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What Are The Advantages Of A School Bus Tracking Software?

School bus transportation has seen tremendous technological advancement over the last few years. Today, software is available for the school bus fleet management, including scheduling, and also geographic information system to improve efficiency and tracking.

The main purpose of employing technology in school bus fleet management is to ensure student safety. This is because these systems enable route planning to improve efficiency and provide information in real-time on location and security threats.


Here are some of the key benefits that schools can enjoy using school bus scheduling software:

Improve Fleet Optimization

Manual scheduling of routes and times is a static procedure and it is one-dimensional in nature. Inconsistent school bus schedules tend to impact morning routines and results in frustrated parents calling the school for an update on arrival at the waiting point.

Inconsistency in tracking also leads to increased expenses. On the other hand, the use of right software helps schools easily overcome all these challenges.

Tracking software helps to analyze the bell times for students in different grades and tier the bus routes accordingly so that the late arrival of buses, calls from parents, and unnecessary spending can be avoided.

Tiering enables schools to use the same drivers and buses and this effectively reduces the requirement of buses and drivers by 50%. This, in turn, results in a reduction in overall transportation costs as well.

It is not easy to create effective tiered routes for school buses. Many scenarios have to be taken into consideration. However, the scheduling software allows for the creation of unlimited scenarios and study or review a number of hypothetical tiering schedules to ensure the optimal use of the school’s fleet of buses.

Makes Routing Easy

If the conditions remain ideal, schools can set the routes and use them every year. However, the reality is that the student population keeps expanding and costs continue to rise.

This means that school administrators must keep track of the routes and change them as required. Optimization of bus routes is the best way to reduce costs, minimize ride times, and ensure student safety.

This is best achieved by implementing the bus scheduling software. It may sound intimidating initially, but technological advances enable scheduling of school bus routes easy.

The software helps the school administration department to quickly analyze traffic pattern, route times, and student populations to ensure student safety.

The software also incorporates other functionalities. They make it possible for administrators to communicate with drivers and monitor the movement of school vehicles in real time.

When schedules need to be changed, school administrators will have to often put away other jobs and focus only on readjusting schedules.

The use of the bus scheduling software totally eliminates this problem. This is because the suitability of various alternative routes can be checked almost instantaneously, resulting in saving time and cost.

Update Drivers Quickly

Students move to new homes, and therefore, their pick up points change. The parents of a child may have split custody. The child may come to school by one bus but go back home on a different bus.

This child may also use different buses. In such cases, school bus drivers of respective routes should be informed of the same at the very next moment.

When the pickup point of a student changes, web access portals come to the aid of school bus drivers. The scheduling software provides drivers with daily updates before they start their work in the morning.

Reduce Costs

All schools experience problems with respect to balancing their budgets. When they face financial challenges, the first department to get the cut is the transportation department.

Parents become concerned when routes are changed and bus stops are eliminated. Fortunately, the scheduling software helps to optimize routes without compromising the safety of students.

The software helps to save money in the following ways:

Route Planning

School bus tracking software does away with the need to organize lengthy planning sessions. The routing job used to be completed only over a few days.

With this  software, the job can now be completed in a matter of minutes. It also has special features  which help to set parameters and designate zones when creating routes that are safe and efficient.

Maximizing Efficiency

Efficient routes reduce the fuel requirement and driver downtime. School bus scheduling and tracking software helps to identify the routes that rationalize the stops.

It also enhances student safety as it identifies routes that avoid areas with a high level of traffic. Rationalization of the routes also helps to minimize driver and bus requirement.


Advanced school bus scheduling software is available now and can be integrated with many other tools such as GPS systems.

These integrations, in turn, enhance the capability of the school bus scheduling software and help develop more efficient routes, identify inconsistencies, and track ridership. Elimination of inconsistencies further leads to a reduction in wasteful expenditure.


Investing in school bus tracking software often tends to save money in many indirect ways as well. For instance, the use of safer and more efficient routes helps schools to cut down insurance costs. When the software is integrated with tracking programs, reporting becomes much easier and this adds to the cost benefits.

Top 10 Amazing School Bus Security Features in 2018

Buying a school bus that comes with a bounty of safety features will not only help school administrators to perform their tasks more efficient, but also offer the highest level of safety to kids and the peace of mind to their parents. School buses are constructed in a unique way that differs from other commercial buses to offer a high visibility to students and their parents.

They also come incorporated with many security features, including cross-view mirrors, flashing red lights, and stop-sign arms. They do come equipped with high crush standards, protective seating, and rollover safety features, as well, by keeping the safety of kids in mind.

