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9 Qualities of a Great School Bus Transportation System


School bus transportation still remains the safest means of transportation for school children. It is designed and manufactured to ensure safety and protection of students. At the time of manufacturing a school bus, it should conform to a set of federal and state standards. There are certain characteristics often associated with the school bus.

 Some of the essential qualities of great school bus transportation are as follows:

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Proper Compartmentalization

School buses are constructed on the basis of the compartmentalization concept, which indeed provides a passive restraint system instead of seat belt usage. Seats are arranged higher off the ground so that the average sized opposing vehicles on the road are beneath the feet of students. 

Apart from this, compartmentalization also makes use of seats padded with energy absorbing construction covering all metal parts. Spacing is also closer when we compare it to the passenger vehicles.

Emergency Facility

There are so many escape routes in a school bus like a rear emergency door, side emergency operation windows, front service door and roof hatches designed to offer ventilation or fully open ones. Apart from that, escape should be possible through every side window. Students should be given training to use those evacuation drills in the case of emergency.

Maintenance of Discipline

Discipline is a serious issue with regard to  school transportation. Without proper discipline, drivers will not be able to give proper attention to the roads. There should be a proper set of rules and regulations for the school bus students. Installation of video cameras and regular monitoring of students can reduce issues related to their misbehavior. Drivers have a huge role to play, when it comes to maintaining discipline inside the school bus.

Installing GPS Tracker Software

Integration of GPS school bus tracking system can help the school authorities as well as parents to know the real time location of the school bus. With the help of the GPS software, the parents or school authorities are notified whenever the child boards or gets off the school bus.

Use of stop arms

Adding stop arms to the school bus transportation has always been a great idea for ensuring better safety. Whenever a school bus stops to load or unload children, stop arms will be extended from the side of the bus, giving a proper warning to the other vehicles. Use of stop arms has now become a common safety standard in most of the school transportation vehicles.

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Introducing RFID tags 

RFID tags can be introduced for improving the efficiency and safety of the school bus. The RFID School Bus Tracking System automatically sends an instant notification to parents if their child's school bus is approaching.

Proper Planning of Navigation

Proper navigation or trip planning adds to the efficiency of the school bus transportation. It helps the driver to schedule the trip in advance and thus know the whereabouts of each student at each pick up points. In case of any issues such as traffic jam, unfavorable climatic conditions etc., the drivers should have an idea about alternative routes. This will help to save time as well as to augment school bus safety.

Providing Appropriate Training to Drivers

School bus driving is indeed a risky business to handle. Minimum age for school bus drivers should be above 25 years. Usually, people aged less than 25 years are more prone to rash or careless driving. This becomes a huge threat to the safety of school children. The school bus drivers should be given training regarding rules to be followed on road and efficient management of students in the school bus. Such training should be made mandatory for every school bus driver, which would indeed give them a rough idea regarding school bus driving.

Planning Good Design for School Transportation

Extra care should be taken while designing school buses, especially in the loading and unloading areas which enable the students to safely board and exit the school bus. Non bus riders and other vehicles should not be allowed to trespass in the areas where students board or get off the school bus. The school management should provide appropriate space for drivers to safely enter and exit the school bus.

All the above qualities can make school bus transportation safe and successful. Safety is the prime criteria to be looked upon, while considering school bus transportation. If proper arrangements are made to ensure safety in a school bus, the parents will feel more confident to depend on school transportation.

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6 Must-Have Qualities of School Bus Drivers

“Anyone can drive a car. It takes someone special to drive a school bus”

As you know, school transport services are carefully designed for reducing accidents and its outcomes. Most of us thinks that school bus driving is a complex task to handle. Hence when you choose a driver, he should not only be capable of handling a school bus, but also be able to manage students well inside the bus.

While hiring a school bus driver, there are certain qualities you should consider. School bus drivers serve a great role in ensuring your child's safety.

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Here follows six qualities you expect from a school bus driver:

1. Have Enough Patience with Kids

Driving an ordinary bus is not similar to driving a school bus. You may expect a considerable amount of patience from drivers, as it is the school children you are dealing with. It is indeed a nightmare for you to drive carefully and manage misbehaving children at the same time.

