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Is My School Bus Tracking App Safe to Use

Parents are always worried about whether their child has boarded the bus from their pick up point and got down at the drop point. They are concerned if the driver or attendant in the school bus is well behaved and is taking good care of your child.

These concerns are real and parents look forward to a system which can help track the movements of their children. If there was an effective system which can undertake this task it would be easier for parents, drivers, attendants and school management.

One of the questions that is raised by everyone is that if the school bus tracking app is safe to use. The sensitive data of the students need to be protected from all piracy.

School bus tracking enables parents to monitor the child or school bus location while they are on the go. Let us look at how safe school bus tracking applications are.

Parent’s concern

Why is the bus late, have my child boarded the bus, where is the school bus right now, will the bus drop my child before I finish my work. These are some of the worries that parents have when they send their child to school or while they come back after school.

After realizing the concerns of parents an app was developed to solve the basic problems that parents and school management faces. It gives a peace of mind to parents who worry about their child’s safety. Parents worry about when the bus will reach to pick up their child and when it will drop off their child.

Another concern is that they don’t have any contact with the bus driver or the attendant. In case there is a delay in pick or drop the parents want to be notified regarding this. If there is a change in the point from where the child is picked up or dropped that needs to be reallocated that is to be communicated with the driver or the attendant.

Driver app

Using the driver app, drivers can have all the details regarding the students that he needs to know. They can mark the attendance of the children so that they know which student is attending school and who is not.

This helps them to plan the best routes so that it saves money and time.

They can collaborate with transportation managers and take the route that is best suited. They can also monitor students from the inside and ensure the student’s safety.

Drivers can view live cam feed so as to monitor activities without leaving the driver console. This also makes sure that your child is not bullied while they are in the bus.

Drivers have an instant access for student details which helps them to take the best routes to reach the pick up or drop points.

Drivers receive notifications regarding change in pick up points and even birthdays of students which helps them to build a rapport with the students.

Parent App

Parents can check on their pupil as the application marks the attendance four times a day when a student gets on or off the bus in the morning and in the evening. Thus parents get to know the attendance of the child without contacting the school management.

Parents get real time notifications of the activities of their child which gives them a peace of mind. Thus they get to know the location of the bus.

This can help them know when the bus if arriving to pick up or drop their child. The parent app can be used to assign a new pick up point without having to call up the driver or school management.

The app can be used to manage more than one child who comes from the same house.

Bus Attendant App

Bus attendant can make use of this app to perform their duties clutter free. They can figure out the next location which the school bus needs to make a stop.

The trip history can be mapped which helps to record the journey taken. When a student boards or gets off the school bus a notification is sent to the attendant. It even notifies the attendant if a child misses a school bus.

Attendants can schedule and direct driver throughout the trip as when a trip is confirmed, it automatically moves to the trip history.

Just like in the driver app attendants also get notification about the student birthdays. Students will be happy to be wished on their birthdays.

Transport Manager App

Sometimes the whole trip is conducted and managed by a transport manager. A school might have a fleet of vehicles that needs to be managed from a control centre.

They can also help with planning the best routes and efficiently manage the fleet. If in case a vehicle is not being tracked the transport manager will get an immediate notification regarding this.

They can send group messages which help to communicate a message to all drivers and attendants. Each bus can be tracked by the transport manager and this real time location can help to choose the best available routes.


School bus tracking apps not only is safe to use but it also ensure the safety of our kids. There are various facets of school bus tracking application that ensures co-ordination with parents, bus drivers, bus attendants and transportation managers.

It is definitely a value addition for schools and parents looking for the safe transit of their children to and from school.

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Top 7 Apps for Safe Driving

Of course, distracted driving is an undesirable behavior in the school bus drivers. For years, app developers strive to create an app, which resolves the issue of distracted driving. Can apps avoid distraction? Let's check it out:

Role of Apps in Avoiding Hazards

Perhaps, the technological advancement is out of your reach. As a consequence, the innovation of mobile phone technology is fabulously impressive. Today, people can relish unlimited data anytime from anywhere with a swipe on the smart phone. Consequently, people reached in a situation, where detaching them from their smart phones is absolutely out of the question.

Nevertheless, while driving,  the usage of mobile phones is prohibited. But, surely, there are rule breakers in the society, especially, the rebellious youngsters. As per the survey, it was established that reading a text message will at least require 5 seconds. Arguably, within those 5 seconds, anything can happen on the road. Due to this reason, app developers took a tremendous effort to develop apps, which prevents distraction in driving.

Consequently, there are myriad of apps available now for ensuring student safety. But, you will be puzzled to choose the suitable app, which ensure your safety as well as the student passengers.

Have a glance over the following apps that supports your driving:

1.  Lifesaver

By adopting GPS technology (constant monitoring of drivers) and a rewards system, Lifesaver app persuade the drivers to avoid distracted driving. Moreover, the app blocks the phone calls once you begin driving your vehicle and notifies your beloved ones while reaching the destination safely. With their Driver Portal, parents and other relevant authorities supervise drivers regarding the safe driving practices. Apart, from this, these apps can also be relevant for fleet managers, since they can examine the driver's behavior during the duty hours.

2. Trackschoolbus

Trackschoolbus apps are quite prominent among school bus drivers for safe driving. One of the unique features is the safe driver ranking system, which ranks driver, according to their safe driving competence. They offer 4 apps- Parent app (Android and iOS), Transport manager app (Android and iOS), School Bus attendant app (Android), and driver console (Android).

All the 4 apps have identical roles in ensuring safe driving, with the parent app, parents can track the school bus, receive notifications on school bus transportation, and track driver behaviors. Transport manager app assists transport managers to have superior control on their school bus drivers.

A Bus attendant app supports the attendants by providing announcements and notification from the authorities. Driver console assists drivers in route management (follow safe routes), alerts for over speeding, and drive safely. Nevertheless, the four apps are unique, user-friendly and remarkable.

3. AT & T DriveMode

AT & T DriveMode apps are available both in Android and iOS platforms. This app impede drivers to attend calls and text messages. However, when the app is deactivated or settings are modified, you will receive notifications. Other highlights of DriveMode app include its effortless installation process, user-friendly interface, and efficiency.

4. TrueMotion Family

This app is freely available on both iOS and Android platform. Its unique feature  is the Trip score, which provides a Trip score for each driver based on their driving performance and notifies the moment you have been distracted. In addition to this, your beloved one will be able to track your real-time location along with the trip history.

5. Mojo

By utilizing Mojo app, you will be able to track the trip in real-time. In this app, you will have a Mojo score on the basis of your activities on the phone. And, you will be able to earn a point once you drive without the distractions. As the score reaches 300, you can spin the prize wheel and win a chance to obtain a gift card from Amazon, Dunkin’ Donuts, or Starbucks.

6. ZoomSafer

ZoomSafer is a valuable app for the driver that hinder email access, browsing, calling and texting. Based on the user's policy, you will be able to have hands-free phone calls with the auto reply facility. Presumably, the app launches itself once you start driving and turns off automatically when you finish driving. However, the app is compatible with blackberry phones, windows phones, and Android smart phones.

7. Drivesafe.ly

In this app, the entire messages are converted to audio, the app will hereafter read the messages aloud, and automatically sends a default reply stating that now he is driving and can't attend the call. Meanwhile, the app will be available on the Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows phones.

As a matter of fact, safety is the prime concern of every driver. No doubt, the above apps assists drivers to oversee school bus driving and commit hands free communication efficiently with the least distraction.

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