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Real Time Bus Tracking App – 12 Things You Need to Know

A real time bus tracking app will allow you to determine the precise real-time location of your kids and their school buses. It also has the ability to record location of school bus at specified intervals.

Nowadays, all these apps have been designed to be compatible with all mobile platforms and other high-end widgets.

Running a school bus is not an easy task, particularly if you are in charge of handling more number of school buses. You will have to take much effort in knowing the exact location of your school buses.

This means that you have to get yourself familiar with the features of a real time bus tracking app before heading out to use one.

This blog will inform you about 15 things you must know about the real time bus tracking app.

1. Lessen Operating Costs

Real-time bus tracking app comes equipped with a good fleet administration system or GPS tracking system. This will allow you to decide the shortest as well as the best routes for your school buses.

It will definitely aid you considerably in reducing your school bus fuel consumption, which, in turn, will allow you to cut needless overtime expenses.

2. Save Your Time

You can save much of your time by tracking school buses in real time. There are instances when your school bus gets trapped in the traffic jam for hours.

With the best school bus tracking software, you will be capable of guiding your drivers to shun the hectic routes in a real-time basis, thus saving much of your time as well as the riding time of your school bus.

3. Decrease Downtime

Dipping downtime plays a vital role in improving the output as well as the prosperity of your school bus management. The real-time school bus tracking through an app will aid you significantly in making knowledgeable decisions and plan trips more resourcefully.

4. Make the Most of the Resources

Real-time school bus tracking apps not only help the parent but also help with the school authorities with monitoring your buses and getting comprehensive insights on driver performance, fuel utilization, engine inactiveness, etc.

This will result in using resources efficiently without wasting more amount of money.

5. Maximize the Bus Use

School authorities can take the maximum advantage of your school buses by tracking school bus in real time.

This will be capable of using the information and analysis received from the app to eradicate vehicle inactive time, lessen excess speeding, and reduce the consumption of fuel.

6. Keep Kids and Parents Happy

The real-time school bus tracking will allow school authorities to offer the required safety to your kids. This will offer a peace of mind to their parents, as they will know that their kids are safe in their school buses. It will allow improving your loyalty to the parents, as well.

7. Predictable

The real-time school bus tracking can provide the running time of school buses. This means that parents will never come across uncertainty in your school bus transportation.

Thus, you will be capable of providing parents with real-time tracking information, exact delivery times, and other important details.

8. Handle Bus Staff Efficiently

The real time bus tracking will help school authorities substantially in managing attendants and drivers in an effective way. You can pull up the information obtained from the tracking system, examine it, and can take remedial measures whenever obligatory.

9. Better Route Scheduling

The real-time school bus tracking helps greatly in identifying routes that will save both your money and time. You will be capable of designing a smart route scheduling, which, in turn, will decrease fruitless work. This will allow you to get rid of needless fuel costs, as well.

10. Locate Your Lost School Bus

You can find your stolen or lost school buses easily through the real-time school bus tracking, which, in turn, will decrease your maintenance expenses.

You can watch key aspects, as well, like engine oil levels and the overall physical condition of your school buses. The information from the fleet administration system will help you with ascertaining the time of routine inspection of your school buses.

11. Well-Timed Notifications

Tracking your school bus in real time will offer you the ability to send email or SMS alerts when your school buses go out of your school zone. In addition, you can propel appropriate real-time alerts in case of mishaps and other unforeseen incidents, so that you can take the essential steps.

12. Safety

The real-time school bus tracking will perk up the safety of your school students and bus staff through monitoring your buses.

If any troublesome incident happens, you will be capable of offering direct support and assistance to your bus attendants and drivers. It can even help you execute both-way communication between you and your drivers.

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How TrackSchoolBus System Allocates School Bus Routes

It will not be an overstatement to quote that technology has become a torchbearer offering a host of convenient features, simplifying the lives of its users. A couple of such technological innovations that deserve a special mention are the school bus tracking system offered by TrackSchoolBus.

Aiming to not only offer transparency with every school bus ride, this system and the tracking apps integrated with it bestow a great deal of convenience to all the stakeholders; school bus drivers, school van operators and parents included. 

It is through these tracking apps helps school administrators to ensure that they are plying their vehicles according to the desired capacity levels for every bus route.

This blog sheds light on numerous ways in which TrackSchoolBus System helps in auto allocating school bus routes.

