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Veteran Journalist H. Kishie Singh wins the IRF Media Road Safety Award, 2017


Column writer and veteran journalist H.Kishie Singh was awarded the IRF Media Road Safety Award, 2017, for giving his constant support to road safety measures through writings.

Kishie Singh has written columns for The Tribune since the 1990s, which is considered to be the longest-running uninterrupted automotive column in India. 

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Being a highly experienced driver, Kishie often writes about road safety and provides practical tips to his readers. He has made a couple of overland journeys from Canada to India and has also crossed the 'Kyhber Pass' thrice in a vehicle.

He won this award for contributing substantially to the cause of road safety. Kishie Singh says,

“Road safety in India is a cause of big concern. I have been striving to do something about it and this award is a big encouragement. I request everyone to please drive safely.” 


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