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35 Best School Bus Tracking Companies 2020

The safety of students is always the main concern of school management. That is the reason why most of the schools are now equipped with modern technology to assure the utmost safety for students inside the campus. For that schools prefer school bus tracking companies to get equipped with enhanced tracking platforms.

Advanced apps for kids and parents, GPS tracker devices and options for real-time tracking of school buses are the highlighted benefits of using such platforms. School management can easily track the exact position of buses, the routes they take and even fuel consumption.

Here are a few among the best school bus tracking companies for you to choose from.

1 TrackSchoolBus

School Bus Tracking Companies

This is one of the best school bus tracking companies offering distinctly tailored software, hardware-agnostic solution, unique value-adding features and exclusive apps for teachers, parents, fleet manager, driver console and school transportation manager. Their solution comes with provision to customize the software depending on varying requirements and preferences.

2. TrackingHAWK

School Bus Tracking Companies

Softcruise Technologies offer this innovative cloud-based fleet management software for effective school bus tracking. High performance and quick analysis are key advantages. In addition, to the complete safety of transportation, they assure improved fleet productivity and automation, eliminate overtime and reduce fuel costs and maintenance.

Email: [email protected]

3. Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS)School Bus Tracking Companies

This is one of the best school bus tracking companies from the team can transform fleet of school buses to Smart Buses to assure safe and efficient management. The RFID technology provides alerts for boarding/de-boarding, bus attendance and wrong bus boarding. The key highlights include end to end service, seamless deployment and effective monitoring.

Email: [email protected]

4. AVLViewSchool Bus Tracking Companies

The comprehensive bus tracking services from this Singapore based company gives you complete control of the fleet of school buses and lets you monitor and track precise location round the clock.

Other key features include:

  • Real-time student timesheet
  • Student identification using RFID
  • Quick notification of accidents

Email: [email protected]

5. GPSWOXSchool Bus Tracking Companies

This is a renowned school bus tracking company that won the Expert’s choice award in 2018. Their tracking solution is easy to install and use. It can be downloaded for free online. Their platform not only ensures the safety of kids but also enhances driver skills and save fuels.

Email: [email protected]

6. InnoVita Technologies

School Bus Tracking Companies

The advanced vehicle tracking technology from InnoVita is an all in one solution for in-bus attendance system and school bus tracking. The key features include live tracking, panic button, speeding alerts, pick/drop SMS and customization options to suit your preferences. Parents can make use of their Pigeon Plus Notify app to easily track their kid’s location.

Email: [email protected]

7. Prosoftek TrackingSchool Bus Tracking Companies

The effective vehicle tracking system from this India based company plans and coordinates smartly with school transport managers to assure the safety of students traveling through school buses. Different applications are available for schools and parents to get notified about the status. Route changes, unnecessary stoppages or speeding can be easily monitored.

Email: [email protected]

8. DSGN ElementsSchool Bus Tracking CompaniesThis is a leading GPS tracking company in Dubai which offers comprehensive school bus tracking services. They are renowned for providing most accurate services for cost-effective rates. The efficient team here lets you optimize the operation through real-time intelligence to assure well-managed student transportation.

Email: [email protected]

9. Tektronix Technology LLC

School Bus Tracking Companies

This UAE based school bus tracking company offers new generation fleet and asset management solutions. With high-resolution digital video recording, school management and parents can get an idea of what is happening inside and around the bus. This video synchronized with telematics data helps you to easily keep track of bullying, student discipline problems, vandalism, and driver safety issues.

Email: [email protected]

10. Blue Floras

School Bus Tracking Companies

This Dubai based school bus tracking service offers real-time students & bus tracking using iBeacons. The system comes with live bus tracking and touch-less check-in and check-out options. The appreciable benefits include real-time data, actionable insights, route optimization and better flexibility for drivers with map view and route details.

Email: [email protected]

11. Prologix

School Bus Tracking Companies

This Dubai based firm works with globally leading GPS tracking & fleet management systems to provide the optimal school bus tracking solutions. Parents can track the location of their kids in bus at any given time and the school transport department can easily prepare, monitor and handle the fleet in real-time.

Email: [email protected]

12. Velocity

School Bus Tracking Companies

They are a leading school bus tracking company in UAE with more than 2 decades of expertise in school transport industry. The team at Velocity is exceptional and the fleet of buses comes with

  • GPS devices
  • Video surveillance system
  • Electronic attendance system

Email: [email protected]

13. TechnautoSchool Bus Tracking CompaniesThis is a reputed school bus tracking company in UAE with an amazing client retention rate of 96.5%. In addition to assuring the utmost safety of the student and efficient fleet management, the advanced services focus to save cost, time and efforts.

Email: [email protected]

14. Advanced Telematics Solutions

School Bus Tracking CompaniesBeing a top-rated school bus tracking company in UAE, ATS offers excellent location intelligence solutions for school fleets. The Advanced School Bus Solution from the team comes with the following features:

  • Stop point monitoring
  • Bus route optimization
  • Incident notifications and alerts
  • Live bus tracking on a digital map

Email: [email protected]

15. Falcon Trackers

School Bus Tracking Companies

This is a globally reputed school bus tracking company with multiple branches in India, UAE, Qatar and Oman. They make the best use of GPS tracking features to offer secure school transportation services. The options include mobile digital video recorder with surveillance cameras, customized geo fence and auto route optimization.


16. Emecon

School Bus Tracking Companies

They are a pioneer in GPS tracking solutions since 2001 and stay unique with in-depth reporting, real time view and advanced alerts. School bus transportation safety is assured with live tracking, alert notifications and detailed report on complete fleet details.

Key features include:

  • Route planning and replay
  • Fuel monitoring sensors
  • RFID systems
  • Time log for start and end time

Email: [email protected]

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17. GofleetSchool Bus Tracking CompaniesThis is a USA based school bus tracking company with comprehensive live tracking features. The advanced GPS monitoring solutions assure utmost safety with easy route replay, powerful alerts, and trip history. The company comes with over 10 years of expertise and assures ease of use and industry-leading tracking features.