  1. The Smart Allocation Algorithm of TrackSchoolBus Tracking System

If you look into all the ways in which the TrackSchoolBus System lends a helping hand to school bus operators, you will be convinced that it is indeed a smart means to operate school buses and routes in complete control.

If you are a trasnport manager, then you can rely on this facility to plan school bus routes within minutes, in line with the number of pick-up points and their respective densities. That means, every school bus route is allotted in line with the capacity and pick-up point requirements.

  1. Historical Data – The Primary Source of Information

Looking into the parents’ registration forms, school bus operators, with the help of Parent App integrated with TrackSchoolBus System will be in a strong position to assign pick-up according to the residential addresses of respective students.

Allowing you to conduct the auto routing procedures, it helps you to alter route in the event of a sudden relocation.

You will be able to take the help of Google Maps to identify the exact pick-up location of every student; residential address of the student. 

  1. Unleash the Power of Control Through Automation

The power of automation can never be undermined, especially concerning the matters of control and efficiency. This is a fact that goes well with the TrackSchoolBus System that it automatically assists you to create vehicle assignments and school bus routes.

Banking on the trip and address details of every student, the TrackSchoolBus System handholds all school transport managers to exercise complete control over every school bus route. In the event of a sudden relocation, the system through its smart notifications via app shows the changed pick-up points.

The app comes with a printout facility that can provide pertinent handouts. These printouts can be used as reference points for the existing school bus transportation system.

What’s In Store for You?

You can avail free auto allocation trails that can be availed by schools which have subscribed or are planning to subscribe to the TrackSchoolBus System.

Tagged is a centralized and user-friendly interface, the TrackSchoolBus System is independent of any sort of hardware specifications. Offering you a host of unique value-added features, it is through this system that you can enjoy the flexibility of quoting for the facilities according to your needs.

To top it all, you have the additional benefit coming in the form of affordability. That means, with the reasonably-priced TrackSchoolBus System you will be in a position to operate your school bus fleet in the most efficient manner. 

And once you become a TrackSchoolBus System subscriber, you can make the most of the advanced auto allocation feature and more.

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10 Simple but Important Things About School Bus Tracking

School Bus Tracking helps to improve student safety and build a better and secure relationship between parents and schools. This is a most efficient way to keep track of students’ security.

Each school might have proper arrangement for bus service or have bus companies for providing such services. They are responsible for taking entire responsibility of the kid’s safety along with ensuring that they keep updating the parents about any delays or urgent needs.

Let us see the important things about a proper school bus tracking system:

1. The tracking system for school buses can help in improving the safety measures as a result of which parents, teachers and even bus management people can work at ease.  

This tracking helps to monitor the bus services in real and can also help parents to know about their time of arrival. This can reduce a lot of tension between parents and teachers. This effective procedure should be implemented as much as possible.

2. Bus tracking service such as GPS can help parents to keep an eye on the behaviour of the bus management team. At the same time, it also helps in knowing whether their kids are safe in harsh weather conditions or any incidental cause.

Having proper tracking system can help in improving the management system as managers would be informed about any urgent breakdown or be notified of any maintenance need.

This can in turn help in reducing costly breakdowns. When buses need maintenance then managers are responsible for scheduling replacement of buses.

3. Apart from this a bus tracking system can help to keep a close eye on the driver and check if they are following rules and regulations such as speed limits and scheduled routes.

Managers may also take note of the driving patterns such as hard braking or lingering around unnecessarily. This shall not only help in reducing the cost but also assure safety of children travelling in bus.

4. By following the tracking system, parents and teachers can get to know more about the arrival and departure time of the Bus. It shall be easy to generate effective schedule management for students. As per the details, parents and teachers can decide about their timings and proper schedule management.

Moreover, if there is any problem, for instance if the bus arrives late or there is a sudden breakdown then it might really get difficult. Students might have to keep waiting for their bus while at the same time it is also irritating for parents to keep waiting.

However, if there is a proper tracking system then it gets easier to deal with these things. The school bus tracking system can help in dealing with the bus management system and collaborate with your own dealings and schedules.

5. When parents let their children to go by bus, they completely trust the driver and other management officials involved here. Parents are often worried about their children to ensure that their child is protected and in complete safe hands.

Just as an additional precautionary measure by having a tracking system can give great peace of mind to the parents.

