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8 Road Safety Tips for Motorists – [Infographics]

Road safety tips for motorists are crucial for all of us when we hit the road with our wheels. As we can’t predict what is going to happen, hence it is wise to take precautions all the time. Accidents are the topmost things which await daily riders.

Each of us is responsible for road safety as well as our own safety. Whether a car driver, truck or lorry driver, a motorist, a cyclist or a pedestrian, he/she must follow the rules and regulations that are necessary. Road users must have patience and should be always alert and careful on the road and ought to be kind to other road users.

Unfortunately, bike accidents can and do happens. Dangerous roads, faulty gear, negligent driving, etc can lead to unsafe situations. But there are several ways which can help them to keep themselves safe and secure on road. The main or the key thing that every motorist must take care of is they must follow all the rules and regulations and safety tips that are essential for them.

Here we are showcasing certain safety tips for motorists in the form of an infographic.

Road Safety Tips for Motorists_info


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Principles of Road Safety – Part I [Infographics]


Road safety is all about offering security and protection against the unexpected dangers on the road. By following the basic principles of road safety, the number of road accidents and road injuries can be reduced. We see a number of accidents each day due to carelessness of drivers and violation of traffic rules. When it comes to school transportation, road safety is a serious issue.


Children as well as young people should be aware of the major road traffic rules in order to avoid the risk of serious road accidents. Based on the survey, it is found that most of the hospitalization and the cause of death are resulted because of road trauma.


Principles of Road Safety [Infographics]


Some of the leading causes behind road accidents are high speed, drunken driving, use of cell phone while driving, etc. Everyone should try to learn the major road traffic and safety rules right from an early age for performing a safer behavior in their later life. Road safety measures are the tools which save us from paying expensive amount as traffic fines.


Practicing or following simple road safety measures can help us maintain a safe environment. Lets look at a few road safety principles everyone should follow. 


Principles of Road Safety -Part II [Infographics]         Principles of Road Safety-III [Infographics]


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