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Volvo Cars CEO Suggests Traffic Data Sharing for Improving Global Traffic Safety


Hakan Samuelsson, Volvo cars CEO, said that sharing traffic related data can improve overall global traffic safety. This initiative have already been organised by Volvo both in Norway and Sweden two years ago.

Samuelsson said that data sharing should be made free for the betterment of the society as it saves their valuable time, money, and lives. He requested other car manufacturers and the Government to join their hands and make this initiative a successful one.

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In 2015, Volvo cars worked out data sharing successfully, in collaboration with road administration authorities of Sweden and Norway. With the help of cloud-based network, Volvo cars got real-time information about road friction from their anti-skid systems. This information about icy roads will be send to other Volvo cars so that they can get proper warning at the right time. And at the same time, this information will also be passed to road authorities for solving the icy road issue.

This is indeed a stepping stone for ensuring road safety and if the initiative becomes successful, it can save millions of people. It can also enhance school bus safety for students.


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