6. With the tracking system it will be easier to track the buses live and are notified about any emergency. Even automatic updates can save parents from calling again and again.

This shall help the management team to look after the kids. The live tracking system shall be updated with more reliable timings. So there would be no worries about delays.

7. Most schools face issues regarding their budget. However, a tracking system can help in reducing a lot of wastage of money. It helps in improving the route efficiency which in turn can reduce the fuel costs.

Other than this it becomes easy to monitor vehicle performance and reduce the maintenance cost.

8. School bus tracking offers better safety for drivers as the tracking system is not only helpful for children but also for the drivers. One can easily keep track of the drivers’ accountability, their whereabouts, and behaviour.

It can be easy to monitor reckless speed or improper behaviour of the driver. The perfect implementation of a tracking system can help to reduce the risk of students being exposed to any problem.

9. Tracking system makes the collection of data easy. This helps in proper collection and storage of data. Though tracking a vehicle isn’t that easy as it might seem be. However, with the right arrangement of various factors such as mileage and other things can be taken care of.

Moreover, the data is collected automatically via bus tracking software. There is no longer any need to rely on manual data handling or generating process as now it shall become easy to deal with these. The data recorded can further be used to prepare log books.

Having proper accuracy they can be used at the end of month for generating payments. Their performance can easily be taken care by collecting these data. One needs to simply print the data and go through it properly.

10. Those schools which haven’t come up with any bus tracking system yet should consider all the benefits involved in having a proper tracking system. This shall not only help in improving the school business but also gain a level of trust on the school. This shall be the best way to improve brand awareness and improve safety measures in schools for their own children.

Final Thoughts

In short, School Bus Tracking made easier for you to keep the track records of the security of your kids. Whatever is the case, a school bus tracking system will surely help in enhancing the overall performance of school.

This will help to improve the overall system and can provide safety benefits to school management, parents and children.  As safety is very important for your children so if you are getting any safe opportunity for your child then never miss it.

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8 Benefits Parents Can Get Via School Bus Tracking

Safety of school children is a paramount to parents, not only when their kids are within the school premises but also while they are travelling back and forth to school or home via school buses.

Earlier, parents used to wait with bated breath till such time their wards reached the school or their doorstep. They were completely clueless of the location of bus or the time it will take for their wards to reach home.

With technology spreading its wings into every sphere of human life, this is the generation of school bus trackers which come as tracking aids.

These help parents in a number of ways in assuring their kids’ safety while onboard a school bus fitted with an AI-powered, GPS tracking system.

Here are some benefits parents can get via tracking their child’s school bus:

1. Travel Details Of Your Kid On Your Finger Tips

Information is wealth. This maxim is so true in the case of school bus tracking apps which are installed on the smartphones of parents whose kids travel via a school bus.

Through these school bus tracking aids, parents will be in a position to know the whereabouts of their kids. Any information concerning the school bus can be obtained by you as a parent at any point in time.

You will get updates on your phone’s screen that will provide all the travel details regarding your wards. You will get real-time alerts when your ward boarded or got off the school bus.

2. Keep A Check on the School Bus Speed Limit

Better to be safe than to be sorry. This is a befitting axiom that links the speed of the school bus to the safety of the children onboard.

Through the school bus tracking app, parents will be in a position to know the speed at which the school bus is travelling.

This can provide a sigh of relief to parents who can keep a watchful eye on whether the bus driver is meeting the specifications of speed limit of the school bus. School bus tracking apps can thus help in preventing accidents occurring on account of over-speeding.

3. Multiple Buses Can be Tracked

Given a scenario when your ward does not board the same bus every day, it is through school bus tracking that you as a parent can track multiple buses.

This feature comes as a boon to parents as they can put an end to anxiety about which bus their ward boarded.

4. Helps You Know the Exact Location of the School Bus

Parents who are connected to the school bus transportation system via their smartphones will be informed about the exact location of their wards.

They will get notifications about the location so that they can be prepared to either drop or pick up their wards from the bus point.

5. Notifications About Unexpected Inconveniences

It can be a natural hazard, the break-down of a school bus or a traffic jam that can inconvenience you and your ward.

With the school bus tracking app in your hands, a prior warning will flash on your smartphone, informing you about any hindrance that calls for your attention.

This way, you will be in a better position to make alternative arrangements or take any other corrective actions that deem fit.

