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8 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In School Bus Transportation Software

The school bus transportation software plays a significant role in allowing school districts to enhance the transportation safety of school students. These software solutions are now the most sought-after option amid many modern-day schools.

Moreover, they aid school administrators considerably in school bus scheduling as well as routing in an effective and convenient way.

Thus, the school transportation management will be capable of scheduling the fastest as well as shortest school bus routes to make their everyday operation quicker and more affordable.

The school bus transportation softwre can assign bus stops, as well, which will help schools in choosing the pick-up stops for the staff and students, consistent with their focus on the areas.

However, some schools are not aware on how to choose the right software for their school transportation department. This makes them choose the app with some common mistakes, thus  have to use the one with less benefits.

Here are the eight common mistakes every school makes while choosing the school bus transportation application.

1. Child Reminder Alarms

One of the most common mistakes everyone does while choosing a school bus transportation software is failing to verify the Child Reminder Alarm.

The main purpose of alarm is to alert both school bus attendants as well as drivers about the kids who are still on the bus even after the trip is completed. Thereby, ensuring better safety to the kids as well as to the schools.

2. Performance Improvements

When comes to safety, school buses are an admired solution for student transportation. Therefore, these buses are supposed to offer better performance and safety to the school students boarding them.

This means that school districts are supposed to upgrade the performance as well as the safety features of their buses to make children feel comfortable and offer the peace of mind to their parents. This can be achieved only by verifying the beneficial features of school bus transportation software while choosing one.

3. GPS

One of the major purposes of using the school bus transportation app is to track the school bus and their occupants in a real time. This can be done only through the GPS or Global Positioning System.

It is vital for schools to verify whether the software comes with the most powerful and latest version of GPS. If not, either parents or schools can come across many problems in tracking the school buses.

4. Notifications

Although all school bus tracking apps come with notifications features, it is important for every school to check that the software should come equipped with as many notification features as possible.

There are several reasons when school buses gets delayed to reach the bus stops  such as traffic jam, closure of roads on a particular route, breakdown of buses, etc.

During these situations if the software does not come with the appropriate notification feature, both the school administrators, as well as the parents could not be notified in time.

Thus, school districts are supposed to know the announcement features before choosing an application.

5. Live Map

While selecting transportation software, some schools would fail to verify whether the school bus tracking software comes with a live map. This feature plays a vital role in helping both the school administrators and parents to track the real-time location of school bus.

Therefore, schools should check whether the software supports the live map to ensure the student safety as well as to make their daily school bus operations a breeze.

6. Route Scheduling

This is one of the features that some schools usually fail to check. This is because their focus will be on the student safety in school bus. Route preparation is one of the vital features of school bus transportation software that and offers time-efficient and safe travel to and from school.

Thus, the software aids school authorities in addressing the entire needs of students as well as handling different traffic conditions to choose the best route. Thus, automating school bus route scheduling will not only offer the shortest route, but also helps the school management in dipping fuel use and maintenance expenditure.

7. Parents Convenience

Most schools fail to consider the convenience of parents of their school kids by thinking only about the students’ comfort. Usually parents prefer school transportation for their children considering the fact that it is the safest mode of transportation.

These school buses are handled by the school management on a daily basis. Very frequently, in news and other media, parents find upsetting and shocking stories about school bus mishaps and accidents.

Therefore, schools are supposed to consider a school bus tracking application notifying parents and authorities about the real-time location of their child. Thus, considering the convenience of parents is very important for schools while choosing the software.

8. Radio-frequency identification Attendance

Schools should not do the mistake of ignoring the RFID student attendance feature while choosing their school bus transportation software.

This is for the reason that this feature will offer strong, safe, as well as automatic attendance management in educational institutions. With RF-Attendance system, student attendance administration turns out to be easier, more accurate, and efficient.

Surrogate attendance can be considerably minimized or eliminated.

Check out this Slideshare presentation on Two-factor Attendance present only in TrackSchoolBus apps

It automates the entire students' registration and ID card printing, data processing on attendance server, automatic attendance recording, everyday SMS to parents, weekly as well as monthly attendance statements for teachers, reports on attendance management system, etc.

Choosing a perfect school transportation software will be quite useful and helpful to the school management, drivers, as well as to parents. Therefore, schools are not supposed to overlook any of the vital features while choosing their software.

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What Features Would an Automated School Bus Have

Automation in school bus system is just a sea-change in the school bus parent alert solution that enables the parents to get real-time alerts of their children’s location and current status of transportation during everyday commutation to school.