Here are the 10 vital safety features that a school bus is supposed to have.

1. Airbags

Airbags play a vital part in offering better safety to kids traveling in a school bus. They could lessen in-bus wounds during the situation of side collisions. A school bus should come equipped with adequate number of airbags to prevent school students from getting wounds due to crashing into the bus sides during the occasion of a disastrous mishap.

2. Comfortable seats

Seating systems is another main feature to consider when comes to school bus security. Spacious and comfortable seats that come with the reclining feature will prevent students from falling down while they are traveling.

Moreover, seats that come equipped with the padded armrest will offer a comfortable grip to kids while the bus comes across bends, likewise, an adequately padded headrest will offer the necessary safety to their necks when they lie back.

These are the most essential features to protect kids in the event of a mishap. These advanced features include correcting their flexibility to keep them compartmentalized and at the same time offering a soft support to reduce neck or head trauma. This means that the interior of school buses protects kids without needing them to buckle up.

3. Shoulder and lap belts

Bus seats that come attached with shoulder and lap belts will offer better security to the school students. Every day kids start with a journey in a school bus between their home and school.

Therefore, every school bus should come equipped with safer seat belts to offer a firmer sitting position to kids while they are traveling. This will prevent them from falling front when the driver stops the bus suddenly. This will guarantee the safest journey for kids, as well.

4. Speed

As a school bus is boarded by both younger and grown-up kids, driving the bus with a reasonable speed ensures the maximum safety to the school students. By no means, the driver should go beyond the posted speed boundary. Slowing down the bus on icy or wet roads will prevent the bus from skidding, thereby, offering better security to kids inside the bus.

5. Tire Pressure

School administrators should check the pressure of the tires of their school buses regularly. They should inspect the bus tires and verify their pressure prior to each use. A bus’s tire, including the spare one, has to be inflated properly and the tread of tires should not be in a damaged condition.

Badly worn or inappropriately inflated tires can show the way to a vehicle control loss and may lead to a bus rollover. Pressure for the back and front tires should be different, and it should be higher than that of the car tires.

6. Spares

The school bus should always be equipped with adequate amount of vital spares to overcome any unforeseen break down. Sometimes, tires may be punctured or exploded, the radiator may experience a minor fault, or the bus may need some minor repairs to proceed further.

Having a spare tire in stock as well as some vital tools to fix minor problems will ensure the safety of school students that will make them reach their home and school on time.

7. Occupancy

The school buses should not be overloaded at any cost. It will not only make kids feel uncomfortable but the bus will be more susceptible to meet with accidents, as well. Driving the bus with the permitted load of students will allow drivers to have better control over their driving capability, thus, the safety of kids is ensured.

8. Cargo

If a school bus happens to be loaded with cargo, it should be positioned forward of the back axle. Overloading bus with excess cargo or placing the loads on its roof should be avoided at all cost to ensure the maximum safety to school students. School administrators are supposed to refer the owner manual for allowing the maximum weight of cargo and school students to decide the towing ability of school bus.

9. Size

Every school bus is supposed to come with sufficient space that should be wider than that of the usual commercial buses to maneuver easily. The bus should also come with extra dependence on the side-view mirrors intended for changing lanes.

10. School bus tracking apps

Installing the best school bus tracking software in every bus will not only aid school administrators to handle their everyday bus operations easily and safely. They will also offer the required security to students and the peace of mind to their parents in knowing that their kids are traveling safely in school bus.

Most apps come with GPS facility, as well, which allows school administrators as well as parents to track their school buses. Moreover, the notifications feature of these school bus tracking apps will send appropriate warnings to the school management and parents during emergencies.


It is a rapid-moving moment for school bus expertise, and many interesting thoughts are being put forward. School districts are supposed to be shrewd to have a constant watch on the technology trends. They should look for opportunities to develop their in-bus safety while the price drops by keeping the safety of school students in mind.

Top 15 School Bus Tracking Apps in 2022

School bus tracking systems make use of GPS, RFID, mobile apps, and Internet technologies. In fact, tracker apps are also very helpful in reducing not only the anxiety of parents but also that of the school authorities.

As such, it is important that concerned authorities install a school bus app to primarily ensure the safety of children and peace of mind for parents. Of course, the security and privacy norms have to be strictly adhered to prevent misuse or breach of data.

There are a number of school bus tracking apps that enable school administrators and parents to be continuously updated on the whereabouts of the children. In this post we have listed the top 15 School bus tracking apps of 2019, they are

1. Track School Bus

An excellent app which enables communication between parents, administrators, and drivers, it has interesting features such as video surveillance and a fleet manager module. 

