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10 Road Safety Tips That Can Save Your Life

Driving is the thing which almost every people enjoy as it provides you with the chance to explore new places and what’s going on in the city. But apart from the fun, you must ensure the safety of your life, your passenger’s life and the other road users.

Accidents occurring on the road can be prevented to a large extent if adequate safety measures are taken. Drivers’ awareness and anticipation towards the surroundings play an important role to avoid accidents.

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While driving, you should be very vigilant when you are about to make the right turn or left turn or whether others drivers are about to overtake or not. You should also be careful about braking as sudden braking can lead to any mishaps.

With so many other drivers, pedestrians, huge semi trucks and many other obstacles, you as a driver should take some basic safety measures before starting the trip to reach the destination safely and on time.

Following we are shedding out 10 essential road safety tips that can be useful to save your life and other lives:

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8 Road Safety Tips for Motorists – [Infographics]

Road safety tips for motorists are crucial for all of us when we hit the road with our wheels. As we can’t predict what is going to happen, hence it is wise to take precautions all the time. Accidents are the topmost things which await daily riders.

Each of us is responsible for road safety as well as our own safety. Whether a car driver, truck or lorry driver, a motorist, a cyclist or a pedestrian, he/she must follow the rules and regulations that are necessary. Road users must have patience and should be always alert and careful on the road and ought to be kind to other road users.

Unfortunately, bike accidents can and do happens. Dangerous roads, faulty gear, negligent driving, etc can lead to unsafe situations. But there are several ways which can help them to keep themselves safe and secure on road. The main or the key thing that every motorist must take care of is they must follow all the rules and regulations and safety tips that are essential for them.

Here we are showcasing certain safety tips for motorists in the form of an infographic.

Road Safety Tips for Motorists_info


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Road Safety Tips for Different Types of Road Users


A historic move towards reducing the number of traffic accidents by fifty percent all over the world was taken by the 2200 delegates from various countries at the Brasilia Declaration on Road Safety dated November 25, 2015. India was a part of this key initiative which aimed to rethink its stand on the transport policies and to revamp them to favour sustainable modes of transport over other means. 

The key concerns are enforcement of road safety rules and regulations for the larger benefit of the people in a society facing challenges like increased transportation and lack of public awareness.  Road safety tips taken at the appropriate situations and by people can reduce the accident rates considerably. 

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Road safety rules and regulations have outlined the measures to reduce the risk of civilians getting injured or killed while on roads. Road users include motorists, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users, etc. 

1. Tips for motorists

The roads are built primarily for the transport of motor vehicles and the first priority goes to them, but not always.

a. Obey Road safety rules and regulations stipulated for motor vehicles at all times

b. Look for the traffic signs before you cross signals 

c. Drive within the speed limits prescribed. Ideally one should drive at approximately not more than 30 kmph near busy places such as markets and residential areas

d. Don’t forget to wear helmets while driving. Helmets should be ISI marked and buckled properly

e. Keep vehicle fit. A sudden breakdown of the vehicle while on the road can cause hardships not only to you but also to fellow road users and traffic personnel. Besides, towing a four wheeler to a garage for maintenance works from the middle of the road can cost you a lot. This can be avoided if you regularly check and take care of your vehicle.

f. Stop or slow your vehicle and allow the pedestrians to cross roads at unmanned / unsignalled Zebra crossings

g. Always wear seat belts while driving four wheelers 

h. Avoid rash/negligent driving

i. Don’t drink and drive. It can lead to death

j. Avoid using mobile phones while driving. It is not advisable to talk on mobile even when stopping at signals. Accidents are more common when motorists tend to ride fast at the signals when it turns green. They often tend to ignore the oncoming vehicles or the signal changes while talking on the mobile. In case you want to pick up an urgent call, park the vehicle to the side of the road and put the brake lights on, and allow other motorists to pass by. 

k. While crossing unmanned railway lines, be sure to think of safety first. 

l. It is ideal for taxis, school buses, auto rickshaws etc. which need to alight or drop passengers to keep to the left of the road so as to not cause discomfort to other road users. Also, put on the brake lights before stopping so that the vehicles behind can avoid a collision. 

m. Install GPS trackers and monitors. You can avoid stopping at every turns and asking for the right directions to other road users. Such actions can cause trouble for other road users and tend to consume your precious time and fuel. 