Email: [email protected]

18. TrackNKnow, IncSchool Bus Tracking Companies

This is one of the best school bus tracking companies out of USA and India offers comprehensive school bus management solutions. TrackNKnow is an advanced system developed by ArnAmy that assures scalable and easily customizable platform for school bus tracking.

Features include:

  • Radar view
  • Trip recorder
  • Driver and vehicle identification

Email: [email protected]

19. App-Garden

School Bus Tracking Companies

Based out of USA, App-Garden offers unparalleled school bus tracking solutions using Travel Tracker. It works on a cloud-based technology making it easy for everyone including parents, teachers, and drivers to track data in real-time. In addition, to transport safety for a daily pick up and drop off, this is an amazing platform to easily manage field trips in school.

20. RouteABus

School Bus Tracking Companies

This is a top school bus management company in the USA that offers free web-based bus routing applications. Parents can make use of the bus stop locator to know the bus stop locations as well as the time the student reaches a particular stop.

Email: [email protected]

21. Turnkeytown

School Bus Tracking Companies

With branches in Singapore, India, and Bangkok, this leading firm offers effective bus tracking solutions. They provide exclusive apps for drivers, school administrators and parents to assure an effective end to end communication.

The key features include

  • Live tracking
  • Ignition alert
  • Geo-fencing alerts
  • Mark attendance

Email: [email protected]

22. Wireless Links

School Bus Tracking Companies

This top company based out of New Jersey offers unique comprehensive system for effective student monitoring & school bus GPS fleet tracking. The easy-to-use cloud-based platform features real-time tracking, fuel report, last location and engine diagnostics including RPM, battery level, and odometer.

Email: [email protected]

23. North Star

This is a global school bus tracking firm based out of Bangalore. They provide a comprehensive child safety platform that offers end-to-end child monitoring and school bus tracking solution. This Magnasoft product is cloud-enabled and features RFID and Video surveillance technology.

Email: [email protected]

24. ChekhraThey are a trusted school bus tracking companies in India known for offering a proactive approach and customized solutions for schools. Their system comes with the provision of sending emergency messages, monitoring, planning and optimizing routes and live speed violation alerts via SMS/ emails.

Email: [email protected]

25. busHive®

Being the industry leader in transportation management software, busHive® in NY offers comprehensive bus management solutions for schools and related fields. In addition to managing the daily commutation, the company’s software solutions offer special options to manage field trips efficiently.

26. BusWhere

Based out of the United States, but where offers exceptional bus tracking solutions for school districts with amazing features like push notifications during an emergency, driver behavior tracking and enhanced student safety and security. Buses can be watched in real-time and easily track the location of the bus at any given time or time spent by bus in each stop and other stoppages.

Email: [email protected]

27. TransfinderBased in New York, this leading school bus tracking company offers customized solutions. With their advanced technology, school transportation management is easy than ever before with efficient school bus scheduling, routing, and planning. In addition to enhanced safety, the amazing features assure optimized trips.

Email: [email protected]

28. TripSparkWith multiple locations in the USA and Canada, TripSpark offers advanced K-12 school bus transportation software to effectively manage and monitor school drivers, students, and schedules. With RFID student tracking cards, they easily collect every detail of trips at fingertips.

29. DATAMETRICBeing a leading bus tracking firm in UAE, DATAMETRIC offers highly automated and customizable school bus safety solutions. Their advanced system is designed not for just tracking the bus but even monitors the students with RFID integration. The ultimate goal is to improve transportation efficiency and provide peace of mind to parents and school authorities.

Email: [email protected]

30. ZonarWith multiple locations in the USA, they are undoubtedly a global leader in providing intelligent technologies for safe school bus transportation. Their system is compatible with any fleet and provides data analytics, secure platform, and real-time school bus updates.

The solution lets you easily track performance and efficiency, increase child safety and improve parent communication.

Email: [email protected]

31. School Transport Services LLC

They are based in Dubai, UAE that offers a virtual assistant to assure safe school bus ride experience. Their secure school bus tracking service works with a live interactive map to get details of the bus throughout the journey. Key features of the application include:

  • Custom email or push notifications on delay
  • Time and distance reminders

32. Tyler TechnologiesThey are a comprehensive transportation technology provider based out of Texas. Versatrans is a complete suite from the firm to assure safe school bus transportation. Key features include

  • Telematics GPS
  • Activity trip management
  • Online information portal
  • Fleet maintenance

Email: [email protected]


The Company offers a completely integrated school bus telematics software and hardware solution to ensure student safety. Their real-time tracking information services let you know when a student misses a bus or if the bus goes out of the planned route. The key benefits include the utmost accuracy of data and real insights for better planning.

Email: [email protected]

34. V Zone International

Based out of Dubai, they were among the 10 most popular GPS tracking companies in UAE according to the INSIGHTS SUCCESS survey. Its advanced tracking solutions can provide complete details about operation & movement of vehicle.

Key features include:

  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Advanced routing and optimization
  • In-fleet recorder and student tracking

Email: [email protected]

35. Maven Systems

They are a renowned school bus tracking companies in India that works with smart wireless technologies and cloud connectivity. With happy customers over 28 countries, they are still looking for innovations every day to improve customer experience.

Key features include:

  • Stores up to 400 routes
  • Easy route selection and next stop information
  • Anti-bunching technology
  • Quick recovery of stolen vehicles

Email: [email protected]


Choose the best school bus tracking solution that is ideal for your school and that meets the specific requirements.

Most of these companies offer distinctly tailored software and exclusive apps for different user needs such as transport manager app, parent app, and school bus attendant app.

These advanced GPS solutions do more than just tracking and assure smooth user experience for students, parents, schools and bus staff.

