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Traffic Police Seizes 16 School Buses Lacking Fitness Certificates


Traffic police teams have seized 16 school buses without fitness certificates in a special drive conducted by them recently in Indore. These buses are owned by seven to eight private schools.

The team led by Deputy Superintendent of Police, Pradeep Singh Chauhan, monitored every school bus passing through Indore's Satya Sai Square. He claimed that most of the school buses fails to follow the guidelines of Supreme Court and operates without getting any fitness permit from Transport department.

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It was found that out of 22 school buses, 16 did not have any fitness certification from Transport department. An official from the department said that these buses do have a hearing in court. Six buses were charged a fine of Rs. 3000 to Rs. 6000 for not submitting verification certificates to police.

The officials in the transport department also pointed out that most of the school buses are not undergoing proper maintenance and  also they lack basic facilities such as first aid box, female attendant etc. in school buses.


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