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2. Tips for pedestrians:

a. Use sidewalks wherever possible.

b. Always use zebra markings to cross the road

c. Don’t text while walking

d. Avoid playing games while on busy roads. A simple moment of distraction can lead to disasters. For example, the virtual game Pokemon Go has caused around 1, 10,000 deaths in the first 10 days of its release in U.S. With the virtual reality games coming up in developing countries with poorer road conditions and reduced enforcement of traffic rules primarily due to lack of adequate personnel.,  the numbers might still be higher. 

e. Jaywalking should be avoided. 

f. While travelling with children, hold their hands firmly and keep them close 

g. Teach young kids about road safety rules and regulations so that they can understand and follow them

h. Set the right example for children by following the road safety rules

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Road Safety Tips that can Avoid Accidents and Save Your Life


Technology  has made it possible for the humankind to take a giant leap in the modes and pace of transport. However, the urban infrastructure remains largely inefficient to accommodate the ever increasing fleet of vehicles and so does the issue of Road safety for children both in the developed and developing nations alike.

So how do we tackle this issue? 

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1. Teach them young

Road safety for Children can be ensured primarily by a guided and effective teaching of road safety rules and regulations especially in the budding years.  Even pre-primary kids can understand the safety rules  easily if taught with fun filled activities. For example, rhymes on road safety can be taught to kids. Dramas or small skits, games on traffic rules, traffic park visits, etc. can help the mentors to instill the needs of observing traffic rules even from a younger age. 

2. Visit the road

No amount of book work or training can be useful unless  it is implemented in real life situation.  A short visit to a suburban where traffic is less can be much useful for teaching road safety for children especially for primary kids. But be careful and extra cautious in leading the kids. Take a small group at a time so that it will be easy to manage the kids and they can learn the traffic rules with ease. 

3.  Mind the traffic

Seek for assistance from traffic controllers for managing traffic near educational institutions at peak hours, particularly during the morning and evening rushes. Schools can also deploy student volunteers from Scouts, Guides or NCC cadets for assisting the traffic personnel.  This can serve the dual purpose of teaching and effectively managing road safety for children

4. Be with kids

Don’t leave the children while crossing the road, especially the younger ones. Parents often tend to be busy with their hands and eyes glued to the mobile especially while crossing the roads. A little care and a tight grip on their hands could ensure road safety for children.  It is important to never leave them unattended while on busy roads. 

5. Reward the kids

A good behaviour should be appreciated and rewarded, especially for kids so that it will instill the values and rules that they learn.  Appreciate when they follow the rules and ask others to follow their example. 

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6. Install traffic signals

Rural and semi urban areas are fast developing to urban centres with the rapid boost of the economy. Due to their massive numbers, authorities and government agencies might overlook the need of installing traffic signals and symbols. Citizens can make group requests through schools, residents associations or other entities for installing traffic signs at required places near their vicinity.  For example, school authorities can put forward a request to the government to make zebra crossings and speed breakers near the school for ensuring road safety for children.

7. Upkeep the vehicles

It is necessary to keep the school vehicles properly maintained and checked at regular intervals so that accidents can be avoided. Regular overhauling can not only increase the efficiency of the vehicle, but also considerably decreases the likelihood of occurrence of untoward events. 

8.  Create Awareness campaigns

Campaigning for creating awareness  on traffic rules and safety tips with the students is a proven mechanism as far as the reach is considered. Children tend to campaign hard for a cause and it's all the better if it is for creating vigil on traffic rules. Consider it not as a burdensome task, but a small initiative to ensure the road safety for children

9.  Keep Panic away

Even if the kids follow the rules, some motorists might tend to break the rules and create chaos for the citizens. Kids tend to panic easily and might get into accidents inadvertently. Keep them calm and safe, especially while witnessing reckless driving. Don’t forget to emphasize the need for adhering to the rules because road safety for children should be given prime importance in traffic rule education. 

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