Make use of such services and experience a remarkable improvement in the overall safety and smooth functioning of the school transportation services.

Child abduction reports and school bus accidents are on the rise these days which is alarming. Hopefully, such advanced bus tracking solutions can create a positive difference.

10 School Bus Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

Unlike other transportation fleets, school buses have an enlightening purpose that demands special care; for it is the wagon that the future of our kind travels every day.

So, it’s a crime to look at it recklessly. School buses are more of a classroom than a wagon, where pupils learn the rules of the roads lively as well. So, it is essential to keep it on the lines of rules all around.

Fortunately, our rules and regulations are very concerned about our young growing generation. The rigorous set of laws and practices could instill the importance of keeping the school buses fit and flair all the way.

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As the teamwork ofmolded machines and parts, every vehicle will get wear and tear over time, no different are school buses. So, it is necessary to inspect the vehicles as many times as possible. Specifically, before heading for a trip with the children.

 Since we cannot forecast the condition and the life of machine parts, either we have to dare to meet any trials across the way,or we have to make sure our vehicle is fit enough for any terrain. Sadly, we cannot go with the former in the case of school buses.

Hence, a thorough pre-trip inspection can assure that the school bus is working and ensure a smooth and comfy journey for the kids all the way.


Notably, it is the drivers who are the responsible hands for taking care of all about the wagons, and there is some list of factors that we have to check before a trip.

So, let’s check what the pre-trip inspection checklists for school bus are.

1. Body Inspection

There are chances of slack connections and broken shields and window panes, scratchy bumpers and shaded lamps, blurry paint on our school bus. Giving a glance across the body of the bus will help us to figure out the visible damages, dents,scratch on it.

Body inspection spans all the way around the bus including, the glossy mirrors, grills, window panes, tires, lamps, wipers, shields, wheel nuts, reflectors and whatever visible to our naked eye.

Moreover, it enables us to catch out any part that is not working properly. Just remember we cannot leave out anything at least.

2. Engine Check

It is more likely a full heart check-up, so it takes time and patience. The engine consists of numerous parts, so it needs an in-depth analysis to figure out issues hiding inside.

The whistling valves, tubes, wires, chamber, seals, caps, lube tanks, engine chamber, filters, plugs, radiator, battery, pistons, spark plugs, timing gears, conveyor, shafts, etc. involves in an engine check.

So, any of it hesitate to work with the others in abruptly, the whole system stop working. Moreover, there are many forms of issues that can arise in an engine.

Leaking oils, broken seals, settled grits, blocked vents are some of the common persistent problems occurs on the engine. Hence, we have to spare some moments to understand the exact issues going on the engine.

Plus, we have to have a conventional understanding of the variations about the sounds, vibrations, and unusual precipitations to find the problems intact.

3. Light and horn

Lightsare critical elements in school buses since it has to take cuts and turns more often. So, it is essential to look over the lights, indicators and tail lamps thoroughly. If it requires any repair or replacement, we have to point out it to the mechanic immediately.

The list of lights in a school bus is a bit higher than the common wagons, and each one in it shall maintain accurately. The connections, brightness, wiring also have to take into inspection before every trip.

The same actions have to be followed humbly on the horns as well. Importantly, we have to check the capacity of the battery, for these parts are relying on the battery vastly. Any unusualbehaviors should repair immediately before the journey.

4. Gears and pedals

When the engine propels the pistons and shafts vigorously,and the gears, levers,andpedals failed to transport it to wheels, everything goes in vain. Hence, the prominence of gears and pedals are not less to any other parts.

To avoid unexpected troubles during the trips, we have to inspect the gears, brake, and clutch and accelerate pedals regularly and have to repair and maintain it accurately. Remember always, “Prevention is better than cure.”

5. Lubrication

Lubrications are like a kind of unavoidable catalyst in vehicles machine operation. Probably, the drivers know how the wagons crave for it when they run short of lubricationeverytime. Hence, for the proper functioning of machine parts and longer life of vehicles, it is essential far and wide.

So, we have to check all parts that require ample amount of lubrication across the vehicle. Primarily, for the moving pedals, rotating joints, and shafts, steeringcolumns,and attachments, etc.

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Moreover, the lubricants that we use for the buses also matter to tap the efficiency of vehicles. So, always keep an eye over the parts and thevarieties of oils we chose to apply.

6. Emergency and Safety Equipment’s

The safety of school bus is an imperative factor of concern. Since we cannot foretell the things ahead in our roads, every school bus must equip with all safety and emergency measures to handle any situation seamlessly. Also, the driver and other vehicle staffs have to train to operate the equipmentquite well either.

Before every trip, checking the emergency and safety kit is a worthy practice. The fire extinguishers, first aid box, warning hazard triangles, spare parts, and emergency exit door and other essential safety measures that are acting up irregular and suspicious have to be replaced appropriately.

7. Meters and Gauges

Meters and Gauges are vital counterparts in all vehicles. The fuel levels, temperature, pressure, and speed are measured by the meters and gauges that are fixed on the driver panel. Hence, it is necessary to keep it up for conscious driving.

Any defect on it can cause massive misconceptions and disrupt the safe driving. So, always remember to check the working of meters and gauges accurately. Also, carryout the recommended repair/replacement timely.

8. Wheels

These tubular synthesized rubber rolls have a prominent role in running a vehicle. Wheels are the strong legs that help the vehicles run, walk and stand still.

Hence, a defect on it can bring big troubles on a trip. The air pressure level, thread thickness, disk condition, lug nuts are the factors that has to be looked over every day. Also, wheels and tires need to replace at proper intervals for a seamless drive.

9. Brake System

Inspecting brake involves various steps. For that, we have to take multiple testing rides as well. The oil, brake chamber, pedal, air lines, seals are few of them. The chances of brake system get into defect is more high, since it is the bridle of our gigantic wagon.


