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30 Essential Road Safety Rules in India [Infographic]

Road safety is of prime importance as it is essential to avoid unnecessary accidents. We’ve already lost a lot of lives just because we haven’t been careful enough. Safety is gainful, accident is painful.

Safety begins with a team work and we all have to keep an eye out to not just our safety but also the safety of others too. Safety rules are your best tools for survival. We all have come across someone who has met with a terrible accident.

So, it is not uncommon. With the right steps we can avoid any harm to ourselves and others.

The best gift we can give our family is ourselves. It is not something new that India’s roads are the most chaotic place to ride a vehicle. It is mandatory to adhere to the rules while you are on the road.

Road safety rules are not to be taken lightly but most people don’t even follow the speed lanes correctly. According to the Road Safety Annual Report, there has been a significant rise in the fatalities just because people are not careful about the rules created just for the safety of them.

How many of you know about the road safety week that is conducted every year on January?

People forget to follow simple rules like zebra crossing is for pedestrians.

The new measures implemented aims to make the roads safer to both drivers and pedestrians. A lot of road accidents in India occur due to over speeding and recklessness.

If you could just be more cautious a life could be saved. There are signs on the road that you fail to notice just because you are driving your vehicle fast.

These road signs are carefully implemented by road safety authorities after checking on the probability of the accidents. Responsible driving is to keep an eye out for road signs and follow them without prejudice. Check out this infographic to know the 30 essential road safety rules in India. 

30 essential road safety rules in india infographic

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Road Safety Awareness: Why is it Essential for School Kids

A child who learns about traffic rules and road discipline will grow up to be a law-abiding citizen. The habit of obeying traffic rules teaches a person a sense of responsibility, empathy for others and respecting the other person’s rights,” – The Hindu

Children become the lamentable victims in road accidents due to lack of awareness. Hence, educating the children can be a crucial task since it is dealt with ensuring the safety of future generation.

In fact, the question is how to educate them? When you schedule awareness classes for children, ensure that it is coherent and specific. By rendering awareness, you will obtain a responsible future generation, who prioritize road safety above all.

Road Safety for School Kids

Nevertheless, it is never early to educate your children regarding road safety rules and thus usher them to be “street smart”.

Transform learning into a fun activity

First and foremost, for teaching the children efficiently, learning should be made an amusing and interactive activity. Why? Strangely enough, children will be distracted swiftly without a specific reason and will be engaged in their own world. Let’s check out certain techniques by which you can retrieve their attention:

  • Generate a map encompassing your child’s walking route, street names, and relevant landmarks
  • Conduct quiz whenever you stroll out with your child. Inquire the rules related to crosswalks and intersection and assist the kids to decipher the relevance of road signals
  • Arrange a game that motivates the child to follow your footsteps

Provide a demonstration to your kid

Here follows certain basic safety tips that will become worthwhile to you:

The rules to be followed while walking on the road

  • Comply the rule “left-right-left” before crossing the road. Maintain eye contact with drivers and ensure that no vehicle is close-by
  • Remove your headphone and listen. By listening, you will be able to realize whether a vehicle is approaching you or not
  • Stroll at the inside edge of the sidewalk, which is away from the road. If sidewalk

doesn’t exist in that road, walk in the direction of oncoming traffic in such a way that you can have a clear view of the vehicles approaching you

  • Remain visible. Clothe yourself with reflective materials or bright clothes. Utilize flashlights or stay under street lights after dark
  • Never practice jaywalking

The rules to be followed while driving your vehicle

  • Control your vehicle speed. Realize that 30km/h speed is permitted during school hours and remain vigilant since your kid is observing all your deeds
  • Have ample patience. Drop your child near the sidewalk. Never allow them to dash from the middle of the road
  • Adhere to the safety laws. Have a consideration for other road users and school buses, especially when the lights are flashing

Relevance of Road Safety Awareness

Consequently, the rising city traffic and rural areas of the country has evidently increased the relevance of road safety education. Moreover, the road safety programs require the constant participation from students, and only with their participation, the road safety education become successful.

