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What Are The Advantages Of A School Bus Tracking Software?

School bus transportation has seen tremendous technological advancement over the last few years. Today, software is available for the school bus fleet management, including scheduling, and also geographic information system to improve efficiency and tracking.

The main purpose of employing technology in school bus fleet management is to ensure student safety. This is because these systems enable route planning to improve efficiency and provide information in real-time on location and security threats.


Here are some of the key benefits that schools can enjoy using school bus scheduling software:

Improve Fleet Optimization

Manual scheduling of routes and times is a static procedure and it is one-dimensional in nature. Inconsistent school bus schedules tend to impact morning routines and results in frustrated parents calling the school for an update on arrival at the waiting point.

Inconsistency in tracking also leads to increased expenses. On the other hand, the use of right software helps schools easily overcome all these challenges.

Tracking software helps to analyze the bell times for students in different grades and tier the bus routes accordingly so that the late arrival of buses, calls from parents, and unnecessary spending can be avoided.

Tiering enables schools to use the same drivers and buses and this effectively reduces the requirement of buses and drivers by 50%. This, in turn, results in a reduction in overall transportation costs as well.

It is not easy to create effective tiered routes for school buses. Many scenarios have to be taken into consideration. However, the scheduling software allows for the creation of unlimited scenarios and study or review a number of hypothetical tiering schedules to ensure the optimal use of the school’s fleet of buses.

Makes Routing Easy

If the conditions remain ideal, schools can set the routes and use them every year. However, the reality is that the student population keeps expanding and costs continue to rise.

This means that school administrators must keep track of the routes and change them as required. Optimization of bus routes is the best way to reduce costs, minimize ride times, and ensure student safety.

This is best achieved by implementing the bus scheduling software. It may sound intimidating initially, but technological advances enable scheduling of school bus routes easy.  

The software helps the school administration department to quickly analyze traffic pattern, route times, and student populations to ensure student safety.

The software also incorporates other functionalities. They make it possible for administrators to communicate with drivers and monitor the movement of school vehicles in real time.

When schedules need to be changed, school administrators will have to often put away other jobs and focus only on readjusting schedules.

The use of the bus scheduling software totally eliminates this problem. This is because the suitability of various alternative routes can be checked almost instantaneously, resulting in saving time and cost.

Update Drivers Quickly

Students move to new homes, and therefore, their pick up points change. The parents of a child may have split custody. The child may come to school by one bus but go back home on a different bus.

This child may also use different buses. In such cases, school bus drivers of respective routes should be informed of the same at the very next moment.

When the pickup point of a student changes, web access portals come to the aid of school bus drivers. The scheduling software provides drivers with daily updates before they start their work in the morning.

Reduce Costs

All schools experience problems with respect to balancing their budgets. When they face financial challenges, the first department to get the cut is the transportation department.

Parents become concerned when routes are changed and bus stops are eliminated. Fortunately, the scheduling software helps to optimize routes without compromising the safety of students.

The software helps to save money in the following ways:

Route Planning

School bus tracking software does away with the need to organize lengthy planning sessions. The routing job used to be completed only over a few days.

With this  software, the job can now be completed in a matter of minutes. It also has special features  which help to set parameters and designate zones when creating routes that are safe and efficient.

Maximizing Efficiency

Efficient routes reduce the fuel requirement and driver downtime. School bus scheduling and tracking software helps to identify the routes that rationalize the stops.

It also enhances student safety as it identifies routes that avoid areas with a high level of traffic. Rationalization of the routes also helps to minimize driver and bus requirement.


Advanced school bus scheduling software is available now and can be integrated with many other tools such as GPS systems.

These integrations, in turn, enhance the capability of the school bus scheduling software and help develop more efficient routes, identify inconsistencies, and track ridership. Elimination of inconsistencies further leads to a reduction in wasteful expenditure.


Investing in school bus tracking software often tends to save money in many indirect ways as well. For instance, the use of safer and more efficient routes helps schools to cut down insurance costs. When the software is integrated with tracking programs, reporting becomes much easier and this adds to the cost benefits.

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Real Time Bus Tracking App – 12 Things You Need to Know

A real time bus tracking app will allow you to determine the precise real-time location of your kids and their school buses. It also has the ability to record location of school bus at specified intervals.

Nowadays, all these apps have been designed to be compatible with all mobile platforms and other high-end widgets.