Thus, we have to ensure that the brake system is fit enough to control the bus all around. Regardless of the climate, terrain it could control the vehicle all around.

10. Documents and papers

Vehicle documents including insurance policies, registration and permits, test results, driver license,and other eligibility docs are to be updated as it expires. Over every trip, we have to check the documents twice to assure all papers are valid to the data.

Therefore, inevitableis the pre-trip inspection on school buses. To ensure a safe and secure trip for the children we have to pay our diligent attention throughout the school buses. From the number ofplates to the exhaust pipe, all the standards and recommendations have to adhere.

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There are numerous factors still remaining for our attention in school buses.  However, we have covered almost every vital point to look over for a pre-trip inspection. Following these tips can help you keep unnecessary troubles far away from your fleets on the roads.

Wish you a safe trip.

6 Years Of School Bus Routing Software

School bus routing is an uphill task for all schools. Scheduling and planning of bus routes is the most important factor in increasing the efficiency of the school transportation system.

Proper routing of buses reduces operational costs of the bus fleet, fuel costs, driver expenses. Over and above it makes the job of the school administrator easier.

During the past years, bus routes have been decided and charted out manually by the school transport officers. With the increase of students and the corresponding increase of buses and the numerous pick-up locations, this task had become cumbersome.

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Technological innovations and inventions have made the process of bus routing simpler for everyone concerned.

School Bus Routing Software

EdsysPvt Ltd, an education software developer, launched software solutions for schools, transport providers and school districts. These software solutions have been developed for different applications with characteristics unique to each.


The TrackSchoolBus software was basically developed as a bus routing application. With developments in technology, this software was upgraded to include features to increase the efficiency of the school transport system. This is a look into the 5-year progress of the software.


TrackSchoolBus software was launched by EdysPvt Ltd. in 2014 as an application for tracking school buses. Version 1 was an independent app and was one of a kind for schools during its introduction. The software was widely accepted in the Middle East and South East Asia.

The software was designed to track buses and students in real-time. This proved to be of great help to transport managers and school personnel.

Data was collected automatically and routes were created by the software system.They could view the progress of the buses along the routes, real-time location of students and buses on a computer screen.


An upgraded version of the application was introduced as Version 2.0 in 2015. This application was developed with additional features benefitting parents and schools.

 The new system with an RFID card reader was integrated with the GPS tracker. The RFID card reader was a boon to the school bus drivers, parents and school authorities.

 The student attendance can be recorded automatically by the RFID card reader as each child boarded the bus.

The school administration was benefitted as they could get the details of the students travelling on each route on a daily basis without the tiresome procedure of manual counting.

Parents were benefitted the most as they could get instant alerts on their mobile phones when their child gets on and off the bus.This app helped reduce the anxiety of the parents as they were able to track the whereabouts of their child in real-time.

The application gained wider acceptance in the Middle East and South East Asia.


In 2016, TrackSchoolBus Version 3.0 was released with a multitude of additional features. The major feature was the availability of data for the different users on the web and all mobile phone apps. The customer base expanded to other countries across the globe including South Africa.

Version 3.0 was developed as a comprehensive solution to the various problems encountered in the school transportation systems. It was designed based on knowledge gained from actual experiences of users.

The software supports multiple user profiles such as parents, school authorities, teachers and transport managers. Additional features were added to the parent and school apps. The access to details by teachers and bus attendants was newly introduced.

The parent app allowed parents to apply for leave without actually contacting the school. A message sent on the app is communicated to all departments concerned – drivers and attendants, teachers, school administration. This app allows them to communicate with the school management and drivers whenever necessary.

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The most helpful aspect of the teacher app is the daily attendance marking. Teachers can track the students who travel by each bus. They receive notifications when the student arrives in school. Teachers can mark attendance for each period. The attendance history for a day or a period can be retrieved with ease.

Drivers can view the assigned routes, the number of trips in a day/shift, pick up and drop off points, time schedules. They do not have to remember the details. A trip is marked completed only when all students have alighted from the bus. Quick changing of routes and pick-up points is possible with the driver console app.

It also enables the bus nannies/attendants to access student attendance through a separate app. The manifest feature provides them with daily routes and student details. This app helps to locate the pick- up or drop off point.

The contact detail of the student along with the image of the student appears on the app. They receive alerts when the child gets on and off the bus. They are notified when students are absent so that the route can be revised. Pick up points can also be updated on any change required.


The TrackSchoolBus version 3.5 was released in 2017. This version saw added features which aided School transport providers. Command-centre was introduced as an add-on.

Artificial intelligence was incorporated into the system. Changing route with a simple swipe was included as a feature in route optimization.Alerts can be set up for different aspects of student safety.

The software found new markets in Africa, Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East. Franchisees were appointed in many places like Dubai and Netherlands.

This upgraded version was designed with school transport providers in mind. It collects data of students and pick up points automatically and sets routes.

The software can be used to deploy drivers and attendants on specific routes. The unique feature of nanny management enables in assigning trips, recording attendance etc.  Duty roster feature helps in dividing tasks among the fleet members.

The trip management feature enables transport providers to assign vehicles to trip routes, monitor vehicles in real-time. Auto-routing and auto-optimization features help in saving fuel and reduce vehicle expenses.

The feature of parking management allows the tracking of a vehicle when it is parked. Parking slots can be assigned automatically.

This software provides free Wi-Fi to students on board the buses and unique cards for students, drivers, attendants and vehicles.

The application can be used by accounts departments for direct bus fare collection.   The software can create an invoice and payment can be made from anywhere at all times. Payments will be secure and the process saves time.

The unique command-centre feature gives a comprehensive view of all planning and operational data. A centralized system gathers information, processes and analyses each function.

 Details of vehicle maintenance requirements, expenses and inspection dates can be obtained. This saves time for school transport provider and allows him to concentrate on other areas of importance.