Meanwhile, the road safety education intends to provide awareness and impart education regarding the traffic rules to students. In addition, it is your responsibility to compel them to follow rules both as pedestrian and motorists. Furthermore, you can teach them to promptly contact the relevant authorities such as medical or transport aid, especially during  adverse circumstances.

In the meantime, road safety awareness is a team responsibility of students, teacher, school authorities, and parents. At the same time, each of them has had a unique role in rendering the safety awareness to students. As a parent and teacher, you should serve as a paradigm of the “ideal road user” to the students.

Thus, for instance,

  • While crossing the bustled streets, you should compulsorily hold the hands of your kids and forbid them running or walking ahead
  • Teach them to be aware of the ideal time to safely cross the road
  • Insist them to stay beside you, away from the road traffic
  • Emphasize the essential safety tips, which enable children to remain attentive on the road while crossing the busy roads
  • Advise them to choose the apt and safe place to cross the road
  • Provide a brief awareness of various road signs and motivate them to decide the right time to cross the road
  • Recount the essential safety rules in simple terms

Ask the following questions to your kid:

  • Where is the safest place to cross the road?
  • Before crossing the road, what is the mandatory activity that should be committed?
  • Is there a need for holding hands while crossing the road together?
  • Which is the excellent time to cross the road safely?
  • At what juncture, should you listen to vehicle sounds?

Presumably, while crossing the road, it is wise to construe each activity performed by you to your kids. Therefore, kid will recognize the significance of each safety rule.

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10 Essential Facts on Road Safety [Infographic]

Road accident and injury will be an immense threat to road users, especially children. Hence, as a responsible citizen, it is  your responsibility to safeguard the future generation and focus on the safety practices. Nevertheless, the number of vehicles on the road is rising day by day frantically.

The only precaution against it is to implement the modern technology and adhere to the safety rules. However, it is a fact that majority of the victims of road related hazards are the two-wheeler users. Over speeding, imperfect roads, and violation of safety rules are the dominant reasons for hazards.

Meanwhile, the road safety is a shared responsibility and you need to have a commitment and decision making skills to accomplish the safety goals. As a matter of fact, one can predict road traffic crashes and can take precautions before it happens. 

Check out the 10 essential facts on road safety and be prepared for the adverse circumstances:

10 Essential Facts on Road Safety infographic

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12 Essential Features of a School Bus Tracker App

School bus tracking is considered to be a popular term among the school authorities. With the school bus tracker app, your child will be able to experience enhanced safety and security. Consequently, parents, teachers, and other school transportation authorities obtain real-time data regarding the whereabouts of their kid via SMS and push notifications.

Here follows the essential features of a school bus tracker app:

  • School bus attendance

Usually, recording school bus attendance of each student is a tedious and tiresome task. The app records the child's attendance four times a day- when the student boards and descends the school bus, both in the morning and evening. However, without contacting the relevant authorities, parents will be able to view the attendance of their child through their app.

  • Route planning

With the support of tracker apps, you will be able to schedule the routes, choose the shortest route, and examine the chosen route. Also, the app enables the school authorities to avoid heavy traffic areas, construction areas, and hazardous areas. In addition to this, the school bus drivers will be able to confirm the route, and decide the number of stops in a single trip.

  • Track the real-time location of vehicle

When your child board the school bus, parents will be able to track their real-time location and monitor the route followed by the school bus driver. With the details, you can reach the pick up point location promptly.

  • Instant notifications

The tracker app intends to provide different kinds of notification- notification for over speeding, attendance, unscheduled stops, whenever your child boards or descends the bus, etc. And, thus you can have a detailed summary of your child's school bus trip.

  • Enhanced communication

With the introduction of a school bus tracker app, you will be able to augment the rapport between drivers, parents, and other school transportation officials. Meanwhile, you can communicate with them anytime from anywhere, without personally meeting them.

  • Details on pick up and drop point

Nevertheless, the drivers can procure the next destination details via the app along with the image and details of each student. Of course, whenever you confirm the trip, it will be transferred to the trip history. And, with the map feature, even the minute details of the trip can be retrieved effortlessly.

  • Veracious and error-free details

All the details received via the app will be accurate and devoid of errors. Once the student board the bus, you can view the details regarding their attendance and whereabouts in the real-time.