Running a school bus is not an easy task, particularly if you are in charge of handling more number of school buses. You will have to take much effort in knowing the exact location of your school buses.

This means that you have to get yourself familiar with the features of a real time bus tracking app before heading out to use one.

This blog will inform you about 15 things you must know about the real time bus tracking app.

1. Lessen Operating Costs

Real-time bus tracking app comes equipped with a good fleet administration system or GPS tracking system. This will allow you to decide the shortest as well as the best routes for your school buses.

It will definitely aid you considerably in reducing your school bus fuel consumption, which, in turn, will allow you to cut needless overtime expenses.

2. Save Your Time

You can save much of your time by tracking school buses in real time. There are instances when your school bus gets trapped in the traffic jam for hours.

With the best school bus tracking software, you will be capable of guiding your drivers to shun the hectic routes in a real-time basis, thus saving much of your time as well as the riding time of your school bus.

3. Decrease Downtime

Dipping downtime plays a vital role in improving the output as well as the prosperity of your school bus management. The real-time school bus tracking through an app will aid you significantly in making knowledgeable decisions and plan trips more resourcefully.

4. Make the Most of the Resources

Real-time school bus tracking apps not only help the parent but also help with the school authorities with monitoring your buses and getting comprehensive insights on driver performance, fuel utilization, engine inactiveness, etc.

This will result in using resources efficiently without wasting more amount of money.

5. Maximize the Bus Use

School authorities can take the maximum advantage of your school buses by tracking school bus in real time.

This will be capable of using the information and analysis received from the app to eradicate vehicle inactive time, lessen excess speeding, and reduce the consumption of fuel.

6. Keep Kids and Parents Happy

The real-time school bus tracking will allow school authorities to offer the required safety to your kids. This will offer a peace of mind to their parents, as they will know that their kids are safe in their school buses. It will allow improving your loyalty to the parents, as well.

7. Predictable

The real-time school bus tracking can provide the running time of school buses. This means that parents will never come across uncertainty in your school bus transportation.

Thus, you will be capable of providing parents with real-time tracking information, exact delivery times, and other important details.

8. Handle Bus Staff Efficiently

The real time bus tracking will help school authorities substantially in managing attendants and drivers in an effective way. You can pull up the information obtained from the tracking system, examine it, and can take remedial measures whenever obligatory.

9. Better Route Scheduling

The real-time school bus tracking helps greatly in identifying routes that will save both your money and time. You will be capable of designing a smart route scheduling, which, in turn, will decrease fruitless work. This will allow you to get rid of needless fuel costs, as well.

10. Locate Your Lost School Bus

You can find your stolen or lost school buses easily through the real-time school bus tracking, which, in turn, will decrease your maintenance expenses.

You can watch key aspects, as well, like engine oil levels and the overall physical condition of your school buses. The information from the fleet administration system will help you with ascertaining the time of routine inspection of your school buses.

11. Well-Timed Notifications

Tracking your school bus in real time will offer you the ability to send email or SMS alerts when your school buses go out of your school zone. In addition, you can propel appropriate real-time alerts in case of mishaps and other unforeseen incidents, so that you can take the essential steps.

12. Safety

The real-time school bus tracking will perk up the safety of your school students and bus staff through monitoring your buses.

If any troublesome incident happens, you will be capable of offering direct support and assistance to your bus attendants and drivers. It can even help you execute both-way communication between you and your drivers.

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Which is the Best School Bus Tracking App for Parents

A child spends more than 15 years of his life in school, he gains knowledge, learns how to communicate, develop friendships and prepares himself to face the toughest of exams after school.

It is a place which is a center of excellence and learning and creates a meaningful impact on the life of a student. For all these reasons and several others, schools play a vital role in the life of students and their parents.

Therefore it becomes crucial for the school management to create an ecosystem where the child is offered a safe environment and chances of any unfortunate accident are minimal.

Why TrackSchoolBus is the Best App for School Bus Tracking

To ensure the safety of students when they leave their homes, bus tracking app has become a necessity. It is a boon for parents and the school authorities as well.

While the app enables school administration to offer safe and reliable transit of students from their homes to school, it provides complete peace of mind to parents.

There are many school bus tracking apps available, and although mostly same, they differ regarding features, ease of use and cost.

