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Vigyor High School Installs RFID Tags on Buses

Vibgyor High, a school in Airoli, has installed RFID systems for monitoring student movements and ensuring their safety. Parents are able to get instant notification, whenever their child board the bus and swipe the card.

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Kishore Iyengar, principal of Vibgyor High, said that every student should compulsorily swipe their card once they enter the school bus. He also added that the reader will mark attendance and send real time information via notification either through an app or SMS.

Iyengar stated that the tag will help parents to keep track of their child. They are able to get instant alerts about the bus location and the time it will reach pick up point. No parents are allowed to hand over their child to schools without the id cards.


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Vigyor High School Installs RFID Tags on Buses
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