6. Observations Regarding Your Child’s Pick-Up And Drop Timings

It is through the school bus tracking app that parents and school authorities can lay hands on the exact details linked to the time taken at every stop to either pick up or drop school kids.

In the event the bus halted for more than the prescribed time limit, you as parents will get notified regarding the delay.

7. Know Whether Your Kid Reached School or Your Home

The Radio Frequency Identification Tags provided by TrackSchoolBus come handy in providing the much-needed information regarding the exact location of your child.

It is through these exclusive school bus tracking apps that you will be informed about when your child reached home or school.

8. A Benefactor of Peace of Mind

Installing the school bus tracking apps provided by TrackSchoolBus will be an intelligent step towards enjoying peace of mind.

With real-time notifications popping up from the school bus tracking system on your smartphones, you will be in a favorable position to know the exact location of your kid.

Isn’t this a matter of convenience and peace to all the parents who can be rest assured about the safety of their wards while they are travelling via a school bus? Indeed! It is!

Key Takeaways

In addition to the above mentioned 8 benefits of school bus tracking apps, parents will able to keep a close watch over their kids’ academic performance.

The school bus tracking apps offered by TrackSchoolBus will help you download various academic reports including the attendance sheets of your wards.

This way, you can make the most of the technology options that are provided by these tracking apps to conveniently ensure the safety of your wards at all times. 

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How to Choose the Right Seat for Student Passengers?


Without doubt, the safety offered by a school bus to school students cannot be compensated by any other means of transportation. But we can definitely increase the safety features of school buses by equipping them with a GPS Tracking System (which may provide students with RFID cards) and other safety measures.

Staying seated on the school bus ensures safety. The less a bus driver is distracted, the more will he concentrate on driving. Shifting seats inside the bus and moving away from the seats can cause injury to the students. Seats of the bus are arranged to make the journey safe.

There are certain tips to keep in mind while choosing the right school bus seat of the bus. Safety should be the prime consideration inside the school bus. A typical school bus consists of seats with 39 inches wide and with maximum seating capacity of 3.

Wait for the bus in the safest place. Get in to the bus without rushing forming a queue. Hold the hand rail of the bus, while getting inside the bus. Choose the right school bus seat inside the bus.

Tips to choose the right seats revealed;

“When you make a choice, you change the future.”Deepak Chopra

It is important to have a clear idea about, how the students should be seated. Reserving permanent seats for students is an effective method of reducing the rush inside the school bus.

It’s better to finalize the seats according to the route of the bus. Those who board the bus early and leave late can be given the last seats. Students who board the bus late and leaves early can be given front seats. Authorities must take special consideration while choosing seats for students. If any student finds the allotted seat uncomfortable, there should be a facility to report it.

The bus is generally divided in to three parts;

  • The front is calm but there can be noise from the engine
  • Middle is half noisy and half silent
  • The back is bumpy, without any noise of the engine

Step 1

The allotted seats should be carefully noted by the children. Make sure that you be seated in the right seat. No exchanging of seats should be allowed. If there is any uncomfortable situation, it can be reported to the bus supervisor.

Step 2

After finding the most comfortable seat for each student, make sure that no other student is reserved for that seat. Seat number can be allotted to children in order to eliminate confusion.

Step 3

If there happens a collision of seat, there should be a second option. A bus supervisor can help with the seating arrangement of the children.

Step 4

Divide between children who want to sit by the left windows or the right windows. Bags and other parcels must be kept in the lap of the students. Throwing anything out of the bus is dangerous, children must never do that.

Step 5

After picking the most convenient seat, enjoy peaceful ride. Do not move away from the seat or exchange seats, while the bus is moving. Children should not eat or drink anything in the bus. After entering the bus, children must be seated properly, facing forward. Avoid putting hands and head outside the bus.

Step 6

Never allow annoying people to sit next to you. It is better to make sure that a known person sits next to you. Making noise and fighting inside the bus is strictly prohibited. Always remember children misbehaving inside the bus can loose the privilege of travelling in the school bus

Safety message about the “danger zone”;

  • If you can touch the school bus, you are standing too close
  • Step out of the danger zone with 10 giant steps
  • Make sure, you can see the driver and the driver can see as well
  • Never stop to pick up anything dropped in the danger zone, ask an adult or driver for help

Ironically, assigning a particular seat for each school bus student is the best means to handle mischievous children. Also, appropriate seating for students can simplify your task by saving your valuable time.

