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12 Important Benefits of School Buses

School buses have always been a common and one of the most preferred modes of transportation for school children. Parents all across the globe are using services of school buses to pick and drop their kids for past few decades.

But still, when it comes to deciding whether or not to use services of a school bus for kids, many parents find it difficult to make a decision.

If you are also finding it hard to choose a mode of communication for your kid for their school, then here we are listing a few benefits of school buses to help you make a choice. 

Benefits of School Buses for Parents

1. Always on time

One of the most important benefits of school buses is that they arrive on time. Every morning, you know when the bus will be at the stop to pick your kid. So accordingly, you can manage your timing and ensure that your little one reaches school on time.

On the other hand, when you choose to pick and drop your kid on your own, managing time becomes a little tricky, especially if you have more than one kid and they are in different schools or have different regimes.

Also, on rainy days or when you are sick, or your vehicle is not working, your kids either get late to the school or end up taking a leave.

2. School buses now come with GPS systems

GPS system on a school bus means you can always track the location of your kid. The GPS tracker empowers parents to know their child's location and give them peace of mind.

At the same time, it is a blessing in times of emergency; parents can easily track where the bus is and can reach the location immediately. 

3. Kids make new friends

From a young age, kids get to learn a lot of new things. And when they travel in school buses, they not just make new friends, but they learn sharing, companionship and how to make new friends.

These things will help them for years to come. For school going kids’, school bus is usually the best place where they get to meet new kids and make friends.

4. Kids learn to take care of their things:

When kids use school buses, they learn to take care of their personal belongings, like a school bag, water bottle, and lunch box. This helps them in their overall development and well-being and makes them a responsible and independent individual.

5. Kids learn to manage their time

School buses daily come at the same stop on same time. As a result, kids become very conscious and careful about the timing and learn to complete their things on time.

They get ready on time to make sure that they catch their bus. Also, another motivating factor to catch the bus on time is the friend circle they have on their bus.

6. Parents have complete peace of mind

When using services of school buses, parents can rest assured about the conveyance and safety of their kids. They don’t have to worry about daily commute of their kids and to manage their to-do list according to the timing of the school.

They can easily carry on with their tasks and personal commitments with complete peace of mind that the school bus will pick and drop their kid on time, without a miss no matter what.

Benefits of School Buses from School’s Point of View

7. Classes can start on time

When you have school buses, you can be assured that kids and teachers will be on the school premises on time and classes can start on scheduled time. This makes the daily schedule as smooth as possible.

8. Keep parents updated on their kids’ location with a GPS system

With GPS system you can always keep parents updated about the location of their kids. They can check if the bus is following the given route and is on time. This creates a level of trust and parents become assured about the safety of their little ones.

9. It is an additional facility that you can offer to parents

Parents when choosing a school for their kids look for facilities that the school is offering. And by providing school bus facility, you can increase your list of offerings and attract more and more parents.

Parents also feel relaxed that they don’t have to bother about daily dropping and to pick their kids.

General Benefits

10. Lesser Vehicles on the Road

When transporting a school student to and from school, parents need not take their vehicle out during the peak traffic hours. If a school bus carries 50 students, it means there are far lesser vehicles on the road.

11. Better Environment

When there is less number of vehicles on road, the emissions from vehicles are also reduced. Vehicle emissions include dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide, which has severe negative effect on the environment.

As school buses make it unnecessary for parents to transport students to and from schools, a significantly lower number of cars are there on the road, reducing the overall carbon footprint drastically. Thus, school buses contribute to a better environment.

12. Lower Accident Rate

Many studies over the years have repeatedly stated that school buses have a significantly lower number of accidents on road compared to students travelling by cars.

So, if you have been confused about hiring services of a school bus for your kid, then now with these benefits listed above you know how you and your little one can benefit from the school bus and why you should also hire one for your kid.