Version 4.0 of the TrackSchoolBus was launched in 2018. Integrating Artificial Intelligence into the application it featured as the best school bus routing software. The additional features in this app catered to School Districts and School Transport Providers.

This App was designed forSchool Transport Managers to manage the fleet with ease and efficiency. Vehicle safety and maintenance alerts, push notifications in cases of emergencies, planning of transportation budget are features incorporated in addition to bus tracking and trip scheduling.

The transport department is alerted when any vehicle cannot be tracked. This helps in immediate identification of the reason-mechanical failure, accidents, traffic blocks- and deployment of another bus to take over the route so that least inconvenience is caused.

The fleet management app helps to keep track of the drivers,bus attendants, routes, trips, time schedules. It takes care of the fleet maintenance – recording fuel consumption, programming vehicle maintenance schedules etc. The optimization of routes brings about a reduction in maintenance costs, thus increasing productivity and efficiency.

The school district transport software simplifies the management of a large number of buses from different transport providers. This app is compatible with all types of vehicles- school van, mini-bus or a full-size bus.

This software analyses the performance of drivers which helps in rating and motivating them to enhance their performance.

Parent concerns, bus breakdowns, student missing etc. are notified to the concerned users enabling action to be taken immediately. Accountability for each user is well-defined.

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Safe and secure bus fare collection is simplified by integrating with online payment.

This app ensures higher efficiency attained through optimized operations. The reduction in manual resources increases the return on investment.


In 2019, TrackSchoolBus’s enhanced version 5.0 was introduced for better efficiency and productivity.

Devices like CalAmp and Streamax, Dahua was integrated into this updated system.

 In new version, we have different dashboards for students, trips, vehicles, alerts and All-in-One Dashboard for the transport manager. 

Users can search and view the status of the vehicle in the map, can view the live status of Shuttle Trips which includes trip progress, seat availability and currently seating student count along with attendance details.  

We have categorized the general setting menu for the convenient use and added a few more setting options for the user in the new version.

Users can create new user roles based on requirements and control access for the user profiles. 

Schools can mark the school premises using school geo-fence. 

Additional features in setting like integrating settings were added, so the school authorities can integrate SMS gateway, Payment Gateway, Cashless system, etc by themselves.

The school can create five types of trips as scheduled, instant, shuttle, excursion, stay back trips. In the earlier version, these are managed separately, now all can manage in a single point

Auto data collection method was enhanced.

Access Rights Management was introduced in which the school can create user roles like receptionist or any other supporting staff to control system access.

 The system can automatically calculate the bus fare based on the geo-fence and payment period.  The school can also have the provision to enter the bus fare charges per single trip as well. 

The new version also allows the school authorities to set the “Night Parking Time” where the system will check the current location of all the vehicles at that time and report to the transport manager.   

The new version allows the schools to purchase features and enable as per their requirement. Since all the schools doesn’t want to use all the features, the schools have the freedom to select the features and add-ons as per their need.     

The parents can decide what notifications need to be received in a push notification, email, SMS(if the school enables SMS option). 

The main advantage of the updated version is that it focused on self-learning thus reducing dependency on us.

We provide a download section for all supporting documents like User guides for each module (including School, transport, manager, parents, driver, etc) and hardware documents, configuration tools, etc.

Each module with supporting documents is readily available in the system to be downloaded. 

The TrackSchoolBus is an outstanding school bus routing software. The features of auto-route optimization and auto-allocation make it the best school bus route planner. The added features of fee collection, fleet management, and multi-user access make it the most widely used bus routing software world-wide.

5 Top School Bus Tracking Software Providers Every Parent Must Know

Child safety and security is a major cause of anxiety for parents in these times.

Parents start worrying as soon as the child leaves home for school.

Whether the bus was on time, did their ward board the bus, did the child reach the school safely, and when the student was dropped back are matters of daily concern. This can be solved with school bus tracking software.

The school authorities are responsible for the child safety to and from schools.  

It is definitely a daunting task with increasing numbers of students, buses and routes.

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The degree of alertness and follow up by personnel at different levels vary, often leading to lapses in the process.

Now technology is helping out in this matter to a great extent.

There are many software applications designed to ease daily activities in almost all spheres of life.

In the school scenario, the most relevant and important one seems to be a specialized tracking system for school buses. 

Most software packages have a web-based app for the school authorities and a mobile app for parents, drivers and students.

Now here we are showcasing 5 top school bus tracking software providers

1: TrackSchoolBus

This is an excellent software platform designed for all associated with the child – parents, school administration, drivers and transport managers.

With this, concerned people can track attendance of the location of  bus, and pick up and drop off timings.  

Parents have the option to change the pick-up and drop off points for their ward(s) with intimations to the driver and school.

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The parent can also apply for leave if the child is sick through this app.

Both the driver and administration are informed. The route can be changed if necessary for drivers to reduce running time.

The school authorities have access to details regarding the driver, route, time spent on the road, list of students present on the bus thus enabling them to put their fleet to optimal use.

Transport managers can plan routes and trips, track every bus and communicate with drivers.

Accidents and traffic congestions along the routes can be viewed and conveyed to both parents and drivers.

With this, transport managers do not have to perform school bus routing, optimization and allocation manually because the system does it automatically as our system is AI in-built. 

2: BusWhere

Considered very easy to use and a reliable for parents, the app tells us ‘where’ the bus is located currently.

The bus routes can be viewed on an interactive map.

Parents are notified when the bus is going to reach the stop. They get a minute by minute update on expected arrival time. 

It tracks the location of the different buses on the specified routes, the time of arrival and departure from each stop, deviation in route due to traffic delays, expected arrival time at each of the designated stops. 

This is of immense help to school administrators.  

They have an easy access to information of the buses in their fleet mainly the routes, present location, speed and fuel levels.

With this, if any delay in school bus timing, parents can be notified via messages. 