The solution is great for schools, fleet owners, and parents for tracking and keeping all the updates about the driver’s behavior. It completely checks and helps to keep under control rash movements of vehicle like over-speeding and rash braking.

The solution has the superior potential to make sure that the transportation of the students stays completely stress-free and dependable in the to and fro regular trips to the school.

As the authorities get timely information, pertaining to the movement of the school vehicle, it becomes easier for them to take corrective actions and avoid any type of untoward incident during every day transportation activities.

Let’s know about some of the important features of the automated school bus system.

SMS alerts for parents or Guardians

  1. Parents get complete information about the exact time, when the bus reaches the bus-stop for picking up the children.
  2. Parents or guardians also get prior information about any delay in service in the route.
  3. The guardians or parents get correct information about their children’s arrival and departure from the school.
  4. If any on-road accident or mishap takes place, the parents and authorities get immediate intimation.
  5. The parents could demand real-time location of the bus.

Alerts about break-down in system of the bus

  1. The solution also reports about over-speeding, rough braking and excess speeding of the vehicle.
  2. It also reports about any mishap or happening of the road accident.
  3. The device could even detect any tampering in its installation.

Intelligent reporting about movement of the vehicle

  1. The solution keeps complete tab of the behavior of the driver.
  2. It could even report about real-time location and absolute report about change of route.

Immediate hands-free communication with the school bus driver in case of emergencies

The solution could even get in touch with the driver, when there is urgency. It keeps the activities of the driver under control and asks him to take necessary caution in case of rash driving and harsh braking of the vehicle.

The solution gives details about various alternate routes

As various routes in the metro cities get closed due to arrival of V.I.Ps and on other important occasions, the installed system keeps everyone informed about the alternate routes that has to be followed by the driver.

Usage of eco-friendly components in the installation

The school bus, operated by fuel, has the inherent drawback of emitting carbon-dioxide and causing air pollution. But the installation of automated bus system is absolutely eco-friendly.

The components like RF readers, sensors, telematics system, communication device, adaptors, and mobile applications do not cause any type of air pollution.

Overall, this also results in the optimization of efficiency by tracking engine which results in helping the fleet managers, school management, and the government in pollution control and reaping highest benefits for the environment.

Reduced human intervention

The solution makes sure that during the movement of the school bus, there is least human intervention. With the implementation of this solution, the movement goes through an automated and programmed procedure that keeps the bus absolutely safe and almost error-free during the transportation.

Great help for the driver

The smart functions and automation make sure that the driver of the bus stays out of any undesirable human intervention and he feels comfortable during driving. The solution has helped to improve traffic safety, working conditions of the  school bus staff, and bring reduction in impact of the vehicle on the environment.

It suits greatly the functional purposes of the school bus

As safety is the first priority in the plying of  school bus, the automated system in school bus largely meets other objectives of the transportation like cost- efficiency, increased dependability on the means of public transportation, security, and better return-on-investment.

The solution has the great strength to deal with every type of complication during transportation. As the information system in the solution functions smartly, it entrusts better control in the authorities and driver, whenever there is adverse circumstance due to rough weather.

It is greatly helpful in detecting road conditions

Rain, storm, and other adverse weather conditions create worst road conditions. A bus equipped with automated bus system has the greater ability to detect road conditions.

It guides the driver as per the guidelines set for the driving of the school bus. As an automated school bus has the deployment of automatic tire chains which is helpful in keeping the pick-up routes in tact in case of an emergency situation.

This not only keeps the children safe in the bus during the journey  but also have smarter time management.

Highly cost effective and time efficient

With the introduction of automation in the school bus system, the behavior of the bus driver comes under deep observation. As driver is the most important person in the entire transportation route, the solution literally integrates scientific management in the entire functioning of the transportation system.

Reducing the idle time to the minimum, the authorities in the transportation system get better control over the day-to-day expenses.

As the key areas like scrutiny of the driver log sheets, engine diagnostics, and fuel consumption come under scrutiny, it helps the management to run better control and achieve productivity.

Reduction in waiting period

As tracking of the school bus gets easier, the children could get relief from long waiting period. Parents and students get constantly notified about the arrival and departure of the bus and that considerably reduces the time spent by the students in waiting. Resulting in superior time management, it eliminates unnecessary time spent by the students, waiting for the bus.