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8 Benefits Parents Can Get Via School Bus Tracking

Safety of school children is a paramount to parents, not only when their kids are within the school premises but also while they are travelling back and forth to school or home via school buses.

Earlier, parents used to wait with bated breath till such time their wards reached the school or their doorstep. They were completely clueless of the location of bus or the time it will take for their wards to reach home.

With technology spreading its wings into every sphere of human life, this is the generation of school bus trackers which come as tracking aids.

These help parents in a number of ways in assuring their kids’ safety while onboard a school bus fitted with an AI-powered, GPS tracking system.

Here are some benefits parents can get via tracking their child’s school bus:

1. Travel Details Of Your Kid On Your Finger Tips

Information is wealth. This maxim is so true in the case of school bus tracking apps which are installed on the smartphones of parents whose kids travel via a school bus.

Through these school bus tracking aids, parents will be in a position to know the whereabouts of their kids. Any information concerning the school bus can be obtained by you as a parent at any point in time.

You will get updates on your phone’s screen that will provide all the travel details regarding your wards. You will get real-time alerts when your ward boarded or got off the school bus.

2. Keep A Check on the School Bus Speed Limit

Better to be safe than to be sorry. This is a befitting axiom that links the speed of the school bus to the safety of the children onboard.

Through the school bus tracking app, parents will be in a position to know the speed at which the school bus is travelling.

This can provide a sigh of relief to parents who can keep a watchful eye on whether the bus driver is meeting the specifications of speed limit of the school bus. School bus tracking apps can thus help in preventing accidents occurring on account of over-speeding.

3. Multiple Buses Can be Tracked

Given a scenario when your ward does not board the same bus every day, it is through school bus tracking that you as a parent can track multiple buses.

This feature comes as a boon to parents as they can put an end to anxiety about which bus their ward boarded.

4. Helps You Know the Exact Location of the School Bus

Parents who are connected to the school bus transportation system via their smartphones will be informed about the exact location of their wards.

They will get notifications about the location so that they can be prepared to either drop or pick up their wards from the bus point.

5. Notifications About Unexpected Inconveniences

It can be a natural hazard, the break-down of a school bus or a traffic jam that can inconvenience you and your ward.

With the school bus tracking app in your hands, a prior warning will flash on your smartphone, informing you about any hindrance that calls for your attention.

This way, you will be in a better position to make alternative arrangements or take any other corrective actions that deem fit.

6. Observations Regarding Your Child’s Pick-Up And Drop Timings

It is through the school bus tracking app that parents and school authorities can lay hands on the exact details linked to the time taken at every stop to either pick up or drop school kids.

In the event the bus halted for more than the prescribed time limit, you as parents will get notified regarding the delay.

7. Know Whether Your Kid Reached School or Your Home

The Radio Frequency Identification Tags provided by TrackSchoolBus come handy in providing the much-needed information regarding the exact location of your child.

It is through these exclusive school bus tracking apps that you will be informed about when your child reached home or school.

8. A Benefactor of Peace of Mind

Installing the school bus tracking apps provided by TrackSchoolBus will be an intelligent step towards enjoying peace of mind.

With real-time notifications popping up from the school bus tracking system on your smartphones, you will be in a favorable position to know the exact location of your kid.

Isn’t this a matter of convenience and peace to all the parents who can be rest assured about the safety of their wards while they are travelling via a school bus? Indeed! It is!

Key Takeaways

In addition to the above mentioned 8 benefits of school bus tracking apps, parents will able to keep a close watch over their kids’ academic performance.

The school bus tracking apps offered by TrackSchoolBus will help you download various academic reports including the attendance sheets of your wards.

This way, you can make the most of the technology options that are provided by these tracking apps to conveniently ensure the safety of your wards at all times. 

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12 Things Every Parent Can Do to Stop Bullying in School

Bullying is a fundamental problem in most of the school. There are chances that kids are being bullied by their peers at school. There are instances where this goes unnoticed by the school and the parents.