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How School Bus Tracking Apps Can Help Parents


Applying GPS tracking systems to school buses can increase the driving efficiency. The introduction of smart phones has transformed the management of school bus transportation as a whole. The main goal behind every school bus tracking apps is the safety of students.


The app helps parents to ensure safety during their ride to school and the way back home. A School bus monitoring system helps both parents and teachers to know the whereabouts of their children. Through a web portal, parents are able to track the daily activities of their child in real time. It also provides a means for parent teacher communication.

Some of the important benefits of school bus tracking software are:


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  • Parents are Able to Know about the Traveling Details of Children at any Time

All information regarding school bus traveling will be obtained to parents at the required time. They will get instant updates regarding their child getting on and off the school bus.

  • Know Whether the Child Reached their Home or School

Parents get instant notification about children and their location. They are able to know students' location with the use of radio frequency identification tags given to them.

  • Detect School Bus Speeds

School authorities as well as parents would be able to know the speed of aschool bus. This facility can be very useful as they can avoid unnecessary accidents of school buses.

  • Observe How Much Time is Spent for each Stop

Parents and authorities will get correct details about the time spent for each stop. If at all any stop takes more time than allotted the both authorities and parents obtain notification regarding it.

  • Get a Warning Regarding Traffic Jams, School Bus Break Down and Natural Hazards

If there is any traffic jam, break down or natural hazards, parents would be able to get a warning helping them to take necessary actions and precautions.

  • Know the Performance of Children in School

The performance of each student in their school will be regularly updated in the app. Hence, parents can know their child's performance without directly approaching the teacher. This can save parents' time as well as teachers'.

  • Helps to Know School Bus Location

Location of the school bus will be sent as notification to both parents and authorities via the app. Most of the parents can get information about the location of the bus and thus get prepared.


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A parent app would be helpful to those parents who are working. This is because their busy schedule does not allow them to check directly on their children. A parent app would be very convenient for those parents who are out of the station as well. It would be difficult for them to inquire about their child on an everyday basis. Sending someone on their behalf is also a bad idea. In such situations, usage of apps is the best solution for parents. They are able to know the whereabouts of their children whenever they get free time.


The School bus monitoring system can solve the errors in managing school bus timings. Use of Radio Frequency Identification tags can help parents and school authorities to get regular updates of students in school buses. The GPS tracking system is an excellent system which can be accessed either through a personal computer or mobile phone. The software also helps in routing and helps to replace errors. When compared to manual recording, the software helps to easily and quickly calculate the working hours and activity of each trip. And above all, the most important advantage is that the use of Global Positioning System tracking is a cost-effective method.


Nowadays, safety of school children is given top priority. There are several unexpected hazards awaiting in today's world. Any amount of precaution can matter so much in safety.


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How will Reports Help You in Fleet Management?


School bus tracking is an important element in school bus fleet management. You can use School Bus Tracker software to do that. But, if you thought school bus tracking is just about tracking the location of a school bus, you are wrong.

By tracking your school bus fleet, you mean to monitor every aspect of a school bus. You look into areas where costs can be cut down, benefitting the school. Also, you can look into the performance of your school bus drivers and do much more. To do that effectively, you need the help of reports that can be generated using the software. The reports give a clear idea of where fuel consumption is high or where the school bus driver has taken a different route.

The reports generated, can be of great benefit to your school bus fleet as well as to you.

Lessen manual efforts

Imagine having to note down each and every aspect of school bus fleet management. Your calculations can go wrong. Also, you will have to maintain lots of records like fuel receipts, service logs, odometer reading etc. Generating reports using School Bus Tracker software can lessen manual efforts. You get all the information from a single source. Also, you don’t have to panic to find information at time of need. You can access the information whenever you want.

Improve productivity

The School Bus Tracker software can be used to continuously monitor the performance of drivers. Reports on over speeding, unscheduled bus stops etc. can be generated using the software. These reports can be used to analyse the performance of school bus drivers. You can look into their low performance areas and take measures to improve the productivity of drivers. Also, when the drivers are aware that they are being watched, they will try to perform better.

Better preventive maintenance

With School Bus Tracker software, you can get reports on fuel consumption, which includes mileage updates. This can give you an idea of the preventive maintenance that has to be done to prevent costly breakdowns later. A vehicle that doesn’t miss preventive maintenance has better fuel efficiency and runs more efficiently.