An additional feature of this is that the previous history of the bus can be obtained.

Details thus logged can be downloaded for further analysis too. 

3: School Bus Tracker

School bus tracker offers real-time location of buses to both parents and school authorities. 

Location of the buses, time of arrival and departure and route changes are monitored.

If any delay, direct messages are sent to parents and the information is also relayed to school authorities.

With this, parents can request for route change.  

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The driver can also be notified directly by the parent if the child is sick.

This enables him to change the route accordingly.

Though widely used, this does not monitor the child’s attendance on and off the bus as it does not have RFID.

4: Here comes the bus

Being a bus location sharing platform, it provides the parents and school administration with the exact location of the bus.

The parents can view the scheduled and actual time of student arrival at both home and school.

In case where the bus is delayed, email alerts are sent to parents. 

This is a device to track whether the student got on and off the bus.

It will indicate the bus-stop too. ID cards are scanned by students while boarding and exiting the bus. This will provide details of student attendance.

In conjunction with the GPS device, the location is pinpointed and the school as well as the parents is notified if students have alighted at the wrong stop.

5: Applane Real-Time Bus Tracking System

This system is a powerful software for parents to track their child’s bus route, location and timings of departure and arrival.

It offers an option wherein the child can be dropped to the next bus stop in case they fail to drop the child off at the usual one.

Parents are notified of route changes due to delays. They are also informed of any emergency situations or breakdowns.

RFID integration helps in monitoring attendance. An additional feature is the CCTV installed which keeps an eye on both students and drivers.

Unlike others, this can be accessed on mobile devices by the school authorities making it possible to manage their entire fleet anywhere anytime.


These software applications make the school bus fleet management an easy task.

Managed well within the parameters of privacy and security terms, this can be a boon to all.

Both the parents and school authorities can stay updated about the whereabouts of their wards. These providers help to enhance child safety.

What Are The Advantages Of A School Bus Tracking Software?

School bus transportation has seen tremendous technological advancement over the last few years. Today, software is available for the school bus fleet management, including scheduling, and also geographic information system to improve efficiency and tracking.

The main purpose of employing technology in school bus fleet management is to ensure student safety. This is because these systems enable route planning to improve efficiency and provide information in real-time on location and security threats.


Here are some of the key benefits that schools can enjoy using school bus scheduling software:

Improve Fleet Optimization

Manual scheduling of routes and times is a static procedure and it is one-dimensional in nature. Inconsistent school bus schedules tend to impact morning routines and results in frustrated parents calling the school for an update on arrival at the waiting point.

Inconsistency in tracking also leads to increased expenses. On the other hand, the use of right software helps schools easily overcome all these challenges.

Tracking software helps to analyze the bell times for students in different grades and tier the bus routes accordingly so that the late arrival of buses, calls from parents, and unnecessary spending can be avoided.

Tiering enables schools to use the same drivers and buses and this effectively reduces the requirement of buses and drivers by 50%. This, in turn, results in a reduction in overall transportation costs as well.

It is not easy to create effective tiered routes for school buses. Many scenarios have to be taken into consideration. However, the scheduling software allows for the creation of unlimited scenarios and study or review a number of hypothetical tiering schedules to ensure the optimal use of the school’s fleet of buses.

Makes Routing Easy

If the conditions remain ideal, schools can set the routes and use them every year. However, the reality is that the student population keeps expanding and costs continue to rise.

This means that school administrators must keep track of the routes and change them as required. Optimization of bus routes is the best way to reduce costs, minimize ride times, and ensure student safety.

This is best achieved by implementing the bus scheduling software. It may sound intimidating initially, but technological advances enable scheduling of school bus routes easy.

The software helps the school administration department to quickly analyze traffic pattern, route times, and student populations to ensure student safety.

The software also incorporates other functionalities. They make it possible for administrators to communicate with drivers and monitor the movement of school vehicles in real time.

When schedules need to be changed, school administrators will have to often put away other jobs and focus only on readjusting schedules.

The use of the bus scheduling software totally eliminates this problem. This is because the suitability of various alternative routes can be checked almost instantaneously, resulting in saving time and cost.

Update Drivers Quickly

Students move to new homes, and therefore, their pick up points change. The parents of a child may have split custody. The child may come to school by one bus but go back home on a different bus.

This child may also use different buses. In such cases, school bus drivers of respective routes should be informed of the same at the very next moment.

When the pickup point of a student changes, web access portals come to the aid of school bus drivers. The scheduling software provides drivers with daily updates before they start their work in the morning.

Reduce Costs

All schools experience problems with respect to balancing their budgets. When they face financial challenges, the first department to get the cut is the transportation department.

Parents become concerned when routes are changed and bus stops are eliminated. Fortunately, the scheduling software helps to optimize routes without compromising the safety of students.

The software helps to save money in the following ways:

Route Planning

School bus tracking software does away with the need to organize lengthy planning sessions. The routing job used to be completed only over a few days.

With this  software, the job can now be completed in a matter of minutes. It also has special features  which help to set parameters and designate zones when creating routes that are safe and efficient.

Maximizing Efficiency

Efficient routes reduce the fuel requirement and driver downtime. School bus scheduling and tracking software helps to identify the routes that rationalize the stops.

It also enhances student safety as it identifies routes that avoid areas with a high level of traffic. Rationalization of the routes also helps to minimize driver and bus requirement.


Advanced school bus scheduling software is available now and can be integrated with many other tools such as GPS systems.

These integrations, in turn, enhance the capability of the school bus scheduling software and help develop more efficient routes, identify inconsistencies, and track ridership. Elimination of inconsistencies further leads to a reduction in wasteful expenditure.


Investing in school bus tracking software often tends to save money in many indirect ways as well. For instance, the use of safer and more efficient routes helps schools to cut down insurance costs. When the software is integrated with tracking programs, reporting becomes much easier and this adds to the cost benefits.

