might distract the driver which can result in an accident. Children will always have a tendency to put their head and hands outside the bus. Eating and drinking inside the bus can also adversely affect the children. It not only contaminates the bus floor, but also, causes accidents to students as the food materials lying on the school bus surface may cause the students to slip on them..


Children must be taught how to behave inside the school. They must sit properly in the bus without moving here and there. Waving hands and putting head out of the window can result in serious injury. A supervisor can be appointed to take care of children while inside the bus.

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5. Getting out of the bus


More accidents happen by being hit by a school bus than while riding in a school bus. For instance, a third-grade student, after getting out of the bus, finds that his important papers have fallen under the bus. Naturally, he will dash towards the bus to collect it. Not knowing about the child, the driver will start the bus. Simple negligence can result in serious injury and even to death.


Children are unaware about the dangers that may happen to them if they stand too close to the school bus. Standing too close to the school bus after getting out of it can cause injury.


Children must be taught about the safety tips and rules that they must maintain once they get out of the bus. They must be well aware about the danger zones around the bus, from where they should keep themselves away.

Now that’s officially proven

School buses collectively travel more than 4 billion miles carrying more than 24 million students. Taking into account the distance travelled by school buses, deaths are extremely rare. Death rate of school buses per 100 million miles travelled is 0.2 while automobile deaths are eight times higher. The calculations clearly indicate that school bus is far better compared to any other means of transportation to school.

Factors that contributes to the safety of school bus

There are numerous factors that contribute to the better safety of school buses. School buses are constructed so as to avoid any possible accidents. Usually, experienced drivers are allotted to school buses for making the ride comfortable and safe. Safety is given importance above any other factor.
Track School Bus systems have GPS to track school buses in real-time and RFID to track each child. As both children and school bus are under observation, it is easy to identify even the slightest possibility of danger. The services provided by school buses cannot be compensated by any other means of transportation.

A better planet for our children

Hiring school bus reduces the number of other vehicles on road. The consumption of petrol reduces. The yellow bus reduces the amount of carbon emissions by taking cars off the road conserving our planet for our children.

  • School bus rides save an average 1,157,068,800 pounds of CO2 emission per state per year. Imagine the amount of CO2 a school bus can save our planet from
  • School bus saves $421 in fuel costs per car per year. Now, that’s a whole lot money
  • School bus rides save approximately 147 children per state per year. That’s priceless!

Indeed, school bus transportation plays a vital role in the lives of students from pre-school to high school. There are so many dominant issues associated with school bus transportation and it can be solved easily by parents as well as students by being prepared and vigilant. 

“Safety is simple as ABC, Always Be Careful”

School Bus Tracking : An Effective Way To Tackle Safety Concerns


Anything is possible with advancing technology in this era, that too within a short period of time itself. Geo Positioning System or GPS, is one such technology, which is very effective, in case you want to track locations. The school bus tracking software was born out of the very same idea, with the motive of tracking school buses and to put an end to worries regarding the students' safety during their journey to school and the ride back home.


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With this state-of-the-art technology, it is possible to track students using the school bus service from their boarding points to drop-off points. Each student will be provided a unique RFID tag which needs to be swiped when entering and leaving the bus. Once the tag is read, parents or school authorities will be notified via SMS or Android/iOS push notification and then, the students can be easily tracked in real-time from the mobile device of the parents or school authorities using the Parent App application or the web based application.




Real-time TrackingKeeps parents and school authorities updated real-time about the location of the bus with the help of GPS satellites. It helps them know in case of any issues or the reason, in case of any delay. Parents also get to know pickup and drop information real-time.

NotificationsParents and school authorities can get notified by SMS, Android push notification or iOS push notifications. It helps them to stay aware of the whereabouts of the students.

  • When there are bus delays
  • If their child boards the wrong bus
  • In case of emergencies
  • Unscheduled stops

Generation of ReportsThe software generates accurate and effective reports on the information such as travel distance, travel history, travel speed, stops, etc.


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Simple, Clutter-free InterfaceA software is effective only if the interface is easy to understand and use. The School Bus Tracker has a simple interface with six menu options. These options show running vehicles, available vehicles, pickups assigned, pickups unassigned, off duty drivers and an option for other vehicles, making it easier for the users to access all the information from one common point.




  • School bus routes can be scheduled automatically and accurately, thus saving time and energy.
  • Parents and school authorities no longer have to worry about the child's safety as they get real-time updates about the child's whereabouts.
  • Have a clear picture of worker hours and performance of the drivers.
  • Cost savings by optimizing. Reducing the need for even one bus can save you a lot.

The easy-to-use features of the School Bus Tracking software are sure to benefit the effective management of school buses. Enhance the reputation of your school by adapting this efficient and feature-rich software.