Reduce fuel theft

You don’t have to put in any manual efforts to track down fuel theft. The reports generated using the software show details of fuel transactions. If a vehicle filled a tank beyond its capacity, it will be notified in the reports. Also, when the employees are aware that the fuel consumption is being tracked, fuel theft can be eliminated.

Cut down costs

Using the reports, you can find out the areas where there you can reduce costs. By effective routing and planning, you can cut down labour costs and fuel consumption. . This is going to benefit the schools budget.

Reports that are generated must be understood by everyone. For that, you must use good software such as the School Bus Tracker. You can get ample and clear information regarding your school bus fleet using the software. This is going to help you in effective fleet management.

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12 Reasons Why You Should Be Using School Bus GPS Tracking

The safety and convenience provided by school buses are quite rare. Fatalities caused by other automobiles are eight times higher compared to school buses.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the safety of school buses. It’s shocking to know that, a child gets kidnapped or goes missing every 40 seconds. What are we waiting for? Let’s start with a splendid modern day technology that can ensure student safety.

Here are 12 awesome reasons why you should rely on GPS School bus Tracking System:

1. Safety At Its Best– Yes, it is. Ensuring security is a responsibility. Students often wait in bus stops, exposed to various dangers. The external dangers, bad weather and dangerous situations can be avoided with GPS. Notifying parents about the actual arrival time of the school bus minimizes the time children have to wait at the bus stop. It can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

2. Time– Avoid planning routes manually with GPS tracking system. The information is automatically collected and reported reduces errors, and does the better planing. With GPS tracking systems, time and energy can be saved.

3. Regular Monitoring– Regular monitoring of the school bus can avoid delay. While the most comfortable route is granted by the GPS tracking system, noting the flaws and working on it can gain the confidence of parents. RFID monitors the children without fail. Parents can be clear the location of their children without much effort.

4. Better Maintenance– Allow better maintenance with GPS tracking system on school buses.  Accurate mileage calculation and speed limit management are possible with GPS tracking system. Know in advance about the bus service date and eliminate unwanted tension about remembering the maintenance of the bus. Battery recovery is available with accurate mileage calculation- another cost-saving method.

5. Environmental Accountability– The news is not something new to our generation. Air pollution has increased to a great extent due to our lifestyle. There are certain responsibilities towards our environment. GPS helps to optimize routing and track engine idling for minimizing the impact of a school bus on the environment. Reduce the emission of pollution and help the environment to stay green. Gift a better planet to the future.

6. Compact Yet Confident– Though the system provides a lot of services, it occupies only a little space. A typical GPS system is similar in dimensions to a mobile phone. The functioning of the whole system is simple. No space for complications. The RFID tags used to identify individual students are so small that they are used with the ID cards of students.

7. Cost-Savings– Reducing the cost is saving it. With GPS, more money can be saved. Operating the vehicle carefully can save a lot of maintenance expense and observing the speed limit and other safety measures can encourage parents to admit their children in school bus resulting in more profit for the department of transportation in school. By monitoring driving patterns, school authorities can control unnecessary expenses. GPS tracking systems are considered as anti-theft devices by most insurance companies. Insurance premium savings is an added advantage.

8. Monitoring Fuel CostSchool bus fleet managers can monitor and manage fuel cost of school buses by maintaining a track record of the routes and mileage that drivers take. Fleet managers can also ensure that the drivers are doing their work efficiently or not such as driving, staying on their scheduled routes and speed limits.

9. Tracking Driving Behaviour of Bus Driver– Fleet managers can keep the record regarding their driver’s behaviour with GPS fleet tracking. The device is capable enough to keep track of driving behaviours and patterns such as unnecessary speeding, hard braking, etc. It not only enhances the safety of passenger but also reduces costs.

10. Attendance Management– In most of the cases, these school bus tracking solutions also includes RFID tracking which helps to track students inside the school premises and also manage the school attendance system automatically. The RFID tracking provides precise attendance report. With this, parents receive alert messages if their kids go out during the school hours. Not only this much, school authorities also receive notification if any student is missing in class or enters any restricted areas.

11. Scheduling– School authorities and teachers can make effective and amazing schedules for their students if they would they come to know when the school bus will arrive and depart. This results in time management.  