Automation endows longevity on the bus

The GPS-enabled school bus system gets the superior software that tracks the movement of the bus completely. This also keeps tab of the engine and body conditions of the bus.

As a result, the authorities take the bus for maintenance after every interval period. This endows better longevity on the bus. Through mileage tracking from fuel consumption, the authorities keep track of the warranty period for free maintenance of the bus.

This also enables the management to go for extended periods of warranty for the maintenance of the school vehicle. This leaves no chance for occurrence of faster wear and tear of the bus as maintenance work takes place regularly.

Highest coordination for safety and responsibilities

As “coordination” is key to successful management, highest coordination for safety and related responsibilities is only possible through successful application of this automation in the bus system.

The solution helps the managers to apply better management procedures that give them highest productivity in the end.

As a management tool, the solution also helps them to implement new plans and get optimum returns in terms of successful tracking, fleet management, and end of waiting for the arrival and departure of the bus.

Surveillance through CCTV

Mischievous nature of the children invariably poses a threat to the management of school, while the bus passes through the transit.  As the automated buses have the installation of surveillance cameras, the school authorities could exercise control over the students, creating mischief inside the bus, while the vehicle passes through the transit.

The camera inside the bus records the activities of the students inside the bus and the authorities of the school could view it regularly at the end of the day.

Some of the automated buses even install IP camera and wireless networking, which telecasts the activities inside the bus directly to the school as the bus passes through the transit.

Systematic recording of attendance of the students

The students often indulge in boarding the bus at the wrong stop and even alighting at the wrong stops with an intention to roam after the everyday school hours.

The automated bus system systematically records the attendance of the students with the regular recording of boarding and alighting of the students at their points.

Many of the buses have even installed RFID card reader that makes minute observation of students’ attendance inside the bus. In such a case, every student carries a RFID card that the students would use at the entry and exit points of the bus for the regular recording of boarding and alighting from the bus.

Automation keeps full data-base of the students

As the perceived threat to the transportation in the school bus has increased manifold in the past with the heightening in terrorism, anti-social activities, and accidental fatalities.

The automation in the school bus system could literally put an end for the worries of the parents and headache of the authorities. The new solution even keeps related information of the child like name, contact details, and blood group. This helps in tackling emergency situations, arising unexpectedly at any point of time.

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11 Awesome Technologies Used in Modern School Buses


School bus safety is an important topic and there have been debates and discussions over the topic so as to make the school bus journey a safe affair for students. Most schools seek the aid of technology to ensure that their students are safe throughout the journey from home to school and back to home.

With advancement in school bus tracker technologies technology, more and more ideas have come up to handle various aspects of school bus safety.

Here is a list of 11 such school bus tracker technologies used in school buses, at present:

RFID Trackers

This technology has been implemented in most schools in the past few years for ensuring student safety. Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) trackers help in student tracking. They provide real-time information regarding the students to parents and school authorities. Students can have the RFID tags attached to their student ID cards. They have to swipe the RFID cards in the card reader attached to the school bus, once they board the bus and when they get down. Every time the students swipe the cards, notifications will be sent via phone to the parents and school authorities. Many parents think that RFID tags invade privacy of students. But, it is a myth. Tracking happens only until the students swipe their cards before they get down the bus, just to ensure that they had a safe journey.

School bus tracker

They utilize RFID and GPS tracking to provide real time information regarding school bus locations.  Parents are notified 10 minutes prior to the school bus reaches the scheduled bus stop. Once the student boards the bus, the parents and school authorities are further notified about the journey of the bus. Apart from student safety, reports on speed of the bus, unscheduled bus stops, fuel consumption etc. can also be generated using school bus tracker. All these information can help in judging the performance of the school bus drivers and also in cutting costs in terms of labour and fuel.


This technology is meant to keep school bus violators at bay. Sometimes, when a school bus is stopped at a particular bus stop, other vehicles have a tendency to enter the school bus danger zones, thus creating accidents. The latest victim to one such accident is Michael Burgess, an 11 year old from USA. He was boarding onto his school bus in the morning when an over speeding car hit him. The technology involving cameras were introduced to put an end to the issue. Little cameras that are installed into school buses get activated when the bus stops. In case any vehicle passes by, the cameras capture the number plate numbers.