This is a major problem that needs to be addressed so that the victims don’t suffer the aftermath of it throughout their lives.

The question is how exactly the parent can be notified about an instance of bullying and how they can stop it from happening.

Many schools have anti-bullying laws that are framed to curb the bullying that happens while at school or inside the school buses. More than 25 percent of the youth has reported that they have been bullied in some way or other.

Let us have a look at the things parents can do to protect their child from being bullied at school.

1) Communicate with the Child

It is important to communicate with the child regarding bullying. They might conceal the fact that they are being bullied by their peers at school.

Without open communication it is not possible to know whether your child is being bullied or not. This is because children might not tell an adult that he is experiencing bullying.

2) Peer Relationships

Children must be taught about peer relationship. They are going to share the same space with other children while they are at school.

Children can be asked about the kind of experience they are having with their peers.

Direct questions like ‘do you have friends at school’ or ‘how are the other kids at school’ will compel the kids to answer to your queries about how they are being treated by other kids at school.

3) Talk about Bullying

It is not just fine but necessary to talk to your kids about bullying. Tell them about the kind of bullies they might come across at school.

Narrate to them experiences that they might come across while dealing with bullies. Ask them to notify their teachers or tell parents if they come across anything such as that.

4) Cyber bullying

Bullying might not happen just at school. There are chances that your kid is being bullied online. The best way to find it is to closely monitor their online activities.

This doesn’t mean to spy on them but sit with them and take part in their online activities. If you find anything unusual you can ask them about it. In case they don’t reply you can still have a fair idea about their life with their peers.

5) Encourage empathy

Tell them the importance of how it feels like to be in the shoes of another person.

This is important to see to it that your own child is not taking part in any event of bullying. If your child report to you that one child is being bullied at school, tell them how the other person might be feeling.

This is also nurtures a sense of courage to stand up for the weaker ones.

6) Respond Well  

If your child tells you that he/she is being bullied at school or in school bus , respond well to it. Tell them that you are there to stand beside with them. Listen to them well and be supportive to them if they are a victim to bullying.

7) Keep a Good Rapport with the School

It is important to keep up a good rapport with the school authorities. Ask the teacher of your pupil how active he/she is at school and how well he is he getting along with other children.

If the bullying happens at school give all support to the school authorities to resolve the problem. Provide emotional support to the child and tell them they don’t deserve it and that you will be there to back them up.

8) Teach Your children to be Proactive

Let them deal with their issues themselves. Even though you would stand up for them it is important for them to learn to stand up for themselves.

Teach them how to practice this so that they can deal a situation themselves. Teach your child to be assertive but not offensive.

9) Express Concern 

Ensure that you express concern when dealing with an issue. There is a high probability that they will look up to their parents when they are facing an issue they can’t solve by themselves.

All they expect from you is a little concern so express it. It can bring about a great change in their confidence levels.

10) Make Your Kid Bold

Bullies usually target kids who are more vulnerable. If your kid is smart but vulnerable to bullying from other kids you have to help him/her to be more bold.

Let them practice this at home so that they can face the situation all by themselves.

11) Know your child rights

Children are sometimes picked for matters like colour, race, religion, disabilities, weight, age, sex, etc. Children have rights, know them.

If your child is receiving constant harassment or intimidation from their peers you may resort to things legally. The schools are bound to follow uniform standards of conduct. Therefore schools can’t turn a blind eye towards bullying.

12) Social Skills

Teach your child social skills that are necessary to mingle with social groups. Teach them how to make good friends so that they are not alone at school. Little role-plays can help them understand this.

This can teach them how to get along with a game that is played at school. Make sure that you encourage your kids to be part of groups and join clubs that they enjoy.

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Which is the Best School Bus Tracking App for Parents

A child spends more than 15 years of his life in school, he gains knowledge, learns how to communicate, develop friendships and prepares himself to face the toughest of exams after school.