How to Increase Driver Accountability Using School Bus Tracking Software?


For any mode of transportation, the driver has an important role to play. He is the one who holds one of the highest responsibilities. Coming to school buses, driver accountability increases as he is responsible for the lives of the students.

So, how can we increase a driver’s responsibility? It can be increased using school bus tracking software. Many companies have come up with innovative ideas in the recent years for efficient school bus management

What are the benefits of the School bus tracking software?

  • Tracks every movement of the school bus
  • Informs the authorities if there is any change in route
  • Checks speed limit
  • Sends an emergency alert to the authorities in case of any threatHelps to find out easy and comfortable routes
  • Saves time and ensures safety

School bus tracking devices are extremely helpful in instilling a responsible attitude among the drivers.

 Let’s check how:

1. The software installed in the bus will constantly transmit data regarding a school bus to the authorities. This feature will keep the  school bus driver under surveillance. The very thought that he is being observed every time will increase the driver’s accountability.

2. The tendency to exceed the speed limit is quite common in drivers. But this urge becomes horrible and perilous when it comes to the case of school buses. So resisting this dangerous urge is inevitable. 

The tracking system in school buses warns the driver whenever he exceeds the speed limit. It also sends alert to the emergency contacts saved in the device.  So high speed drivers can be caught immediately. This will help the driver to become more responsible while driving.

3. Using mobile phones while driving is a common issue that we can witness on the road now.  Many people are deliberately ignoring the danger lurking behind this act. School bus drivers should never use mobile phones while driving. 

Video cameras connected to the tracking system will help solve this . Authorities can observe the driver’s behaviour using a tracking system and can ensure that he is not using phones while driving.

4. Fuel theft and illegitimate use of school buses are common issues faced by school authorities from the driver's part. A School bus tracking system can help in solving the issue easily. 

This system can keep records of the journeys undertaken by the vehicle. It is kept for future references as well. So, drivers cannot simply tell any lie regarding the vehicle.  

5. Violation of any rule by the school bus driver can be easily caught by using tracking devices. Alerts will be sent to the authorities concerned within seconds. If the authorities permit, parents can also  observe the movement of the school bus and ensure the safety of their child.

So, school bus trackers are a solution for the issues regarding driver’s accountability. Installing school bus tracking software in the school bus will certainly decrease risk in the school bus management and put a stop to every silly issue created by the drivers. 

Trackschoolbus Video Crosses 10,000 Views!


We are happy to announce that our video for school bus tracking software have crossed 10,000 views. Missing the school bus is not a new issue for students and parents. The video explains how the tracking system helps a student who missed the school bus by chance.




Obviously, both parents and child get tensed when such a situation occurs. With our software we are able to reduce unnecessary tension and provide peace of mind to everyone.

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Through the video, we are able to convince the benefits of using our school bus tracking software. Student safety is our top priority and we are able to ensure it via our unique tracking software.

Trends in School Transportation Management

In the past few years, educational field has greatly been influenced by Information technology. School transportation management is an area where a number of IT companies focus on. Most of the entrepreneurs consider this as a good opportunity and thus, make innovative products to solve the school transportation issues.

Some of the key trends in school transportation management that can capture the attention in the coming years are as follows:


9 Qualities of a Great School Bus Transportation System

  • Route Optimization

Now, it is not difficult for us to think about organizing school bus routes, bus stops and then, allocating students to their respective bus stops. One can automatically build optimized routes, resolve the most appropriate bus stops and match students to those stops based on their addresses.

  • School Bus Tracking

Now, people are more interested in keeping track of school buses during their movement. Many schools have started implementing the school bus tracking software for effective school transportation management.

The software helps transport managers to effectively manage fleet of buses, tackle emergency situations properly and create weekly reports regarding school transportation management.

  • School Bus Attendance

Due to working hours and tight schedules, parents will have great concern about their child's safety in transportation. In order to put a stop to this worry, schools have implemented software that provides instant notifications to parents whenever their child gets on or off the school bus.

With apps like driver console drivers are able to know whether any particular child is missing from the bus. The app will have details regarding each student and their assigned stops, which help the drivers to instantly recognize them. School management, thus guarantees a secure and risk-free transportation to students.

  • Tracking App for Parents

From morning to evening, parents will be worried about their child and eagerly wait for the school bus to arrive. When there are unfavourable weather conditions, the situation gets worse. School management can tackle such situations by providing an app that enables the the parents to track their child's school bus in real time and thus, reach the bus stop in time.

Once a child boards the school bus with tracking, parents are able to see the real-time location along with route which helps them to plan accordingly. They are also able to manage more than one child with a single app.

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  • Tracking App for Transport Managers

With the help of the transport manager app, transport managers are able to have exclusive control of the school bus. App avoids even minor possibilities of accidents or mishaps that can happen in the school transportation service.

Transport managers are able to communicate with the driver whenever they feel a need for that. Using the app, they are able to schedule school bus trips easily. New pick up points can be built and assigned. Also, it is possible to update if there are any bus stop relocations.

  • Tracking App for Bus Attendant

This app includes a complete attendance management system which helps to reduce attendance flaws. Manual way of collecting attendance is usually a tedious task and is prone to errors. Each and every minute detail is considered in the attendant app.

Drivers are able to instantly get notification, along with the contact details and a picture of the child. They get exact direction of the trip and the confirmed trip paves way to trip history.

  • Live camera feed

With the help of cameras, drivers obtain live camera feed of students inside the school bus. Drivers can view this feed via their own console. This helps them to save time, thereby adding comfort, convenience and safety.

  • Geofencing

Parents as well as school authorities can restrict the movement of school bus to a particular area. They will get instant notification if at all school bus enter the restricted area. Parents can also set their own boundary by using the geofencing feature of parent app and receive alerts when the school bus approaches near to their child's pick up point.