Student Behaviour Tracking System

Bullying in schools is not just confined to classrooms. It can occur in school buses as well. Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of student behaviour in school buses. A student behaviour tracking system can help you with that. This is usually a web communication tool that can help in identifying, analysing, responding to and resolving all sorts of incidents related to student misconduct.  The student behaviour tracking system can help drivers and administrators to communicate with parents and students so that they can work together to keep control of the students and ensure that they are safe.


Usually, it is students who are teenagers, are usually into bullying and creating all kinds of ruckus in a school. As a solution to the problem, many schools have come up with the idea of allotting Wi-Fi in school buses to keep the students occupied. Now, since most schools are integrating technology to schools, students may have a tablet or a laptop with them. Students can utilize the Wi-Fi in the bus productively to complete their homework or for leisure like playing games.  Since student stay involved, they will not have a chance to create unwanted problems in the school bus.

Spouts in Front of Tires

This technology comes handy in places that experience harsh winters. The spouts located in front of the school bus tires can drop sand onto the icy roads. Also, if the roads are really not worth travelling, the buses automatically put chains on the tires.

Digital Cameras

By using the modern digital cameras, you will be able to capture audio as well as video, know exactly the happenings inside a school bus, and keep drivers' attention on the road. Consequently, students' mischief, bullying, disciplinary issues of students, and safety issues can be handled properly with useful evidences.

Computerised Diagnostics

Computerised diagnostics is a useful technology available today. It helps you identify the issues in a vehicle easily and determine the need for vehicle repairs. The problems related to RPM (Revolution Per Minute) levels of the vehicle engine, damages of indicator lights, fuel injectors, improper functioning of oil tanks, transmission issues, gas tank issues, repair of exhaust systems, etc.

Automatic Door Entry System

Most of the modern buses are having automatic doors with push buttons, which is used by drivers to open and close the school bus doors. With the automatic door system, drivers are able to avoid fatigue, shoulder pains, etc.

Air-Cushioned Seats

With the introduction of air-cushioned seats, students and drivers are able to have a safe and comfortable journey. Such seats are useful, especially for drivers as they are able to have finer driving position and lumbar support than earlier.

Mirror Grid Systems

This is a valuable technology as drivers are able to have better vision of the area around the school bus. With the electric grids feature behind the mirrors, the school bus drivers can overcome cold weather conditions. As the grid gets heated, any frozen precipitate or objects will be removed from the mirror, providing a better mirror view for drivers.

Smaller Engines

Just like computer chips, engines are also undergoing massive transformation. When the engines become smaller, its front part becomes shorter. And hence, drivers can see the surroundings well and manage the bus efficiently.

Keeping updated with technology is the best measure a school can take to provide safety to its students. However, it is not necessary that technology can only be utilized in schools to deal with student safety. Technology can also help schools in other aspects of the education field, thus cutting down unwanted costs and maintaining their reputation.

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Trackschoolbus Online Hardware Shopping Site Coming Soon!


We are launching an online hardware shopping site that deals with products such as GPS trackers. The move was taken by Trackschoolbus for improving the hardware shopping experience of customers.

Hardware such as tracking hardware, RFID card reader, and RFID card are available here. Customers can explore hardware provided by multiple vendors.  The shopping site would allow users to compare and select the most appropriate hardware for their purpose. After choosing the apt one, they can proceed to payment procedures without much dismay.

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The most important thing is that shopping process becomes much easier and convenient for our regular customers including school and college managements. And it is expected to launch it in the beginning of April 2017. Count down begins.

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Scope of RFID School Bus Tracking Systems in Security Measures at Schools


Nancy was a smart girl. She belonged to an upper middle-class family. Every day, without fail, her mother collected Nancy after her school bus drops her at the bus stop. One day, it so happened that Nancy’s grandmother fell ill and in the ensuing hassle, her mother forgot to pick her up from the bus stop. By the time her mother realized this and reached the bus stop, Nancy went missing.

It was a depressing situation for the whole family. Luckily her id card was embedded with an RFID tag. Combined with school bus tracking system, the tag helped the police officials to trace her whereabouts. She was being carried to a far off place by a stranger. Nancy was rescued by the police officials and was handed over to her mother safely. The stranger who abducted Nancy later confessed that, he did that for ransom.Around the globe, children are subjected to lots of such atrocities. Parents around the world are always concerned about such  dangers. The only way to escape danger is to prevent them. Technology has brought with it a lot of possibilities to do that.

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RFID school bus tracking system is a smart technological invention that has gifted parents with added confidence. With RFID, ensuring the safety of your loved ones has become easier.

