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Principles of Road Safety-III [Infographics]


Road safety is essential for adults as well as children. It is said that in recent years, road has become an unsafe place for people. Punishments given to drivers for offense driving alone cannot make a road safer. We can make roads safer by improving road conditions such as covering up potholes and providing adequate signals if there are any curved or narrow roads.


Attitude of drivers play a vital role in ensuring road safety. Drivers need to be cautious and careful to every rules and regulations of the road. Sometimes drivers are not the only one to be blamed. It would be difficult for drivers to drive safely in unsafe conditions. Proper maintenance of roads is necessary for functioning safely and efficiently. One of the key point in ensuring road safety is observation.


Principles of Road Safety(Part III) [Infographics]


Road safety education begins right at school itself. One of the greatest initiative that can be taken by individuals to safeguard them and others on the road is to carefully follow safety rules and regulations.


It is a known fact that the main victims of accidents are young people under the age of 25. More young people die due to road crashes rather than due to serious diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, HIV/AIDS etc. Drinking and driving is one of the leading reasons for causing accidents. Hence one of the better measure to avoid accidents is daily inspection for drunken driving.


Today, road accidents have become part and parcel of our daily lives. In order to avoid accidents, it is better to follow certain principles of road safety.


Principles of Road Safety – Part I [Infographics]          Principles of Road Safety -Part II [Infographics]

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Principles of Road Safety -Part II [Infographics]

Road safety is a state of mind, accident is an absence of mind


Road safety is necessary for people of all ages. Today, road safety is having great importance as the number of accidents are mounting up day by day. Driver distraction and lack of attention are the leading reasons behind road accidents.


One of the greatest thing to stay safe on road is to control emotions and stress while driving. But many drivers are unable to control their stress. Their emotion can hinder the ability to drive safely on the road. Hence for having a safe journey, it is better not to provoke drivers.


Principles of Road Safety - Part II [Infographics]


Most victims of accidents are youth as they are the ones who love rash driving. Accidents are avoided by being aware of the surroundings. Cell phones, radio and newspapers are some of the main distractions in driving. It is better to avoid using cell phones while driving. Otherwise, it may take the life of an innocent pedestrian or may commit a serious traffic violation.


From crossing the road to driving, everyone should know each rules of the road. Observation is the key point in road safety. Education to road safety begins right from school. Safe roads assure safe return home. By obeying certain safety rules, we are not only safeguarding oneself but also pedestrians on the road.


Principles of Road Safety – Part I [Infographics]          Principles of Road Safety-III [Infographics]

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Principles of Road Safety – Part I [Infographics]


Road safety is all about offering security and protection against the unexpected dangers on the road. By following the basic principles of road safety, the number of road accidents and road injuries can be reduced. We see a number of accidents each day due to carelessness of drivers and violation of traffic rules. When it comes to school transportation, road safety is a serious issue.


Children as well as young people should be aware of the major road traffic rules in order to avoid the risk of serious road accidents. Based on the survey, it is found that most of the hospitalization and the cause of death are resulted because of road trauma.


Principles of Road Safety [Infographics]


Some of the leading causes behind road accidents are high speed, drunken driving, use of cell phone while driving, etc. Everyone should try to learn the major road traffic and safety rules right from an early age for performing a safer behavior in their later life. Road safety measures are the tools which save us from paying expensive amount as traffic fines.


Practicing or following simple road safety measures can help us maintain a safe environment. Lets look at a few road safety principles everyone should follow. 


Principles of Road Safety -Part II [Infographics]         Principles of Road Safety-III [Infographics]


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