12. Enhances Bus Driver Accountability– Parents tend to be always careful about who is taking care of their children outside the home such as babysitters, teachers etc. But what about school bus drivers?  This GPS tracking solution helps to monitor the activities of these drivers which results in ensuring the student safety.    

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School Bus Tracking : An Effective Way To Tackle Safety Concerns


Anything is possible with advancing technology in this era, that too within a short period of time itself. Geo Positioning System or GPS, is one such technology, which is very effective, in case you want to track locations. The school bus tracking software was born out of the very same idea, with the motive of tracking school buses and to put an end to worries regarding the students' safety during their journey to school and the ride back home.


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With this state-of-the-art technology, it is possible to track students using the school bus service from their boarding points to drop-off points. Each student will be provided a unique RFID tag which needs to be swiped when entering and leaving the bus. Once the tag is read, parents or school authorities will be notified via SMS or Android/iOS push notification and then, the students can be easily tracked in real-time from the mobile device of the parents or school authorities using the Parent App application or the web based application.




Real-time TrackingKeeps parents and school authorities updated real-time about the location of the bus with the help of GPS satellites. It helps them know in case of any issues or the reason, in case of any delay. Parents also get to know pickup and drop information real-time.

NotificationsParents and school authorities can get notified by SMS, Android push notification or iOS push notifications. It helps them to stay aware of the whereabouts of the students.

  • When there are bus delays
  • If their child boards the wrong bus
  • In case of emergencies
  • Unscheduled stops

Generation of ReportsThe software generates accurate and effective reports on the information such as travel distance, travel history, travel speed, stops, etc.


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Simple, Clutter-free InterfaceA software is effective only if the interface is easy to understand and use. The School Bus Tracker has a simple interface with six menu options. These options show running vehicles, available vehicles, pickups assigned, pickups unassigned, off duty drivers and an option for other vehicles, making it easier for the users to access all the information from one common point.




  • School bus routes can be scheduled automatically and accurately, thus saving time and energy.
  • Parents and school authorities no longer have to worry about the child's safety as they get real-time updates about the child's whereabouts.
  • Have a clear picture of worker hours and performance of the drivers.
  • Cost savings by optimizing. Reducing the need for even one bus can save you a lot.

The easy-to-use features of the School Bus Tracking software are sure to benefit the effective management of school buses. Enhance the reputation of your school by adapting this efficient and feature-rich software.


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Your Child’s Accurate Location, From Your Smart Device!


What if you come home one day late from a busy day at work and discover that your child has not come back from school? You will probably call the school first to enquire whether he/she has left school or not. If you find out that the kid has left school, you try to remember the names and numbers of his/her closest friends. You would be in panic mode by now. After a mad scramble, hopefully your child might be found somewhere safely.

But you shouldn't be going through such hugely stressful moments. You and every parent deserve better than that. At a time when technology seemingly does the impossible on a daily basis, you expect a solution or a preventive method for such incidents.

We identified that the best way to ensure your child's safety is to employ school bus tracking. This way, the children doesn't lose their privacy unlike 24 hour tracking facilities. At the same time, parents stay aware of their children's accurate location when it matters.


Does It Work?

The working is quite simple. Your child will have an RFID tag attached with his school identity card. When he enters the school bus, the RFID reader in the bus reads the tag. If he doesn't get in, parents, the bus driver and school authorities are notified. Once he gets in, there is a GPS tracker that is set in the school bus. It sends signals to the satellite. From the satellite, real time location and other information such as bus speed, traffic, etc are fed to the school bus tracker mobile and web applications.

If there is an unscheduled stop or if the bus stops at a stop for more than the usual time, parents get notified. Once the child reaches his school, the RFID tag will be read and you will be able to know your child has reached school safely. The same process is repeated in the evening too, when your child leaves from school and travels by the school bus to home.


Undoubtedly, notifications play a vital role for this process to work smoothly. The notifications are sent to your mobile device. If it is an Android or iOS device, you just need to have our ParentApp in order to get the push notifications. Also, you can open the app and see your child's real time location with stunning accuracy anytime you want to. If yours is a basic phone, you get notified through sms.


The school bus tracker is a software-hardware combo that your child's school should have. It is beneficial to the school authorities for driver management, routing and planning as well. Our children's safety is what matters the most to us. The school bus tracker is a convenient system to do so. So why not try it out.

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