It is a place which is a center of excellence and learning and creates a meaningful impact on the life of a student. For all these reasons and several others, schools play a vital role in the life of students and their parents.

Therefore it becomes crucial for the school management to create an ecosystem where the child is offered a safe environment and chances of any unfortunate accident are minimal.

Why TrackSchoolBus is the Best App for School Bus Tracking

To ensure the safety of students when they leave their homes, bus tracking app has become a necessity. It is a boon for parents and the school authorities as well.

While the app enables school administration to offer safe and reliable transit of students from their homes to school, it provides complete peace of mind to parents.

There are many school bus tracking apps available, and although mostly same, they differ regarding features, ease of use and cost.

However, proper research and reviews of those who have already used proves beneficial to school administration when they search for the most suitable app for their school.

TrackSchoolBus is a bespoke app that is loaded with features and is easy to understand and use. It ensures complete safety of students while they commute between school and their homes.

The most significant benefit that it offers is it reduces parental anxiety and establishes their trust on school management.

The school management too finds it easy to keep track of bus routes, bus-time, driver’s performance and any deviation in the whole bus transportation system.

Features You Need to Know

TrackSchoolBus app is equipped with the following features which give it a unique place among all other apps available in the store.

For School Management:

•    User-friendly dashboard and app experience

•    A centralized software to manage all transportation processes of school

•    Can be integrated with any hardware, therefore, streamlining the entire school transportation

•    Download reports for analysis and improvements

•    Can be customized for individual specific use

•  Face-recognition, RFID cards or MIFARE RFID cards enables marking of school bus attendance

•    Features like Auto-routing, auto-allocation, and auto-optimization

For the Parents:

•    The user-friendly and straightforward App experience

•    Easy to download and track buses, their spots and time

•    History feature to bring into notice any delay or misconduct by the driver

•    SMS alert features to notify parents

•    Two-factor attendance

Here's a video that explains Two Factor Attendance in detail. 


For the school management:

•    Lesser dependence on the manual transportation system

•    Less paperwork as all reports can be generated through the app

•    Real-time GPS empowers student tracking anytime from anywhere

•    Instant notifications and alerts in case of emergency or delay

•    Cost effective yet a very reliable app for tracking buses

•    Lower fuel cost

•    Greater control over technology

•    All stakeholders including school bus transport manager, driver, parents, helper/attendant can get it customized as per their individual need

For the parents:

•    Receive instant notifications and alerts on their mobile

•    Complete control of their child since the time he leaves home

•    Better communication with the bus transport manager

Benefits You Will Gain

For the school management:

•    Streamline school bus routing and scheduling

•    Handle notorious students with ease

•    Offers efficient transportation services to parents and generate trust of parents

•    Keep drivers focused on the road, therefore, reducing chances of any unfortunate incidence

•    Provide valuable information on time through school bus tracker App

For the parents:

•    Enables additional safety of their children

•    Offers complete peace of mind and mental relaxation

•    More trust in school management

•    Monitor their child’s presence or absence in the bus

•    Monitor child’s behavior in the bus

•    Instant notification in case the bus is getting delayed

•    Monitor driver’s performance and speed with which he is driving

Final Thoughts

TrackSchoolBus app is, therefore, the best app for the parents and the school authorities. The best part is it makes parents happy and relaxed, and they do not consider it as an additional burden.

Instead, they regard it as a tool that empowers them to monitor their child’s safety when he travels between home and school. Similarly, it is not an additional expense for the school management too.

Instead, it helps them offer better services to the parents. It not only makes them temples of learning but also makes them a place where parents can send their child with complete trust.

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Parent’s Concerns About School Bus Transportation

Parents in general are always concerned while their children are outside either for studies, games or any other things.

While at home or at school, the parents have that sense of feeling that their children are safe. But there is a common notion, which is true that happens in between their school & home: yes their school bus journey.

You may be aware of the recent unfortunate events related to school bus safety on road where the innocent children had to bear the brunt of road rage & careless driving.

