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How School Bus Tracking Apps Can Help Parents


Applying GPS tracking systems to school buses can increase the driving efficiency. The introduction of smart phones has transformed the management of school bus transportation as a whole. The main goal behind every school bus tracking apps is the safety of students.


The app helps parents to ensure safety during their ride to school and the way back home. A School bus monitoring system helps both parents and teachers to know the whereabouts of their children. Through a web portal, parents are able to track the daily activities of their child in real time. It also provides a means for parent teacher communication.

Some of the important benefits of school bus tracking software are:


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  • Parents are Able to Know about the Traveling Details of Children at any Time

All information regarding school bus traveling will be obtained to parents at the required time. They will get instant updates regarding their child getting on and off the school bus.

  • Know Whether the Child Reached their Home or School

Parents get instant notification about children and their location. They are able to know students' location with the use of radio frequency identification tags given to them.

  • Detect School Bus Speeds

School authorities as well as parents would be able to know the speed of aschool bus. This facility can be very useful as they can avoid unnecessary accidents of school buses.

  • Observe How Much Time is Spent for each Stop

Parents and authorities will get correct details about the time spent for each stop. If at all any stop takes more time than allotted the both authorities and parents obtain notification regarding it.

  • Get a Warning Regarding Traffic Jams, School Bus Break Down and Natural Hazards

If there is any traffic jam, break down or natural hazards, parents would be able to get a warning helping them to take necessary actions and precautions.

  • Know the Performance of Children in School

The performance of each student in their school will be regularly updated in the app. Hence, parents can know their child's performance without directly approaching the teacher. This can save parents' time as well as teachers'.

  • Helps to Know School Bus Location

Location of the school bus will be sent as notification to both parents and authorities via the app. Most of the parents can get information about the location of the bus and thus get prepared.


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A parent app would be helpful to those parents who are working. This is because their busy schedule does not allow them to check directly on their children. A parent app would be very convenient for those parents who are out of the station as well. It would be difficult for them to inquire about their child on an everyday basis. Sending someone on their behalf is also a bad idea. In such situations, usage of apps is the best solution for parents. They are able to know the whereabouts of their children whenever they get free time.


The School bus monitoring system can solve the errors in managing school bus timings. Use of Radio Frequency Identification tags can help parents and school authorities to get regular updates of students in school buses. The GPS tracking system is an excellent system which can be accessed either through a personal computer or mobile phone. The software also helps in routing and helps to replace errors. When compared to manual recording, the software helps to easily and quickly calculate the working hours and activity of each trip. And above all, the most important advantage is that the use of Global Positioning System tracking is a cost-effective method.


Nowadays, safety of school children is given top priority. There are several unexpected hazards awaiting in today's world. Any amount of precaution can matter so much in safety.


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Fascinating Songs For Children While Travelling In School Bus


Around 25 million students begin their day with a trip on school bus. The school bus transportation service is managed with utmost care and safety. 

Along with safety, entertainment is also necessary in School Bus transportation service. Introducing fascinating songs in school bus for children to sing along the ride can be interesting.

The songs for children must serve entertainment and education. Setting music can change the whole travel experience.

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Rhymes All the Way

The nursery rhymes include:

  • Action Songs

These songs are accompanied by clapping hands and nodding heads while singing.

  • Counting Rhymes

These rhyme do not require any material, they are accompanied by hand gestures not words.

  • Lullabies

These are used to pass culture or tradition. These are also often used to develop communication skills and regulation of behaviour.

  • Riddles

A riddle is a statement or question or phrase having a double or veiled meaning which can be put forth as a question to be solved.

Check out some fascinating songs for children:

  1. Pop! Goes the Weasel

Up and down the City Road

In and out the Eagle

That’s the way money goes

Pop! Goes the weasel.

Every night when I get home

The monkey’s on the table,

Take a stick and knock it off,

Pop! goes the weasel.[1]

     Up and down the city road,

     In and out the Eagle.

    That’s the way the money goes,

    Pop! goes the weasel.

  1. Pat-a-Cake

It is the oldest rhyme and is quite popular

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man,

Bake me a cake as fast you can,

Pat it and prick it and mark it with B,

And bake it in the oven for baby and me.

      Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man.

      Bake me a cake as fast as you can;

      Roll it up, roll it up;

      And throw it in a pan!

      Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man.

  1. ABC song

It is a fun alphabet song. It illustrates each letters with objects which makes it easier for children to learn alphabets. Some of the lines are:

A is for apple,

B is for ball,

C is for cat,

D is for dog,

E is for elephant,

    F is for fish,

   G is for gorilla,

   H is for hat,

   I is for igloo,

   J is for juice,

K is for kangaroo,

L is for lion,

M is for monkey,

N is for no,

O is for octopus,

    P is for pig.

   Q is for question,

   R is for ring,

   S is for sun,

  T is for train.

U is for umbrella,

V is for van,

 W is for watch,

 X is for box x x box.

Y is for yellow y

Z is for zoo.

  1. Ding Dong Bell

It is a traditional nursery rhyme and is very popular. Some of the lines are as follows:

Ding, dong, bell,

Pussy’s in the well,

Who put her in?