  • Manifest Feature

Produce routine school bus passenger details like pick up details, route diagram indicating pick up location, list of students present inside the bus etc. If a student applied leave on a particular day, his pick up details will not appear in that day's stop list in the app. This saves valuable time of the driver as well as the students by not having to stop at unnecessary points. It is a useful feature that is going to be a trendsetter in the future.

These are trends that have revolutionized the school transportation management. They not only help the new drivers to have better control of the school bus, but also give parents peace of mind. With the advent of various technologies, costs for fuel can also be significantly reduced with the facility of route optimization.

Common Risks in Fleet Management


School bus fleet management is an important part of the functioning of a school, just like its other aspects. Most schools have a fleet manager to take care of the school bus fleet. He also plans and assigns school bus routes. Though the job sounds easy, it really isn’t. There are many risks that come along with it, landing the fleet managers and school authorities in deep trouble.

Here is a list of such risks that accompany fleet management:

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  • Huge financial loss 

It is really expensive to buy a brand new school bus. Hence, there will be a huge financial loss, if the school bus meets with an accident or breakdown. It will have the same effect if a school bus is stolen. You need to spend a huge amount of money for repairs and maintenance of school bus.

  • Paying worker’s compensation

If the driver gets injured while performing his duty, school management is responsible to pay worker's compensation claims at the right time without much delay. Otherwise, it may lead to the bad reputation of the school. 

  • School having to face the court if any other person is injured

There will be so many legal formalities once you are trapped in accident cases. In the case of school bus accidents, the complete responsibility will be on the school authority. They will have to face all the consequences as per the court orders.

  • Risk of school’s reputation stooping low 

There will be so many complaints against the school management once it gets involved in any accident cases. Often people claim the authority for mismanagement of the school bus fleet and not seriously considering about school bus safety.

  • Risk of losing money 

Due to improper behavior from driver, school management needs to spend quite a large amount of money as compensation. This is an unnecessary expense for school authorities.

  • What can be done?

There are a few steps that can be taken to escape the risks related to school bus fleet management. Those who manage the school bus fleet must give attention to every set of risk related to every school bus and take proper measures to manage them.

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  • But how to do that remains a question.

You have to integrate technology to your school bus fleet management to manage these risks to the maximum. The best solution is School Bus Tracking Software.

Integrated with GPS technology, the School Bus Tracking Software provides you with a whole lot of advantages.

Majority of schools have to incur a financial loss due to unsafe driving practices. With the help of School Bus Tracking Software, you can track the performance of school bus drivers. The software can keep you informed about instances of over speeding, unscheduled bus stops etc., apart from the location of the school bus.

Sometimes, drivers may misuse school buses for unnecessary driving. Since School Bus Tracking Software has GPS integrated into it, you can easily track the school bus location and avoid such circumstances.

In case of a vehicle breakdown, you can get notified at the earliest with the help of the software. This can help you to provide assistance within a short amount of time.

School bus fleet management is one of the risky businesses to handle. People often criticize school authorities even though it is not their fault. All you can do is to be aware of the above mentioned risks and handle it wisely.  Providing a comprehensive driver training can be a great idea for efficient school bus fleet management. Also, keep in mind that student safety is all that matters.

How School Bus Tracking Apps Can Help Parents

Applying GPS tracking systems to school buses can increase the driving efficiency. The introduction of smart phones has transformed the management of school bus transportation as a whole. The main goal behind every school bus tracking apps is the safety of students.

The app helps parents to ensure safety during their ride to school and the way back home. A School bus monitoring system helps both parents and teachers to know the whereabouts of their children. Through a web portal, parents are able to track the daily activities of their child in real time. It also provides a means for parent teacher communication.

Some of the important benefits of school bus tracking software are:

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  • Parents are Able to Know about the Traveling Details of Children at any Time

All information regarding school bus traveling will be obtained to parents at the required time. They will get instant updates regarding their child getting on and off the school bus.

  • Know Whether the Child Reached their Home or School

Parents get instant notification about children and their location. They are able to know students’ location with the use of radio frequency identification tags given to them.

  • Detect School Bus Speeds

School authorities as well as parents would be able to know the speed of aschool bus. This facility can be very useful as they can avoid unnecessary accidents of school buses.

  • Observe How Much Time is Spent for each Stop

Parents and authorities will get correct details about the time spent for each stop. If at all any stop takes more time than allotted the both authorities and parents obtain notification regarding it.

  • Get a Warning Regarding Traffic Jams, School Bus Break Down and Natural Hazards

If there is any traffic jam, break down or natural hazards, parents would be able to get a warning helping them to take necessary actions and precautions.

  • Know the Performance of Children in School

The performance of each student in their school will be regularly updated in the app. Hence, parents can know their child’s performance without directly approaching the teacher. This can save parents’ time as well as teachers’.

  • Helps to Know School Bus Location

Location of the school bus will be sent as notification to both parents and authorities via the app. Most of the parents can get information about the location of the bus and thus get prepared.

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A parent app would be helpful to those parents who are working. This is because their busy schedule does not allow them to check directly on their children. A parent app would be very convenient for those parents who are out of the station as well. It would be difficult for them to inquire about their child on an everyday basis. Sending someone on their behalf is also a bad idea. In such situations, usage of apps is the best solution for parents. They are able to know the whereabouts of their children whenever they get free time.

The School bus monitoring system can solve the errors in managing school bus timings. Use of Radio Frequency Identification tags can help parents and school authorities to get regular updates of students in school buses. The GPS tracking system is an excellent system which can be accessed either through a personal computer or mobile phone. The software also helps in routing and helps to replace errors. When compared to manual recording, the software helps to easily and quickly calculate the working hours and activity of each trip. And above all, the most important advantage is that the use of Global Positioning System tracking is a cost-effective method.

Nowadays, safety of school children is given top priority. There are several unexpected hazards awaiting in today’s world. Any amount of precaution can matter so much in safety.