These things have aggravated the emotional distress of parents sitting at home or office concerned about the safety of their children.

Uses of Technology

Technology has always been a life saver in these kinds of situations not just in terms of prevention but also to let the parents or authorities know that help is needed.

An in detail analysis is needed in terms of identifying the grey areas in bus timetable and live bus arrivals also to suggest and implement solutions enabled by technology for solving those problems.

There are situations wherein the children are dropped off from a school bus in a totally different location than the one he or she should be dropped in.

It’s heartbreaking every time that a parent hears that their child is not in the designated location.

These errors are mostly inadvertent one from the bus drivers or the caretaker who is supposed to be inside the bus throughout the journey.

The staffs assigned to each bus would not be the same one every day. They would probably be on a rotation basis.

A practical solution for this problem would be to enable the caretaker inside the bus with a low cost tablet with an app that has a bus timetable and routes with the list of students to be dropped at stipulated destinations. This could be a fool proof solution.

Most of the school buses do not have a system to tackle emergency medical situations. There are children who always suffer from long time travelling health issues.

An emergency infrastructure has to be deployed inside the bus. If there is an acute medical situation, the bus driver or the caretaker inside should be able to report it immediately to a clinic that is close by.

A GPS module inside the school bus along with a distress button would enable the caretaker to send a signal to the close by clinic wherein they can track the live bus arrivals.

The parents are always in a state of oblivion about where their children are after the school bus journey begins from school to home. Imagine the situation if the journey takes close to or more than an hour. It’s bad.

Location based bus tracker solutions are always the life savers here. Consider a proposition wherein the parent is enabled with a mobile application that gives the exact location of the school bus in which their child is.

With the emergence of smartphones, most of the parents would be having a phone wherein you can install an application. The parents would never hesitate to have an app in their phone if it’s concerned with the well being of their children.

Live bus arrivals can be tracked easily with the GPS system installed in the bus. The parents only need to get to the stop when the bus is close by, no need to rush or no need to wait for such a long time in anticipation.

Bus tracker solutions are very much common in countries in the west. Those adoption rates are slowly picking up in India as well.

Advantages of GPS Tracking 

The one major advantage of GPS tracking system is that it can help save children from being abducted.

There are cases of missing children are increasing, leveraging tracking technology to save and keep children safe is beneficial for both school officials and parents.

A decent GPS tracking device can confirm live bus arrivals and check whether a child had been on an assigned bus based on the bus timetable and had they been out of the bus or not.

With the help of the bus tracker, a parent is aware of the fact that a child is inside their assigned bus and heading to the right location provides a safe thinking to parents.

School bus safety concerns are aplenty to handle and it becomes worrisome for the parents. They do have the thought whether their children are in safe hands or not.

It’s always going to be a headache for the school management to ensure the duty to the right people for transportation.

The driver has to be assigned with full charge or responsibility while on duty and it has to be ensured that his instructions are to be followed at all times. It's always advisable not to make noise inside the bus, by that way could distract the driver.

The children have to be educated or made aware to not to loiter inside the moving bus or to keep their arms and head outside the bus while in motion. Misconduct inside the bus will result in damage of the bus or physical abuse to the people inside.


A lot of things are to be concerned about, but a systematic risk mitigation approach could lead to a much better environment in terms of travel and learning.

The people involved here including the bus caretakers, drivers, management, parents and the children are equally involved in the safety and professionalism in taking things forward in a smooth way.

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5 Smart Tips to Involve Parents In School Bus Transportation Issues

First and foremost, matters concerning school buses always constitute alarm to parents. For the simple fact that millions of children commute back and forth to school and home in the bright yellow colored school buses, school administrations should call for the active involvement of the parent community.

Nevertheless, it could be about the erratic or unruly behavior of a school bus driver or the issues concerning reckless driving, speeding or jumping signals or red lights. Otherwise, there will be lack of safety mechanisms in buses. All these issues should raise a red flag for parents and should be discussed before the occurrence of an untoward incident. 