Know about Automatic Identification

Automatic Identification, known as auto-ID for short, is a term given to the technology that is used to help machines in order to identify people or object. Automatic data capture is often coupled with auto identification. It is an all-rounder that identifies items, gains information about them and transfers the collected data into computer without the involvement of the employees.

The system is mainly used in order to collect error-free data.  The system increases efficiency and makes staff members available for other functions resulting in more productivity. Bar codes, smart cards, voice recognition, some biometric technologies, optical character recognition, and radio frequency identification (RFID) are the technologies that fall under the shade of auto-ID umbrella.

What is RFID?

Radio frequency identification or RFID for short is the broad term given to the technology that uses radio waves to automatically identify people or objects. Identification can be made by a number of methods, but the normal method is to store a serial number that identifies a person or object on a microchip that is attached to an antenna (the chip and the antenna together are called an RFID transponder or an RFID tag). The chip transmits the identification information to a reader. The antenna enables the chip to transmit the information. The radio waves reflected back from the RFID tag is converted into digital information that can then be passed on to computers for utilizing it efficiently.

Scope of RFID in schools

The worse nightmare a parent can have is losing their child. However, a little care can make a lot of difference. RFID tags are already attached to a lot of products we buy. Using it with the id card of your child can fetch a lot of benefits. RFID can be equipped for the simple reason that it lets the parents have peace of mind.

• Automatically checking the attendance details of children

Checking the attendance details of children manually requires a lot of time and energy. With RFID school bus tracking system, the details are automatically entered. The accurate attendance details can thus be obtained.

• Parents or guardians get notified about children’s activities/whereabouts automatically and on time 

The activities of the children are notified to the parents without fail. Performance tracking is possible that can result in the over-all development of the child. RFID tag helps in removing uncertainty.

• Can be used in library and canteen

The tag can be used for making things like borrowing books from library simple, orderly and clear. Through the tag, details of the book can be stored in the system, making the job of librarian much easier. Using the tag in canteen eliminates the need of carrying money and thus, lets the parents have peace of mind.

• The system monitors when and where each student gets on or off a school bus

The accurate location of children can be monitored by parents using RFID school bus tracking systems. This provides great relief to parents.

Tracking the physical location of children creates an extraordinarily detailed portrait of a child's school day. The over-all activity of the child can be monitored through the system anytime, anywhere, by the parents.

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Reasons to Rely on Better Security

It is found that a child is abducted or goes missing every 40 seconds, i.e.

  • Hourly 90
  • Daily 2160
  • Weekly 15120
  • Monthly 64800
  • Yearly 786240

Out of the children kidnapped in United States

  • 40% are killed
  • 4% are never found
  • 75% of the parents fear that their children might get kidnapped
  • 33% parents experience the fear of losing their child more than any other fear
  • 69,000 of the 800,000 children reported as missing are abducted annually, 12,000 of these abductions were committed by the non-family perpetrators and 37% by total strangers for the victim
  • In 82% of the cases, the culprit is a family member
  • Most of the abductions happen within a quarter mile of the victim’s home

Random Facts about Abduction

1.  Girls make up ¾th of the victims of non-family abductions
2.  More than 1 of every 5 children reported as abducted are found dead
3.  Out of the dead children found after abduction, 74% were dead within 3 hours of the abduction
4.  Most of the victims are grabbed on the street by the kidnapper or lured to their vehicle

In today's hectic life, parents are unable to monitor their child's movements. The RFID system can be of great help them in such situations. With this technology, student tracking is possible and thus helps to enhance their safety. Also, by using RFID technology, you will be able to generate accurate attendance reports. In these ways, the application of RFID improves the overall efficiency of schools.

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Safety Issues of School Bus Rides and Their Solutions


“Be sensible, be safe”

School buses are among the safest form of school transportation. The credit of school bus safety goes to the numerous safety measures connected with them. From our environment to traffic blocks, school buses tackle a number of issues. They are at service on every working day of school without disappointing parents or children.

With the help of technology such as Student Tracking systems, you won’t have to worry about the school transportation safety any more. The location of each school bus can be traced without fail using School Bus Tracking systems. Abduction of school buses can thus become a high-risk proposition for terrorists. Even when on road, school buses remain under control of the concerned authority. From speed to punctuality, the bus remains under constant, real-time observation.

RFID tag is another technology based safety measure than can help you to stop worrying about the safety of children. Even during busy schedules, parents can easily confirm the safety of children without much effort, thanks to technology. The money saved on school bus is not money saved. Instead, it reflects a lack of responsibility.