This app stands out because it offers a lot of functions. It is priced much lower than that of competitor programs. The app offers access to the administrators, parents, fleet managers, drivers, and school administrators.

The track school bus app provides parents with more control as they can contact school authorities or the bus drivers to inform about the absence of their child.

They can also change the pick-up and drop off points at any time. Further, they can track attendance, timings, bus-stops, and speed of the bus.

The administrators can also communicate with drivers and parents as frequently as they want. They have access to the database that contains information such as students in each bus, route map with all stops, etc.

On the other hand, the school bus drivers have access to the modules that provide information such as students in each bus, bus stops in each route, the speed of the bus, and those that enable them to send/receive communications to and from parents.

The audio system installed in the bus can be linked to the app to make announcements. Moreover, video surveillance enables the driver to check student behavior in the bus.

Transport managers are also benefitted because of this app. It allows them to monitor all the buses in the fleet, re-organize routes, and be able to communicate with the drivers. In addition, they receive notifications regarding traffic congestions and accidents.


2. Buswhere

This school bus app is not only easy to set up but also to use. It automatically tracks the school buses when the routes are changed. The app provides parents with detailed information as regards the school bus and routes, all with the help of an interactive map.

Further, parents are alerted as the bus nears the stop. They are notified if there is a change in route or the time of arrival at the stop. This reliable app helps a great deal in reducing the workload of the school staff.

School and vehicle administrators are given access to the Fleet Map. This map gives the administrators detailed information about factors such as fuel levels, current speed and location, and the current route of the bus.

3. Treker

This app is designed to function like a communication tool that can be used by the driver of the bus, the parents and the school administrators.  The parents get to know the time when the child is boarded or alighted from the bus, the time of departure of the bus and its arrival times.

The portal for school administrators helps them to track the bus location and view every bus stop on a map. They can send alerts to parents in case of emergencies. Drivers’ portal which contains student lists with all details.

The app provides a beacon for students using Bluetooth (BLE). This is useful in letting administrators, parents, and drivers know as to when a student enters or exits the bus.

The information transmitted to and from the beacon is secure and encrypted to prevent unauthorized persons from boarding the bus, ensuring high levels of security.

4. Here Comes The Bus

This is a very popular app when it comes to school bus location sharing. This platform has two main sections. The basic section gives information to parents about the bus location and actual time of its arrival or departure.

 The second is the Student Ridership section which tracks whether the student is present inside the bus and the stop at which they entered/exited the bus. This is accomplished through RFID or barcode readers.

Students’ ID cards are scanned during boarding and descending. The GPS device pinpoints the exact location and notifies the school and parents in case of an anomaly.

5. Tripspark Education

This School Bus Transport Software package (K-12) is a school bus location sharing program. This software platform provides scheduling and routing solutions with the help of a calendar for better efficiency.

Another feature of this software is that it records student absence and accordingly suspends transportation for the period of absence. K-12 is programmed to treat students with special needs in a safe and careful manner and routes them so that they are required to spend only less time on the bus.

6. Ubica Bus

This application comes with an array of features that help parents track the school bus. They will be alerted at the time of pick-ups and drop-offs. School announcements are sent directly to parents.

GPS tracking, route optimization, distance, and time are some of the aspects that help school administrators to manage the fleet of buses they operate. Tracking of student attendance, driver timesheets, and video surveillance greatly help to reduce the man-hours required for school bus fleet management.

Another interesting feature offered by this app is that it allows a Wi-Fi router to be fitted to each school bus. The availability of the Internet while commuting in the school bus can be very exciting to the students and this can lead to more children opting to use the school buses.

7. School Bus Tracker

In addition to the main feature of providing real-time GPS location of buses, the app also serves as a tool to send children’s school reports to parents.

In addition, it allows parents to request last minute changes to the time of pick up and drop off. Drivers receive notification if the child is sick and can re-route the school along the way if required.

8. Trace School Bus

Trace School Bus has many different portals that can be used by the school, parents, and drivers. The platform for schools allows for comprehensive monitoring of the entire system and communication with the guardians.

Parents get real-time updates on bus locations and can know when a bus will arrive at the specified stop. The driver app helps to communicate with administrators and also gives them information about the routes

9. Bus Tracking System from Applane

This software package comes with a number of features. A powerful parent app provides the location of the bus, displays pick up and drop timings, and enables communication with the drivers.