It is obviously a bad choice for you to select a person who can get easily annoyed and have a high temper. When you choose a school bus driver, he should be able to handle all these easily and effectively.

2. Respond Quickly to Issues

There are times when things go wrong and issues might arise with routes. Hence you should choose a driver who will be able to respond quickly and take appropriate decision. This quality is highly desirable for drivers as you give more priority for punctuality and safety in schools.

When you select a driver who doesn’t know what to do in emergency situations, things become worse.

3. Able to Manage Time and Routes

Your bus driver should be able to know how to use routing software and thus possess great skill of route and time management. You can save a lot of time if the driver is having proper knowledge regarding routes.

4. Know the Difference between a Huge Bus and a Car

There exists so many differences between a bus and a car. Your bus driver should be able to know these differences and handle them accordingly. A school bus driver is someone you expect to be slow and safe rather than driving madly.

When it comes to driving a bus, a good school bus driver always makes best judgment and try to stay on route as planned before.

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5. Able to Get to the Garage on Time

At the end of school bus trip, your school bus driver should be able to get back to the garage as per schedule. This helps school authorities to prevent driver to misuse school transport services for personal purposes.

6. Should Keep Passengers Safe

Safety of students should be given more importance by your school bus driver. If you have a professional and great school bus driver, he will:

  • Follow a specific route
  • Stay on time
  • Wear seat belts
  • Follow all the traffic rules
  • Stop at railroad crossings
  • Respect traffic lights
  • Control speed

If all the above qualities are present in your kid's school bus driver, then school bus journey will become happy, interesting and safe. A positive attitude is very much essential in any job, especially for school bus driving jobs.

The main task of a school bus driver is to transport students safely and hence it is better for you to hire a person who possess a clean past driving record. Therefore, the influence that school bus driver exerts on your children is not so small.

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5 Quick Planning Tips for a Successful Field Trip


Field trips, the two magical words generate energy in your students and considerable nervousness in you. But perfect planning can help you tackle any possible difficulty during field trips.

Schools normally plan field trips on the school bus because they are confident about the safety that school transport service provides. With detailed planning along with some key steps, you can easily ensure enjoyable learning experiences for your students.

Just like school transport, enabling better safety during field trips also matters.

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5 quick tips to keep in mind while planning a field trip:

  1. Rules and Regulations: Before planning the field trip, be sure about the existing field trip manual or policies. The whole trip becomes much smoother after familiarizing the current policies and procedures. Planning should be made without violating the rules set by government.  
  2. Safety: Safety must be the prime concern before scheduling the field trip. GPS tracker can help rescue the school bus if it gets lost. Teachers and school staff must be prepared for any startling accident(s) or incident(s) that may happen. Emergency contact data and any approved prescriptions should be brought to the field trip.  Once the destination is fixed, arrange a meeting discussing about the precautions.  
  3. Supervision: Based on the number of students participating in the field trip, school staff should follow adult supervision strategy. Children belonging to Elementary, Middle and High School have different supervisory necessities that should be seriously taken into consideration. 
  4. Expenses: If you are organizing a field trip to a spot with fewer participants, fixing a far place can be quite expensive for each member. Pre-plan the hotels, search for hotels with discounts. Consider children belonging to low-income families while planning the trip, they do have certain limitations.  Don’t involve children while planning the trip; it can create embracement for children belonging to low-income.
  5. Confirm Details: Gather the details of the children participating in the field trip and confirm it. Be double sure that you have collected more than one contact number of each member participating in the event. It’s advisable to bring the parent of any member.

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More Tips:

Teachers must carry

  • First-aid kit
  • Contact Information
  • Attendance sheet
  • Cell phone
  • Students Identities

Don’t Ignore

  • Participant list with their contact number
  • Check the weather of the place in advance
  • Reconfirm accommodation details

Preparing others

  • Hold a meeting with the bus driver
  • Obtain parental permission
  • Prepare chaperones for their roles
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