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How TrackSchoolBus System Allocates School Bus Routes

It will not be an overstatement to quote that technology has become a torchbearer offering a host of convenient features, simplifying the lives of its users. A couple of such technological innovations that deserve a special mention are the school bus tracking system offered by TrackSchoolBus.

Aiming to not only offer transparency with every school bus ride, this system and the tracking apps integrated with it bestow a great deal of convenience to all the stakeholders; school bus drivers, school van operators and parents included. 

It is through these tracking apps helps school administrators to ensure that they are plying their vehicles according to the desired capacity levels for every bus route.

This blog sheds light on numerous ways in which TrackSchoolBus System helps in auto allocating school bus routes.

  1. The Smart Allocation Algorithm of TrackSchoolBus Tracking System

If you look into all the ways in which the TrackSchoolBus System lends a helping hand to school bus operators, you will be convinced that it is indeed a smart means to operate school buses and routes in complete control.

If you are a trasnport manager, then you can rely on this facility to plan school bus routes within minutes, in line with the number of pick-up points and their respective densities. That means, every school bus route is allotted in line with the capacity and pick-up point requirements.

  1. Historical Data – The Primary Source of Information

Looking into the parents’ registration forms, school bus operators, with the help of Parent App integrated with TrackSchoolBus System will be in a strong position to assign pick-up according to the residential addresses of respective students.

Allowing you to conduct the auto routing procedures, it helps you to alter route in the event of a sudden relocation.

You will be able to take the help of Google Maps to identify the exact pick-up location of every student; residential address of the student. 

  1. Unleash the Power of Control Through Automation

The power of automation can never be undermined, especially concerning the matters of control and efficiency. This is a fact that goes well with the TrackSchoolBus System that it automatically assists you to create vehicle assignments and school bus routes.

Banking on the trip and address details of every student, the TrackSchoolBus System handholds all school transport managers to exercise complete control over every school bus route. In the event of a sudden relocation, the system through its smart notifications via app shows the changed pick-up points.

The app comes with a printout facility that can provide pertinent handouts. These printouts can be used as reference points for the existing school bus transportation system.

What’s In Store for You?

You can avail free auto allocation trails that can be availed by schools which have subscribed or are planning to subscribe to the TrackSchoolBus System.

Tagged is a centralized and user-friendly interface, the TrackSchoolBus System is independent of any sort of hardware specifications. Offering you a host of unique value-added features, it is through this system that you can enjoy the flexibility of quoting for the facilities according to your needs.

To top it all, you have the additional benefit coming in the form of affordability. That means, with the reasonably-priced TrackSchoolBus System you will be in a position to operate your school bus fleet in the most efficient manner. 

And once you become a TrackSchoolBus System subscriber, you can make the most of the advanced auto allocation feature and more.

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School Bus Fleet Management Guide for the Transport Managers

Safety first is safety always” – Charles M Hayes

School bus fleet management is essential since it has a key role in enhancing transportation efficiency and routing. But, how will you improve the fleet management? Why is it essential? Of course, you will have certain queries on school bus fleet management.

Lets' check out the solution regarding the fleet management of school buses:

School bus management solution

First and foremost, the school bus management solution is implemented in schools for ensuring the student safety. Wondering how it enhances student safety? With the support of modern technologies, you will obtain the real-time details regarding the students on a school bus. Nevertheless, it is one of the powerful transportation management tools, which provide information on routine operations of school transportation management.


  • Track the school bus location and manage pickups and drops efficiently
  • Oversee the school bus status, such as over speeding, sudden braking, vehicle engine on or off condition, AC on or off, fuel details, mileage details, etc.
  • Improve bus safety by regular monitoring, re-directing buses to alternative routes for avoiding hazards, creating Geo-fence, etc.
  • Manage expenses by lowering the fuel usage, monitor on-board engine diagnostics, automate driver time sheets, etc.
  • Generate MIS reports


  • Save time by avoiding long waits at the bus stop
  • Monitor the driver activities constantly
  • Optimize the school bus utilization
  • Handle emergency situations efficiently

What are the requirements of effective school bus fleet management?

You will be able to determine the success of transportation through cost management and benchmarking. No doubt, effective fleet management requires accuracy, organization, and operation efficiency. Meanwhile, by utilizing the school bus routing software, you will be able to accomplish routing efficiency with route optimization feature.

Moreover, with the assistance of a school bus GPS tracking software, you can examine whether drivers are able to fulfill their duties with minimal interruption or not. Hence, it is wise to install bus routing software and GPS tracking software for managing fleets efficiently.

