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The Country’s First Road Safety Hackathon to be Held in Kerala


The State of Kerala is all set to host the country’s first ever Road safety Hackathon contest on the 22nd and 23rd of this month. The IT epicentre of Thiruvananthapuram, Technopark will be the venue for the competition. Around 150 participants including developers, entrepreneurs and student from around the country will fly into Kerala for the event.

R Sreelekha IPS, Transport and Road Safety Commissioner made the announcement saying, “It’s just novel solutions from a group of talented minds to create a product for road safety, which could be used anywhere in the world.”

Hackethon will be a 24-36 hours non-stop coding event in which the top minds in the country will collaborate to develop innovative solutions or product ideas for road safety. This will include computer programmers and even other software and hardware development teams. The developers will unite to create programs or an application that has the potential to improve the safety of roads in the country. The idea is to target Critical areas like Engineering, Enforcement, Education and Emergency care management or post-crash management.

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An award of Rs. 1,90,000 will be given to the winners of each hardware and software solutions and will also receive 3-6 months to further develop their concept. The next best idea will receive Rs. 95,000 each.

Even the general public can get involved and earn cash prizes in an Ideation contest in the non-technical category. The ideas and suggestions must be in the word limit of 350 words and sent to

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Arnab Bandyopadhyay, Senior Transport Specialist, World Bank said, “The event funded by the Bank would be held across the world. Kerala was selected for the first event as it was the only State in the country with a road safety authority. The formation of the authority was helpful in bringing down the accidents cases in the State.”

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Source: Kerala To Organize First Ever Road Safety Hackathon In The Country

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The Country’s First Road Safety Hackathon to be Held in Kerala
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