A Little Bit of Sensibility Goes a Long Way in Staying Safe

All for the sake of ensuring safe and comfortable rides to your wards, you as parents should take the responsibility to address the following concerns related to school bus transportation. Moreover, the following section sheds light on the general issues posed by school buses along with simple and workable solutions that the parents can implement every single day.

  1. Waiting for the School Bus To Arrive

A plethora of planning goes behind chalking out school bus routes so that you as parents can pick and choose the route that is convenient for you. Of course, you can generate a well-informed decision by taking into consideration the various pickup and drop points and the distance between them to your home.

Given the fact that you should accompany your kids to the pickup point every single day, it requires certain amount of sensibility from your side to leave home at the right time so that you and your wards can reach the bus stop before the bus arrives.


A majority of the parents feels that students who come to the bus stop alone might rush to the stop if they are late. Arguably, in a mad rush, they would not be careful and vigilant towards the oncoming traffic. This haste might lead to accidents or injuries to kids.

A Simple Way Out

It is through RFID tags that parents can be notified about the exact location of their ward. Furthermore, with these safety devices, parents can heave a sigh of relief. They will be convinced that their child is in safe hands. Hence, the solution to the above issue should be able to exercise patience in children and wait in a secure place away from the road for the school bus to approach and pick them up.

  1. Getting Into the School Bus

At times, students who are boarding their school bus can confront hazardous consequences if they are within the danger zone of the bus.


Hastening into a school bus can cause injury to students along with standing too close to the bus. Both these circumstances can be perilous for school kids.

A Simple Way Out

The onus is on parents to educate their wards regarding the safety instructions that need to be followed by their wards. As a parent, you should  be able to instruct your wards to board the bus in a single queue, without pushing or rushing others. Since the driver cannot oversee children who are within the danger zone, you as parents should teach your kids to stay away from the danger zone. Another imperative directive that should be dinned into the minds of school children plying the school buses is that they require  waiting for the bus to come to a grinding halt before they begin to board the bus.

  1. The Use of Seat Belts Inside the Moving Bus 

Life is so precarious that a normal bus journey can result in losing lives of several students who did not use the school bus seat belts.


Several parents vouch for the fact that the school buses ply without the essential safety mechanism; the seat belts. And even if there are seat belts in the bus, they cannot serve the purpose of protecting kids as they do not cross over the shoulders and laps of the kids.

A Simple Way Out 

The parent community should reiterate the need for school bus seat belts as part of the safety and security measures of transportation. Meanwhile, talking to the management and expressing your concern to demand seat belts mandatory in every school bus can help every student on board to appreciate a comfortable and safe journey; day in and day out.

  1. Alighting the School Bus

A kid who realizes that he dropped his properties under the bus will run towards the bus to pick them up. However, the driver would be unaware of this fact and will start the bus. This act of negligence can either lead to a genuine injury or an irreversible fatal condition.


As a matter of fact, parents are concerned about the distance between their wards and the danger zone of the bus. If students stand near the school bus even after getting down, they will hurt themselves.

A Simple Way Out

Parents can step in and impress upon their wards to adhere to certain safety tips after descending the school bus. In addition, educating students about the danger zones of a school bus is compulsory and when such safety rules come from parents themselves, kids will be all ears and implement them at all times.

  1. Unruly Behavior of Fellow Students and the Driver

Kids will be boisterous engaging in constant chatter while being inside a running bus. Long and raucous conversations between kids along with childish arguments can be distracting to the driver. On the flip side, school children would narrate instances of unruly behavior coming from the bus driver. Either he would be attending to phone calls while at the wheel or would cross the speed limit of the bus. All these instances of dreadful behavior have a bearing on the safety of your kids and others as well.