  • Announcements

Announcement feature is available for every modern school bus tracker app. With this remarkable feature, transportation managers as well as school authorities can send announcements to drivers whenever they desire. Furthermore, students will receive the birthday announcement whenever they board the school bus.

  • Recenter facility

This is a brand new feature in a school bus tracker app. With this feature, you can instantly update the pick up point whenever there is a relocation. And the new pick up point will be updated in the app until there is a further modification.

  • Pick-up point optimization

The pick-up point optimization feature enables you to update the pick up point based on the actual pick up point. Meanwhile, the pick up location will be altered in case of relocation.

  • Manifest feature

This innovative feature assists you to acquire details on pick up location, access route diagram indicating pick-up point location, list of students inside a school bus, etc. For instance, if a particular student is on leave, his/her pick-up details will not be displayed in the app.

  • Efficient school bus fleet management

With this feature, transport managers can check the scheduled trip for the next 3 hours. Moreover, they can also select the optimized school bus routes, appoint drivers, and allocate students for each school bus, monitor fleets, check the vehicle health, approve pick-up points, etc. effectively.

As a matter of fact, all the above mentioned features reinforce the school transportation services. With the advent of school bus tracker apps, the school bus operation became simple, feasible, and manageable.

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Essential Things Parents Should Know About School Bus Routing

School bus routing is a complicated process and intends to have a greater priority since it constitutes a vital role in ensuring student safety. Meanwhile, it demands proper planning and organization. Hence, it's high time for the parents to convince the gravity of the routing issue.

Ordinarily, the factors that should be considered while scheduling school bus routes include school bus capacity, the amount of riding hours spent by a student, and starting/ending time of schools.

Nevertheless, school bus routing is a prominent aspect in ensuring school bus safety. Presumably, school bus is the safest vehicle for ferrying school students. Moreover, you will definitely check for flashing lights, mirrors, high seat backs, readily detectable yellow paints, etc., which ensure additional safety for your children.

Notable facts on school buses

  • Millions of school buses exist all around the world


  • Each school bus eliminates approximately 36 cars on the road


  • School buses can prevent the utilization of 17 million cars on the road


  • A total of 346,666,660 car miles is saved by the school transportation

However, with the modern tracking apps, you will be able to monitor the school bus trip whenever you desire. In addition to this, you will also be able to procure data on the child's bus routing via the tracking apps. Based on these data, you can decide whether the school bus route is safe for your child or not. Apart from this, you will be able to receive real-time notification whenever there is a delay for the school bus transportation.

How to identify the safest bus stop near your residing location?

While deciding the bus stop, have a close consideration for the school bus safety. Consequently, an efficient school bus routing involves the procedure of determining the appropriate and safe bus stop for children, parents as well as drivers. Here follows certain tips for identifying the safest bus stop in your residing area:


  • Elude multi-lane roads
  • Try to avoid the bus route with railroad crossings
  • Select the bus stop that renders sufficient visibility for drivers and other road users
  • Choose the school bus routes with comparatively less traffic
  • Avoid the bus stops having the need to turn left hand side (it is a dangerous and risky task for school bus drivers)
  • Ignore the bus stops that require reversing of the school bus
  • Choose the bus stop near side stops in your residing area
  • Select the location with enough lighting during the early morning and early evening hours.

Recognize the merits of school bus routing software

Technology revolutionized the school bus transportation. As a responsible parent, it is your duty to recognize the latest features of school bus routing software. Here is a list of features that can be associated with the school bus routing software:


  • Permit different users to view, alter, and handle information
  • Automatically assign pick up and drop points of students
  • Plan school bus transportation
  • Route optimization and pick up point optimization
  • Obtain historical data of school bus routing
  • Generate annual maintenance data
  • Effortless installation procedure
  • Reports on daily pick up and drop
  • Setting up a calendar for each school
  • Ability to incorporate additional details on school bus routing maps


As a parent, your prime concern will be to safeguard your school kid from possible dangers. Hence, it is wise to acquire knowledge regarding the school bus routing concerns and the latest technologies that have been implemented in the school bus routing.

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