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Why are Student GPS Tracking Systems So Popular?


The service of GPS navigation system originally developed by the U.S Department of Defence has now been extended for civilian use. The standard service offered by GPS units offers locating the vehicle is, however, less accurate than the precise positioning service intended for military use. The SPS systems, however, can locate the vehicle with an accuracy of 110 yards. 

These GPS units are being increasingly deployed for fleet management purposes of civilian vehicles. Their popularity has considerably increased in the recent past, thanks to their attributes.


Apart from general civilian use, these units are increasingly being employed to ensure the safety of students. With violence and threats to children on the rise, it is important to ensure their safety be it at school, or en route. Student GPS tracking systems are being used to ensure and monitor the location of the school buses and driver behaviour. For example, the system can detect and alert any change in the intended route of travel and can thus avoid possible hijacks or such mishaps well in time.

Driver Monitoring

As mentioned,  driving behaviour of school bus drivers can be monitored with ease using a GPS vehicle tracking system. It is hard to cross check every minute detail of all potential employees. Even if there are no red flags observed in their past records, it is always good to constantly check the behaviour of employees, especially while driving. 

Fleet management systems enabled with alcoholic sensors are now available so that the engine would not switch on, if the alcoholic content in the air crosses a fixed limit. Such systems, when integrated into GPS units can offer the extra advantage of locating the vehicle with ease to retrieve the kids. 

Compliance to Law

Most of the educational authorities now insist on child safety and installation of GPS systems has been made mandatory. More recently, the system was made compulsory for the CBSE stream schools in India. Any failure to adhere to such safety measures would result in legal hurdles. Even the license can be revoked in extreme situations of non-compliance.  

Goodwill among Parents

No parent would deny a school that cares for the children in every aspect including safety. Educational services do not necessarily limit to cater to the academic needs of the children. The holistic development of a child in all respects is possible only in a confident, healthy academic ambience. Therefore, safety and security of the kids are the fundamental aspects to create goodwill among the parents. Installation of a GPS vehicle tracking system in school buses and ensuring regular monitoring can thus create the right ambience for a healthy education.

Vehicle Maintenance Cost Reduction

With a vehicle tracking system in place, you are going to drive sensibly and this small step can translate into a significant reduction in terms of vehicle maintenance cost. Avoiding stressful and reckless driving with clear directions and route maps can cut down the repair costs.

Fuel Savings

Not only the repair charges, fleet owners can also cut down the unnecessary expenditure on fuel, that is, spend on taking long routes and mileage loss due to the wear and tear of mechanical parts due to rash driving. Any small technical defects can be immediately noticed and action taken to rectify them. School bus tracking systems can, thus, help in maintaining the vehicle in good road condition. After all, you wouldn’t like a surprise raid from authorities to reveal major defects, which  result in loss of the reputation of the school just due to a defective motor vehicle. 

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Of course, this should be the most important reason for the popularity of these GPS vehicle tracking systems installed in school buses. The world is fast depleting the resources of natural oil and gas and there is an urgent need to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, especially the CO2. Carbon footprint refers to the sum of all emissions of carbon dioxide due to activities within a given time. Roughly 2.68 kg of carbon dioxide is formed from every litre of diesel consumed. Even a slight gain in mileage and a reduction in fuel usage can  result in significant reduction of carbon footprint, helping to preserve nature for a better future.

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Why are Student GPS Tracking Systems So Popular?
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