Little Johnny Thin.

       Who pulled her out?

      Little Tommy Stout.

      What a naughty boy was that,

      To try to drown poor pussy cat,

      Who never did him any harm,

     But killed all the mice in the farmer's barn.[1]

  1. Pussycat, Pussycat

It is an English rhyme about a pussycat going all the way up to London to visit the Queen.

Pussycat, pussycat

Where have you been?

I’ve been up to London

To visit the Queen.

Pussy cat, pussy cat, what did you there?

I frightened a little mouse, under her chair.[1]

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  1. Baa Baa Black  Sheep

It is one of the most popular nursery rhymes of all time and it can be used as lullaby.

Baa, baa, black sheep

Have you any wool?

Yes sir, yes sir

Three  bags full.

One for the master,

And one for the dame,

And one for the little boy

Who lives down the lane

  1. Johny, Johny

It is a nursery rhyme about parenting.

Johny, Johny!

Yes, Papa

Eating sugar?

No Papa

Telling lies?

No Papa

Open your mouth

Ha! Ha! Ha!

  1.   Cobbler, Cobbler

It is a nursery rhyme about a pair of old shoes that a cobbler is about to fix.

Cobbler, cobbler, mend my shoe

Get it done by half past two.

Half past two is much too late!

Get it done by half past eight.

Stitch it up, and stitch it down,

And I'll give you half a crown

The Best Is Better Than the Rest

All these rhymes can be fascinating for children as it involves entertainment and enjoyment. Transform your school transport experience with these songs.

No need to worry about the safety of children while on bus, as School bus monitoring system ensures the safety of children. All we can do is to contribute entertaining environment inside the bus. 

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Safety Threats at School Bus Stops and How to Deal With Them


There are a lot of things that can be done to ensure school bus safety. A School Bus Monitoring System or an RFID School Bus Tracking System can be used to track the school bus location and students.

But, people do not think much about the safety concerns at school bus stops. Also, the above mentioned technology cannot help to deal with them. It is up to the parents and school authorities to understand and overcome these safety threats.

Some of them include:

Location of the school bus stop

The location of the school bus stop is the primary concern while considering student safety. Sometimes, they may be in locations infamous for offences like sexual abuse, kidnap etc.

What can be done?

While planning school bus routes, schools authorities can check the location for any anomalies before finalizing it for the school bus stop. Even parents can report to the school authorities if they have any knowledge about the same. This can help in ensuring the safety of students.

Crossing lanes to reach the bus stop

Sometimes, students have to cross roads to reach the bus stop. Usually, when the school bus arrives, roads tend to be busy. Therefore, it becomes risky for the students to cross. It is the same scenario when students alight in the evening.

What can be done?

School authorities can train the school bus drivers to check the roads and signal the students to cross. In case it doesn’t work, parents and school authorities can ask the students to be a little early to their bus stops. This can prevent them from rushing when the school bus arrives. Also, ask them to look both ways before crossing the road to reach the bus stop.

Speeding vehicles at the bus stops

It’s a familiar scene where a vehicle almost flies past a school bus at the bus stop, risking the lives of students. Most accidents in school bus stops happen due to this. Though rules and regulations exist to control such situations, people rarely comply with them.

What can be done?

Ask the students to stay a few meters away from the bus until it comes to a complete stop in the morning or until it departs from the bus stop in the evening. Also, ask them not to go to the right side of the bus while it is stopped at the bus stop. School authorities must train the school bus drivers to check for the same. This can help in avoiding unwanted accidents.

Kids getting underneath the school bus

Some students have the habit of creeping under the bus without the knowledge of the school bus drivers. They fail to realize how this act of theirs can cost their lives. Unfortunately, many students have already lost their lives in such accidents.

What can be done?

Parents must make their children aware of how such unsafe practices can prove to be fatal. Also, the school authorities can train the school bus driver to get down and ensure that there is no student under the bus. If any adult is present at the bus stop, the school bus driver can ask them to ensure that there is no one underneath the vehicle.

Usage of technology cannot really eliminate the threats at school bus stops. Parents and school authorities must work together for that. Parents must talk to their kids about the measures that can be taken at the bus stop. Also, school authorities must train the drivers to take necessary steps to make sure that the students remain safe at bus stops.

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Bus Route Optimization Tips for School Bus Safety and Economy


As a school authority, it is your responsibility to find an alternative to every aspect of education that is cost-effective but does not lack in performance. The same applies to school buses. Optimizing school bus routes is a way by which you can save money and ensure school bus safety.

Here are some tips you can follow to achieve it:

Keep accurate student information

It is important to maintain up-to-date information about students traveling in a particular bus route. This can help in taking quick decisions.

Details like general information, safety information, emergency contacts and special requirements must be stored in one location. It becomes easy to access at times of emergency.

Store driver information centrally

Use School Bus Tracking Software to keep track of the school bus drivers’ performance. You can get information like document scheduling info, attendance, recertification testing and traffic violations using the software. This information comes in handy at times of driver license renewal, payroll calculation etc.