However, proper research and reviews of those who have already used proves beneficial to school administration when they search for the most suitable app for their school.

TrackSchoolBus is a bespoke app that is loaded with features and is easy to understand and use. It ensures complete safety of students while they commute between school and their homes.

The most significant benefit that it offers is it reduces parental anxiety and establishes their trust on school management.

The school management too finds it easy to keep track of bus routes, bus-time, driver’s performance and any deviation in the whole bus transportation system.

Features You Need to Know

TrackSchoolBus app is equipped with the following features which give it a unique place among all other apps available in the store.

For School Management:

•    User-friendly dashboard and app experience

•    A centralized software to manage all transportation processes of school

•    Can be integrated with any hardware, therefore, streamlining the entire school transportation

•    Download reports for analysis and improvements

•    Can be customized for individual specific use

•  Face-recognition, RFID cards or MIFARE RFID cards enables marking of school bus attendance

•    Features like Auto-routing, auto-allocation, and auto-optimization

For the Parents:

•    The user-friendly and straightforward App experience

•    Easy to download and track buses, their spots and time

•    History feature to bring into notice any delay or misconduct by the driver

•    SMS alert features to notify parents

•    Two-factor attendance

Here's a video that explains Two Factor Attendance in detail. 


For the school management:

•    Lesser dependence on the manual transportation system

•    Less paperwork as all reports can be generated through the app

•    Real-time GPS empowers student tracking anytime from anywhere

•    Instant notifications and alerts in case of emergency or delay

•    Cost effective yet a very reliable app for tracking buses

•    Lower fuel cost

•    Greater control over technology

•    All stakeholders including school bus transport manager, driver, parents, helper/attendant can get it customized as per their individual need

For the parents:

•    Receive instant notifications and alerts on their mobile

•    Complete control of their child since the time he leaves home

•    Better communication with the bus transport manager

Benefits You Will Gain

For the school management:

•    Streamline school bus routing and scheduling

•    Handle notorious students with ease

•    Offers efficient transportation services to parents and generate trust of parents

•    Keep drivers focused on the road, therefore, reducing chances of any unfortunate incidence

•    Provide valuable information on time through school bus tracker App

For the parents:

•    Enables additional safety of their children

•    Offers complete peace of mind and mental relaxation

•    More trust in school management

•    Monitor their child’s presence or absence in the bus

•    Monitor child’s behavior in the bus

•    Instant notification in case the bus is getting delayed

•    Monitor driver’s performance and speed with which he is driving

Final Thoughts

TrackSchoolBus app is, therefore, the best app for the parents and the school authorities. The best part is it makes parents happy and relaxed, and they do not consider it as an additional burden.

Instead, they regard it as a tool that empowers them to monitor their child’s safety when he travels between home and school. Similarly, it is not an additional expense for the school management too.

Instead, it helps them offer better services to the parents. It not only makes them temples of learning but also makes them a place where parents can send their child with complete trust.

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Is My School Bus Tracking App Safe to Use

Parents are always worried about whether their child has boarded the bus from their pick up point and got down at the drop point. They are concerned if the driver or attendant in the school bus is well behaved and is taking good care of your child.

These concerns are real and parents look forward to a system which can help track the movements of their children. If there was an effective system which can undertake this task it would be easier for parents, drivers, attendants and school management.

One of the questions that is raised by everyone is that if the school bus tracking app is safe to use. The sensitive data of the students need to be protected from all piracy.

School bus tracking enables parents to monitor the child or school bus location while they are on the go. Let us look at how safe school bus tracking applications are.

Parent’s concern

Why is the bus late, have my child boarded the bus, where is the school bus right now, will the bus drop my child before I finish my work. These are some of the worries that parents have when they send their child to school or while they come back after school.

After realizing the concerns of parents an app was developed to solve the basic problems that parents and school management faces. It gives a peace of mind to parents who worry about their child’s safety. Parents worry about when the bus will reach to pick up their child and when it will drop off their child.

Another concern is that they don’t have any contact with the bus driver or the attendant. In case there is a delay in pick or drop the parents want to be notified regarding this. If there is a change in the point from where the child is picked up or dropped that needs to be reallocated that is to be communicated with the driver or the attendant.

Driver app

Using the driver app, drivers can have all the details regarding the students that he needs to know. They can mark the attendance of the children so that they know which student is attending school and who is not.