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Safety issues of the best ride and its solutions

There are certain safety measures that must be considered  in order to ensure school bus safety.

Let’s eliminate the safety drawbacks

1. Waiting for the school bus

School bus Safety:Issues of School Bus Rides & Its Solutions

Routes of the school buses are scheduled in such a way that it is possible for students to choose the most convenient one. Leave at the right time to the bus stop, don’t rush.


While waiting for the bus, the student may be alone. They may rush to the school bus stop if they are late and could be careless while crossing the road.


RFID tags help parents to know the exact location of the child. The moment a child enters the bus, parents are notified. The fear of getting lost is eliminated as parents will know immediately if there is any danger. Wait quietly at the safest place, away from the road, for the school bus.

2. Entering the school bus


Entering the school bus can sometimes be a dangerous task for children. Always stay away from the danger zone of the bus.


Children might rush to enter the school bus, which can cause injury. Waiting too close to the bus is dangerous.


Children must enter the school bus without rushing. The driver may not be able to see the children if they are in the danger zone. Therefore, always maintain a single line of queue while entering the bus. Use the rail while getting into the bus. also, get into the bus only when it stops completely.

3. Seat belts


Nearly 63,000 lives have been saved between 2008 and 2012 by the usage of seat belts. According to law, seat belts are a must for car users and helmets for bikers.


It is quite surprising to know that most of the school buses do not have seat belts. The seat belts equipped in school buses do not go over the shoulder and lap as in cars. 


The school buses with seat belts serve better safety and security. Installation of seat belts must be made compulsory in every school bus. Seat belts must be installed in such a way that it is useful for the children rather than hurting them.

4. Behaviour inside the bus


It is natural that students tend to make noise and fight inside the school bus.


The noise made by the children might distract the driver which can result in an accident. Children will always have a tendency to put their head and hands outside the bus. Eating and drinking inside the bus can also adversely affect the children. It not only contaminates the bus floor, but also, causes accidents to students as the food materials lying on the school bus surface may cause the students to slip on them..


Children must be taught how to behave inside the school. They must sit properly in the bus without moving here and there. Waving hands and putting head out of the window can result in serious injury. A supervisor can be appointed to take care of children while inside the bus.

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5. Getting out of the bus


More accidents happen by being hit by a school bus than while riding in a school bus. For instance, a third-grade student, after getting out of the bus, finds that his important papers have fallen under the bus. Naturally, he will dash towards the bus to collect it. Not knowing about the child, the driver will start the bus. Simple negligence can result in serious injury and even to death.


Children are unaware about the dangers that may happen to them if they stand too close to the school bus. Standing too close to the school bus after getting out of it can cause injury.


Children must be taught about the safety tips and rules that they must maintain once they get out of the bus. They must be well aware about the danger zones around the bus, from where they should keep themselves away.

Now that’s officially proven

School buses collectively travel more than 4 billion miles carrying more than 24 million students. Taking into account the distance travelled by school buses, deaths are extremely rare. Death rate of school buses per 100 million miles travelled is 0.2 while automobile deaths are eight times higher. The calculations clearly indicate that school bus is far better compared to any other means of transportation to school.

Factors that contributes to the safety of school bus

There are numerous factors that contribute to the better safety of school buses. School buses are constructed so as to avoid any possible accidents. Usually, experienced drivers are allotted to school buses for making the ride comfortable and safe. Safety is given importance above any other factor.
Track School Bus systems have GPS to track school buses in real-time and RFID to track each child. As both children and school bus are under observation, it is easy to identify even the slightest possibility of danger. The services provided by school buses cannot be compensated by any other means of transportation.

A better planet for our children

Hiring school bus reduces the number of other vehicles on road. The consumption of petrol reduces. The yellow bus reduces the amount of carbon emissions by taking cars off the road conserving our planet for our children.

  • School bus rides save an average 1,157,068,800 pounds of CO2 emission per state per year. Imagine the amount of CO2 a school bus can save our planet from
  • School bus saves $421 in fuel costs per car per year. Now, that’s a whole lot money
  • School bus rides save approximately 147 children per state per year. That’s priceless!

Indeed, school bus transportation plays a vital role in the lives of students from pre-school to high school. There are so many dominant issues associated with school bus transportation and it can be solved easily by parents as well as students by being prepared and vigilant. 