Maintain a fleet record

Keep a fleet record with information such as fleet type, capacity, special equipment and inspection date stored in it. This can help you in maintaining the vehicles on time and saving unwanted repair costs.  Also, understanding the capability of the school bus fleet helps you in effective school bus route optimization.

Encourage groupings of bus stop

The school bus has to stop every two minutes to let students get in. This is the case of most school buses around the world. However, the practice leads to increased fuel consumption, which is a loss for the school.

Instead, you can plan school bus stops to where about 5 to 6 students belonging to the same area can walk to board the bus. This reduces the number of bus stops and helps in saving fuel costs.

Update school bus routes

Bus route optimization is all about following cost-effective options while ensuring school bus safety.  Try bus route variations without affecting the current bus routes to maintain balance and efficiency. Also, this helps you to identify the most effective bus route.

Define school specific rider zones 

When you define school specific rider zones, you only transport riders who are eligible. This also helps in avoiding zones that pose threat to the students and ensure school bus safety.

Rearrange district boundaries

Considering the time a school bus takes to pick the students and return back to school before classes begin, rearrange the district boundaries. You can also try combined routes. This helps in cutting down fuel and fleet maintenance costs.

Use a School Bus Monitoring System

With a School Bus Tracking Software, you can get all information about a school bus like the distance travelled, fuel consumption and so on. This information can then be used to analyze the areas where you can cut down the costs.

The software also keeps track of the performance of school bus drivers. You will get to know details of deviation of school bus route, over speeding etc. This helps you in ensuring school bus safety. Also, you can take measures to improve the drivers’ performance.

Use RFID School Bus Tracking System to track students

This is one way you can ensure the safety of students in the school bus. Students can use the RFID tags attached to their school ID cards to swipe in the card reader installed in the school bus. This marks their attendance and the message will be immediately sent to parents and school authorities. This helps you in noticing whether a bus stop has been missed. Also, you can know from where a student boarded the bus and where they alighted.

Accurate routing and planning

Manual routing and planning may not work every time. Also, it may be prone to errors. You can rely on School Bus Tracking Software for automatic routing and planning. You just have to verify the school bus routes generated by the software and make necessary changes. This helps in the generation of optimized school bus routes within a short span of time. Also, you can save time and costs in terms of fuel and labour.

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Things Parents Can Do To Ensure School Bus Safety


It’s “back to school” time!

Many kids are starting school this year. So, parents will be naturally concerned about them. The feeling is no different for parents whose children study in higher classes. Their concerns start from the moment the students board the school bus in the morning. It continues until they are back in the evening.

Instead of being concerned, why not contribute to school bus safety? After all, it is not the responsibility of the school bus drivers and school authorities alone. Parents have some responsibilities as well. You can prepare your children to ride safe in the following ways:

Keep your children safe

Make sure that your child does not reach the bus stop early or too late. When they reach too early, they may have an urge to be mischievous. Also, they may rush to catch the already moving bus when they become late, which is unsafe.

Ask your children to come back home if they miss the school bus. In case they miss the bus at school, ask them to report it to any school authority. Tell them to never accept ride from a stranger.

Bus safety rules

Most schools have bus safety guidelines meant for students.  Sit down with your children and discuss about the rules together. Make the children understand the importance of following the rules.

Meet the school bus driver

It is always good to know be informed about the driver of the school bus your child commutes in. Introduce yourself and your child to the driver. Also, ask their name. This can make you less worried. Also, acquaintance with the driver can make your child feel comfortable to ask for help at times of need.

Apart from that, share these tips with your children that they should follow to ensure school bus safety:

At the bus stops

  • Stay away from the road
  • Be punctual so that you don’t have to rush when the bus reaches the stop
  • Do not board the bus until it comes to a complete stop and the brake lights are on
  • Do not rush to board the bus. Wait quietly in a line for your turn, instead
  • Do not raise your voice at the bus stop. However, you can speak quietly
  • Before you cross the road to board the bus, look both ways to ensure that there are no vehicles on the road

On the bus

  • Always follow the instructions of the school bus driver
  • Take your seat and sit properly. If the children are young, parents should ask them to sit in view of the school bus driver
  • Do not stand when the bus is moving
  • Hold school bags in your lap or place them in the areas provided on the bus
  • You can talk to your friends, but in a low voice. Do not distract the school bus driver
  • Keep your head and arms inside the bus. Do no throw anything out of the window when the bus moves
  • Do not eat while the bus is moving. You may choke on the food when the bus goes over a hump
  • Never fight, shout or play in the bus

While leaving the bus

  • Do not push or shove while getting off the bus. Let people in front of you alight first
  • Hold the handrails while boarding and alighting the bus
  • After you get off the bus, step away to a safer place, for example, a pavement, and wait until the bus leaves
  • If you want to cross the road after getting off the bus, walk at least 3 meters ahead. Then, wait for the school bus driver to signal you to cross
  • In case you drop something near the bus while getting down, do not pick it up immediately. Inform the driver first

Schools might have taken extra measures like School Bus Monitoring System to ensure school bus safety. Following the above-mentioned tips can help in strengthening it.

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