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How to Handle Emergencies? Tips for School Bus Drivers


Emergency Handling especially in case of kids is the top most priority for everyone. In case of school buses, the schools should train the drivers and helpers to act first and thus enhance the safety of kids.

While all the school bus must be equipped with a first aid box, the drivers should also be trained for handling emergencies and enabling school bus safety.

Here are few tips for it-

1. Training in First Aid – The drivers in the school bus are mostly in talks with the passengers. Most of them know the personal history of children. Giving them basic training on how to handle emergency in case of any issue how to provide first aid can really help. This might prove life-saving. This training can help them know when to evacuate the bus or even avoid situation improving school bus safety.

The drivers must also have all the emergency contact numbers with them.

2. Awareness – It is important to know where and when to vacate the school bus. While driving on a busy road, or on a blind curve, it is better to get the bus evacuated. Schools must provide guidelines and procedures on how to do it.

When shall the evacuation happen-?

1. Fire – In case of fire, smoke and poisonous gases will spread very fast.

2. Fuel Leakage – In case there is a leakage in fuel pipe, this may ignite fire and hence very dangerous.

A driver must be aware from where to make the exit. For instance, in case of the above examples the exit must be from the farthest point from the place of occurrence.

Suppose the air pressurized doors and windows get jammed due to a threat, the driver must ensure that there is no panicky and should be able to help the students till the emergency help arrives. The driver should be the best person to take a call in case of situations apart from mentioned above about the safety of the passengers.

3. Student Information – There should be a list of students containing information about the name, address, emergency contact number, a detailed physical description of the student. This may help to identify the students who are unconscious during the state of emergency.the name list should be placed near to the driver's seat so that emergency responders can fast account for the passengers.

4. GPS Tracker – Apart from driver's training it is also important that the bus must contain GPS tracking system which is accessible not only to the school but also to the students' guardians. The school bus tracker app can prove of great help.

Schools are advised to arrange for an interpreter in case there are language difference in students and

What Schools can do to ensure school bus safety-

1. Formulate protocols and guidelines for interviewing the new driver

2. Giving safety awareness, comprehensive training, and emergency handling drills to the drivers

3. Enabling a GPS tracking system in the bus. This can help schools to get the complete information about the position of the school bus.

4. Developing a GPS tracking app for the parents. With this App the parents can track the position of the bus, driver details, vehicle details, time for arrival at destination etc.

5. Conducting assessments for security and safety for the associated transport facilities.

6. Maintaining a database for all the students using school bus and transport with complete details of emergency contact numbers.

7. Having a first aid kit in the bus and giving training to the driver on its use

8. Having Emergency help on a call facility for all the school bus.

9. Arranging for clear communication between parents and the drivers. Also, schools should furnish the driver contact details to the parents.

These and other practices can help school bus drivers and school transportation staff become better prepared for safer travel.

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5 Ways to Hire the Right School Bus Driver for Your School


“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security”- Jodi Rell

Don’t think twice when you have the best! Yes, that’s right. School bus safety is something that has proved its worth. According to statistics, automobile death rate is eight times higher compared to school bus.

School bus is the right choice for school transportation. The security offered by school bus cannot be provided by any other means of transportation. Numerous factors contribute to the security of school buses. It is designed to reduce any possible accidents and its outcomes.

GPS tracking system never fails to track the school bus, RFID tags helps to locate the students and driver ensures better drive. The importance of school bus driver is crucial as far as the safety of the school bus is concerned.

The minimum job eligibility of a school bus driver is:

  1. 21 years or older
  2. The driving record should be safe
  3. School bus driver should possess a valid driving licence

Role of the driver

Operating a vehicle the size of the school bus is a difficult task which must involve the knowledge about laws, regulations and mechanical skills. Driver should also possess positive attitude towards work. Transportation of students to and from school is not that easy.

What the driver does for the school and the students should be respected. They are the prominent reasons why your children reach the school safe.  School bus safety depends on them.

Qualities you should prefer in a school bus driver:

There are some exceptional qualities that you must prefer for the school bus driver rather than just the eligibility criteria.

  1. The attitude is important

Positive attitude is really important in any job but more important in driving jobs. There might be days with bad moods and personal problems for a driver but you cannot let that reflect in your job.

A good driver is always prepared for the poor driving skill and aggressiveness of other drivers. School bus drivers must be mentally alert through out their shift.

Positive attitude leads to positive outcomes

  1. Make sure that the driver has got responsibility

The responsibility of a school bus driver is to transport students safely.  Ensure that the school bus driver does the job not for the sake of money. The driver should maintain interest towards his job.

The timing of the school bus is pre-fixed. Any negligence towards the job can affect the entire schedule. Over speed can also create problems.

You are responsible for your actions

  1. Ensure the documents

Before appointing a school bus driver, the documents he holds must be accurately checked. No compromise must be done while verifying the past records of the driver. The driver should possess a clean past driving record.

The person must be devoid of any criminal cases.  Double check the documents presented. Ensure that the best school bus driver is appointed for the post.  137 fresh cases filed in fake driving licence racket in Delhi alone.

Ensuring quality for our children is one of the most important things we can do to them

  1. No room for distractions

At no point should the bus driver loose his concentration during work. No matter what the personal problem is, a driver must never reflect them on his job.

Make sure that the driver you hire is serious about the job. Driving requires full attention at all times without fail.80% of collisions and 65% of near crashes have some form of driver distraction as contributing factors.

Distracted driving is not less than aggressive driving

  1. They are important and special

Drivers play an important role in the society. Ensuring the safety of the children is not a simple task. The influence that a school bus driver exerts on the children is not small.

Children start their day at school with the school bus. Appreciate the school bus driver for the efforts from his part. The job is more a social service. Treat drivers with importance.

Give respect and earn more

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