“Safety is simple as ABC, Always Be Careful”

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How can RFID Technology Help Library Management


"RFID is increasing in popularity among libraries, as the early adopters of this technology have shown that, it makes good economic sense, both for large and small libraries"


As you are familiar with, RFID technology is revolutionizing schools all over the world.Earlier, managing libraries would have been a complex task for you. But with the advent of RFID technology, you would able to manage libraries better than ever before. Also, the task of school/college librarians becomes much easier and quicker. You can even say that the future of RFID might wipe out the necessity of a full time librarian.

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Use of RFID in Libraries

RFID technology is mainly used for effectively managing your library operation and detecting missing books. The RFID based system has a tracking system that moves beyond security with efficient tracking of materials inside the library. These systems provide you services like easier and quicker charge and discharge, proper listing of books and material management.

This technology helps librarians save valuable staff time, which may otherwise be spent on scanning bar codes while borrowing or returning books. As the name indicates, RFID is an integration of radio-frequency based technology and microchip technology. Using RFID technology, you can extract information stored on a microchip in the tags affixed to library materials.

Key Features of RFID in Libraries

  • Time Saving

Using RFID technology, you are able to reduce the amount of time required to perform circulation operations. A lot of time can be saved by librarians which is spent on checking out and checking in borrowed items. The procedure of borrowing and returning become easier and faster.

  • Reliability of the System

As you already know, RFID based system is highly reliable. RFID based library systems declare 100 percent detection rate using RFID tags. If you need to identify the items moving out of the library, you can use RFID system that has an interface between exit sensors and the circulation software.

As a library official, you will be able to know if an item is missing, and if someone tries to get away with your books,that person can easily be spotted..

  • High Speed Inventorying

Without tipping out or removing books, RFID tags help you to scan the books on the shelves. Using a hand held inventory reader, unique identification information of each book can be read.

  • Automated Materials Handling

Material handling became much easier for you with RFID technology. Conveyor and sorting system in this technology helps you to move library materials and thus sort them into separate categories. Also, it helps you to reduce the amount of staff time required to make materials for re-shelving.

  • Longer Life

RFID tags have a longer life than bar codes.Before a replacement, most RFID vendors claim a minimum of 1,00,000 transactions for you.

Though there are so many benefits with this technology, there are certain disadvantages associated with it.

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Disadvantages of RFID Systems

  • Active RFID systems are expensive

  • RFID tags are easily damaged

  • Problems with exit gate sensors

  • Issues in user privacy

  • Collision of reader and tags

The future of RFID in library depends mainly on rectifying those disadvantages and thus giving more focus on the benefits associated with it. Development of RFID is rapidly going on, which yield larger memory capacities, wider reader ranges and faster processing. Its applications, innovation and standardization are constantly changing.

There is no need for separate database as RFID tags contain identifying information such as title of the book, material type, etc. Though benefits and flexibility of RFID technology is widely known, RFID is a better solution for you to further optimize the automation and tracking documents in the library. 

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10 Steps Schools Must Take To Ensure School Bus Transportation Safety


Providing a comfortable and safe transportation facility is just as important as ensuring top quality education. This is why schools should pay equal attention to school bus transportation. Here are 10 ways of making school bus transportation safe;


            A school bus GPS tracking system is used more often than not in the school buses of today. This assists both parents and schools to keep an eye on the school buses and kids. A school bus GPS helps track school bus routes in real-time and notify in case of any discrepancies. It also helps to optimize routes thereby helping bus fleets to conserve fuel and reduce the cost of maintenance.

With a GPS tracker app, parents can be updated about their kids and school buses. They can also get instant alerts in case of any disparity.


For the purpose of improving safety and to reduce student discipline problems including vandalism on school buses, using a system of video cameras have been adopted by schools. This helps in the effective monitoring of the school bus environment.

The video records can be saved for future reference. They are also a great way of analysing the cause of emergency situations, which helps to prevent them from repeating.


They ensure proper visibility of school buses which allows other vehicles to maintain a safe distance. In most cases, accidents are caused due to lack of visibility. With reflective tapes and strobe lights other drivers can easily spot school buses from afar and take the necessary precautions accordingly.


Besides providing the best facilities for a safe and secure journey, schools must also take the responsibility of educating the students about safety. The dos and don’ts to be followed both in and out of a school bus must be taught to the students, especially to those who are new to travelling in a school bus.