This allows for picking up or dropping off a child at the next closest stop if required. Integration using RFID enables parents to track their wards’ attendance.

The CCTV integrated into the system helps to keep a check on student discipline and on driver behavior. Administrators receive notifications in emergency situations

10. Smart-School-Bus-Tracking from ADCC

This app offers real-time bus location features that help parents and forms a powerful communication platform for bus drivers.

Parents get to view the route being followed by the bus, driver details, starting time and ending time of trips, and vehicle speed, among other things.

The module meant for administrators can send automated alerts if the bus driver violates traffic rules.

The app enables all the buses of the fleet to be surveyed at all times and routes followed can be viewed using an interactive diagram.

Drivers receive detailed instructions for each and every route. Further, they can report student misbehavior by capturing live photographs and sending them directly to administrators

11. MyBusVue

The MyBusVue school bus tracking software offers features such as the real-time location of the bus just like other programs. However, it is a secure app wherein the parents have to register and create an account before logging in.

The Z-Pass rider scans and records as when a child gets on board and off the bus. In addition, the platform comes in web and mobile versions. For the school administrators, they have access to a broad variety of tools which helps them to monitor the buses and the students.

12. Transfinder

Transfinder comes with advanced tools and a wide range of features for tracking the school buses. The Routefinder Pro is a bus routing module that can be used by fleet managers and Infofinder empowers bus administrators to increase the operational efficiency.

They can manage the entire fleet, optimize routes, and perform the required analyses. This app focuses more on catering to the needs of both the transportation department and the school.

13. Seon

Seon is a web-based school bus routing application. School administrators can track buses and maintain existing routes efficiently. They can inform parents in the event of an emergency through push notifications. Parents can view the bus routes and timings.

The drivers receive instructions as regards directions and can communicate with school authorities at all times. As this app comes with Bus Camera systems capability, it helps drivers to identify misbehavior among students

14. Verstrans My Stop

The app Verstrans My Stop provides parents with features similar to other apps. It provides a clear idea about the current location of the school bus and the time of arrival at the stop. 

The program functions to update bus locations once every five seconds. Parents also can use the web version of the app on their computers. School authorities can plan bus routes, optimize existing ones, and monitor routes and drivers.

15. SafeStop

The app SafeStop provides a set of common features that allow tracking of buses. The key function offered by the app is the real-time notifications to parents and schools. The app also comes with advanced analytics to optimize bus routes and create an efficient system.

School Bus Tracking Apps – How They are Useful to School Authorities

Technology integrated education has always proved beneficial and effective for schools. School bus tracking apps are one such technology that makes operations easier for schools and helps school authorities to perform better when it comes to school transportation.

They also provide relief to the parents who are always concerned about their kids’ safety.

How do school bus tracking apps benefit school authorities?

Let’s see:

Efficient routing and planning

School bus tracking apps provide notifications regarding the heavy traffic areas. This in turn helps the authorities to  plan school bus routes efficiently.

Ensures student safety

Once a student boards the school bus, the school is responsible for his/her safety until they reach back home.

School bus tracking apps provides real-time information regarding the school bus location to the school authorities making it easy for them to check on the students from time to time.

No more pick up and drop issues

School bus tracking apps provide real-time updates to parents. This relieves the school authorities from the stress of having to deal with pickup and drop issues. Also, they need not waste time in answering to parents’ queries regarding the same.

Rash driving behaviours are instantly notified

Schools often enter into trouble due to the reckless behaviour of drivers. School bus tracking apps help the school authorities to have better control over their school bus drivers.

The apps provide notifications to the school authorities for over speeding or unscheduled routes so that they can take necessary steps to avoid the same from happening in the future.

Responding to emergency situations becomes easier

It’s important to quickly respond to emergency situations or else, it may lead to fatalities. School bus tracking apps provides real-time information regarding the school bus location. This helps them to respond immediately in case of emergencies.

Builds trust amongst parents

Parents are always concerned about their children’s safety, often leading to trust issues when it comes to school transportation. Use of school bus tracking apps help to keep the parents assured of their kids’ safety. As a result, they’ll start trusting the school transportation and start relying on it.

Improves school’s reputation

A school is supposed to perform efficiently in every aspect or it’ll surely affect their reputation. School bus tracking apps help the schools to do a satisfactory job with regard to school bus transportation thus building their reputation.

Cut down expenses

Sometimes, schools find it troublesome to manage their expenses, no matter how strong they try. Schools bus tracking apps help to efficiently plan routes and prevent fuel theft, thus helping to cut down unwanted expenses.