Parents are concerned about their kids who put out their head and hands outside the moving school bus. At the same time, certain children drink and eat in the bus, which can lead to accidents when they slip on the dropped eatables. If the driver despise mischievous kids, he might use offensive language to stop them from talking.

A Simple Way Out

Ordinarily, the impish behavior of kids along with the unruly acts of the driver can be better dealt with by the parent community. For this reason, parents can form a group and represent their concerns to the school management.

In fact, when acts of unacceptable behavior expressed by a unanimous group is known by the management, you can accordingly ensure prompt disciplinary action to be taken against erring students or the driver in question. On the other hand, teaching students about how to behave inside the running school bus is another responsibility that parents should take along with insisting the appointment of a supervisor who would take care of the kids on the bus.


Given the important role-played by parents in inculcating safety and favorable behavior of their wards, they can also become the prime instruments of change. Consequently, tackling the above-mentioned concerns with regard to school bus transportation, sensible parents through their valuable inputs and suggestions can ensure safe and complacent journeys for kids at all times. Presumably, constant interactions and follow-ups with the school management about any issues that might arise will assist parents endorse the common “a stitch in time saves nine” maxim.

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Essential Things Parents Should Know About School Bus Routing

School bus routing is a complicated process and intends to have a greater priority since it constitutes a vital role in ensuring student safety. Meanwhile, it demands proper planning and organization. Hence, it's high time for the parents to convince the gravity of the routing issue.

Ordinarily, the factors that should be considered while scheduling school bus routes include school bus capacity, the amount of riding hours spent by a student, and starting/ending time of schools.

Nevertheless, school bus routing is a prominent aspect in ensuring school bus safety. Presumably, school bus is the safest vehicle for ferrying school students. Moreover, you will definitely check for flashing lights, mirrors, high seat backs, readily detectable yellow paints, etc., which ensure additional safety for your children.

Notable facts on school buses

  • Millions of school buses exist all around the world


  • Each school bus eliminates approximately 36 cars on the road


  • School buses can prevent the utilization of 17 million cars on the road


  • A total of 346,666,660 car miles is saved by the school transportation

However, with the modern tracking apps, you will be able to monitor the school bus trip whenever you desire. In addition to this, you will also be able to procure data on the child's bus routing via the tracking apps. Based on these data, you can decide whether the school bus route is safe for your child or not. Apart from this, you will be able to receive real-time notification whenever there is a delay for the school bus transportation.

How to identify the safest bus stop near your residing location?

While deciding the bus stop, have a close consideration for the school bus safety. Consequently, an efficient school bus routing involves the procedure of determining the appropriate and safe bus stop for children, parents as well as drivers. Here follows certain tips for identifying the safest bus stop in your residing area:


  • Elude multi-lane roads
  • Try to avoid the bus route with railroad crossings
  • Select the bus stop that renders sufficient visibility for drivers and other road users
  • Choose the school bus routes with comparatively less traffic
  • Avoid the bus stops having the need to turn left hand side (it is a dangerous and risky task for school bus drivers)
  • Ignore the bus stops that require reversing of the school bus
  • Choose the bus stop near side stops in your residing area
  • Select the location with enough lighting during the early morning and early evening hours.

Recognize the merits of school bus routing software

Technology revolutionized the school bus transportation. As a responsible parent, it is your duty to recognize the latest features of school bus routing software. Here is a list of features that can be associated with the school bus routing software:


  • Permit different users to view, alter, and handle information
  • Automatically assign pick up and drop points of students
  • Plan school bus transportation
  • Route optimization and pick up point optimization
  • Obtain historical data of school bus routing
  • Generate annual maintenance data
  • Effortless installation procedure
  • Reports on daily pick up and drop
  • Setting up a calendar for each school
  • Ability to incorporate additional details on school bus routing maps


As a parent, your prime concern will be to safeguard your school kid from possible dangers. Hence, it is wise to acquire knowledge regarding the school bus routing concerns and the latest technologies that have been implemented in the school bus routing.

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