Major catastrophes can be averted just by providing the proper knowledge in safety. By teaching students to take up the responsibility of safety, they feel empowered and do their bit in making school buses safe.


School bus routes should compulsorily be monitored regularly. This aids in optimization of routes to ensure that they follow the shortest and safest routes possible. Using GPS tracking system in school buses can help avoid dangerous routes and evade traffic blocks.


Anyone can drive a vehicle, but to handle buses that carry around 50 children, a person with a sound mind and quick decision making skill is vital. He must be trained to take care of the various situations that might arise during the course of a journey. He must also be trained to handle the needs of the students aboard the bus. A school bus driver has the sole responsibility of student safety outside of a school campus.


When all else fails, an easy to handle and dependable, old fashioned radio service can be a life saver. Even if the buses are equipped with modern technologies, all school buses should be equipped with an active radio service.


All buses should be equipped with a stop arm placed at the front of the buses that is activated when the bus is stopped. This acts as a guide for students crossing in front of school buses and ensures that students are the required 3 meters ahead of the bus when crossing.


RFID TAG in school bus tracking systems can serve the purpose of identification and is an effective way of improving safety and confidence. Using RFID for identification ensures that bus drivers and teachers can readily identify new students who are riding buses for the first time. This can also help to take school bus attendance and to store the records on a regular basis.


All schools are required to provide training in emergency evacuation of a school bus to all its users should an emergency arise. There should be constant research on the various emergencies that may ascend during a school bus journey. The school bus driver and teachers using buses can take up critical roles during an emergency.

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5 Ways to Hire the Right School Bus Driver for Your School


“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security”- Jodi Rell

Don’t think twice when you have the best! Yes, that’s right. School bus safety is something that has proved its worth. According to statistics, automobile death rate is eight times higher compared to school bus.

School bus is the right choice for school transportation. The security offered by school bus cannot be provided by any other means of transportation. Numerous factors contribute to the security of school buses. It is designed to reduce any possible accidents and its outcomes.

GPS tracking system never fails to track the school bus, RFID tags helps to locate the students and driver ensures better drive. The importance of school bus driver is crucial as far as the safety of the school bus is concerned.

The minimum job eligibility of a school bus driver is:

  1. 21 years or older
  2. The driving record should be safe
  3. School bus driver should possess a valid driving licence

Role of the driver

Operating a vehicle the size of the school bus is a difficult task which must involve the knowledge about laws, regulations and mechanical skills. Driver should also possess positive attitude towards work. Transportation of students to and from school is not that easy.

What the driver does for the school and the students should be respected. They are the prominent reasons why your children reach the school safe.  School bus safety depends on them.

Qualities you should prefer in a school bus driver:

There are some exceptional qualities that you must prefer for the school bus driver rather than just the eligibility criteria.

  1. The attitude is important

Positive attitude is really important in any job but more important in driving jobs. There might be days with bad moods and personal problems for a driver but you cannot let that reflect in your job.

A good driver is always prepared for the poor driving skill and aggressiveness of other drivers. School bus drivers must be mentally alert through out their shift.

Positive attitude leads to positive outcomes

  1. Make sure that the driver has got responsibility

The responsibility of a school bus driver is to transport students safely.  Ensure that the school bus driver does the job not for the sake of money. The driver should maintain interest towards his job.

The timing of the school bus is pre-fixed. Any negligence towards the job can affect the entire schedule. Over speed can also create problems.

You are responsible for your actions

  1. Ensure the documents

Before appointing a school bus driver, the documents he holds must be accurately checked. No compromise must be done while verifying the past records of the driver. The driver should possess a clean past driving record.

The person must be devoid of any criminal cases.  Double check the documents presented. Ensure that the best school bus driver is appointed for the post.  137 fresh cases filed in fake driving licence racket in Delhi alone.

Ensuring quality for our children is one of the most important things we can do to them

  1. No room for distractions

At no point should the bus driver loose his concentration during work. No matter what the personal problem is, a driver must never reflect them on his job.

Make sure that the driver you hire is serious about the job. Driving requires full attention at all times without fail.80% of collisions and 65% of near crashes have some form of driver distraction as contributing factors.

Distracted driving is not less than aggressive driving

  1. They are important and special

Drivers play an important role in the society. Ensuring the safety of the children is not a simple task. The influence that a school bus driver exerts on the children is not small.

Children start their day at school with the school bus. Appreciate the school bus driver for the efforts from his part. The job is more a social service. Treat drivers with importance.

Give respect and earn more

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