This helps them to plan the best routes so that it saves money and time.

They can collaborate with transportation managers and take the route that is best suited. They can also monitor students from the inside and ensure the student’s safety.

Drivers can view live cam feed so as to monitor activities without leaving the driver console. This also makes sure that your child is not bullied while they are in the bus.

Drivers have an instant access for student details which helps them to take the best routes to reach the pick up or drop points.

Drivers receive notifications regarding change in pick up points and even birthdays of students which helps them to build a rapport with the students.

Parent App

Parents can check on their pupil as the application marks the attendance four times a day when a student gets on or off the bus in the morning and in the evening. Thus parents get to know the attendance of the child without contacting the school management.

Parents get real time notifications of the activities of their child which gives them a peace of mind. Thus they get to know the location of the bus.

This can help them know when the bus if arriving to pick up or drop their child. The parent app can be used to assign a new pick up point without having to call up the driver or school management.

The app can be used to manage more than one child who comes from the same house.

Bus Attendant App

Bus attendant can make use of this app to perform their duties clutter free. They can figure out the next location which the school bus needs to make a stop.

The trip history can be mapped which helps to record the journey taken. When a student boards or gets off the school bus a notification is sent to the attendant. It even notifies the attendant if a child misses a school bus.

Attendants can schedule and direct driver throughout the trip as when a trip is confirmed, it automatically moves to the trip history.

Just like in the driver app attendants also get notification about the student birthdays. Students will be happy to be wished on their birthdays.

Transport Manager App

Sometimes the whole trip is conducted and managed by a transport manager. A school might have a fleet of vehicles that needs to be managed from a control centre.

They can also help with planning the best routes and efficiently manage the fleet. If in case a vehicle is not being tracked the transport manager will get an immediate notification regarding this.

They can send group messages which help to communicate a message to all drivers and attendants. Each bus can be tracked by the transport manager and this real time location can help to choose the best available routes.


School bus tracking apps not only is safe to use but it also ensure the safety of our kids. There are various facets of school bus tracking application that ensures co-ordination with parents, bus drivers, bus attendants and transportation managers.

It is definitely a value addition for schools and parents looking for the safe transit of their children to and from school.

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School Bus Tracking Apps – How They are Useful to School Authorities

Technology integrated education has always proved beneficial and effective for schools. School bus tracking apps are one such technology that makes operations easier for schools and helps school authorities to perform better when it comes to school transportation.

They also provide relief to the parents who are always concerned about their kids’ safety.

How do school bus tracking apps benefit school authorities?

Let’s see:

Efficient routing and planning

School bus tracking apps provide notifications regarding the heavy traffic areas. This in turn helps the authorities to  plan school bus routes efficiently.

Ensures student safety

Once a student boards the school bus, the school is responsible for his/her safety until they reach back home.

School bus tracking apps provides real-time information regarding the school bus location to the school authorities making it easy for them to check on the students from time to time.

No more pick up and drop issues

School bus tracking apps provide real-time updates to parents. This relieves the school authorities from the stress of having to deal with pickup and drop issues. Also, they need not waste time in answering to parents’ queries regarding the same. 

Rash driving behaviours are instantly notified

Schools often enter into trouble due to the reckless behaviour of drivers. School bus tracking apps help the school authorities to have better control over their school bus drivers.

The apps provide notifications to the school authorities for over speeding or unscheduled routes so that they can take necessary steps to avoid the same from happening in the future.

Responding to emergency situations becomes easier

It’s important to quickly respond to emergency situations or else, it may lead to fatalities. School bus tracking apps provides real-time information regarding the school bus location. This helps them to respond immediately in case of emergencies.

Builds trust amongst parents

Parents are always concerned about their children’s safety, often leading to trust issues when it comes to school transportation. Use of school bus tracking apps help to keep the parents assured of their kids’ safety. As a result, they’ll start trusting the school transportation and start relying on it. 

Improves school’s reputation

A school is supposed to perform efficiently in every aspect or it’ll surely affect their reputation. School bus tracking apps help the schools to do a satisfactory job with regard to school bus transportation thus building their reputation.

Cut down expenses

Sometimes, schools find it troublesome to manage their expenses, no matter how strong they try. Schools bus tracking apps help to efficiently plan routes and prevent fuel theft, thus helping to cut down unwanted expenses. 

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