Now, let's have a glimpse over the benefits of effective fleet management:

Efficient driver management

When drivers are provided with satisfactory work conditions, there is a chance for reducing significant employee turnover and, thereby, save significant expenses of the school management. Nevertheless, you can positively reinforce them by creating a feeling that what they commit is important (ferrying the precious cargo in the world), treating them impartially, attributing proper training to them, and ensuring that drivers are fully cognizant of real-time details.

Save fuel expenses

As far as school management is concerned, fuel costs is the dominant expenditure to consider. By utilizing the route optimization feature of a tracking software, you will be able to reduce fuel costs by choosing the most apt route for the school bus trip. Consequently, unnecessary wastage of fuel can be evaded.

Regular school bus maintenance

With the modern GPS trackers, you can conduct the school bus maintenance at the right time. At the same time, you will also be able to realize the mechanical requirements of the buses in your fleet promptly.

Ensure student safety

Of course, student safety is the prime concern of the school bus transportation. However, with the aid of a school bus tracking system, you will be able to track school bus, notify the estimated time of arrival, entry and exit time of students. Henceforth, you can ensure proper student safety.

As a matter of fact, effective school bus fleet management is not an impossible task , especially, with the modern technologies such as HD camera system, GPS trackers and bus routing software. Furthermore, by managing school bus fleets efficiently, students can relish a secure school bus transportation. 

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How School Bus Auto Routing can Help Transport Managers

Routing is a concern for every transport manager, especially when it is related to school transportation. Furthermore, choosing the apt route for a school bus trip is a complex task. But, the technology provides an immense assistance to manage school bus fleets efficiently. Nevertheless, it is the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and you can witness its implementation in almost every field.

Let's check out how it affects and enhances the school transportation services:

Application of AI in school bus routing

AI is the next step towards the school bus routing process. However, the apps are becoming increasingly popular since it is user-friendly, convenient, and affordable. With the integration of AI, the tracking apps are able to relish highly advanced features. And, the predominant features include auto routing, auto optimization, and auto allocation.

Auto routing

Auto routing feature gathers details of the school bus routes, trips, pick up and drop points, vehicle, its seating capacity, vehicle assignments, and student profile from existing transportation records or registration details. The system will then automatically suggest the optimized route, trip, vehicle assignments, etc.

With the above details, transport managers will be able to select and confirm the route for their transportation. Here, the system optimizes the vehicle utilization, vehicle durability, running duration, and distance covered. Moreover, several issues like vehicle running costs, its running hours, etc. can be solved.

The dominant features of the auto routing feature include the following:

  • Suggest optimized route and trip based on school timings, pick up point density, and bus seating capacity
  • Carry out an efficiency check for the current school bus routes
  • Select and confirm the appropriate route for the school bus trip
  • Optimize vehicle utilization, durability, running duration, and distance
  • Curtail overall vehicle running costs and vehicle running hours

Auto allocation

Auto allocation feature gathers student data, which consists of pick up point data and drop point data, and vehicle information.

  • Select pickup point location depending on the student's residential address
  • Display students' pick up point on the Google Maps
  • Complete all the procedures of auto routing
  • Optimize the pickup point with the system's historical data
  • Redo the auto routing procedure if there is an issue

Auto optimization

Auto optimization involves the two processes- route optimization and pick up point optimization. Route optimization feature administers multiple pick up points in a single route, organize intermediate pick up points, and recognize the shortest route. Pick up point optimization feature exploit system intelligence, and historical data, and then select the apt pick up point for each school bus student accordingly.

  • Selects the apt route which saves drivers' time and efforts
  • Curtail vehicle running hours and fuel utilization
  • Enhances vehicle durability
  • Prevent zig zag movement of vehicles
  • Determine the perfect road that lower the distance and running hours
  • Elude routes having increased traffic
  • Augment pick up point efficiency with the aid of transport managers and other transportation officials
  • Facility to update pick up points
  • Modify route based on the vehicle seating capacity.
  • Instant updating of pick up point in case of relocation (with the utilization  of recentre facility)
  • Alter pick up point by considering the actual location

Here are 10 features you can find in an school bus route optimized tracking software, shown in the form of a Slideshare presentation:


As a matter of fact, all the AI enabled features assists you to manage the school bus routes efficiently and thus safeguard the credibility of school transportation services. With the assistance of the auto routing feature, you will be able to save your valuable money, time, and thereby ensure student safety.

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