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Is My School Bus Tracking App Safe to Use

Parents are always worried about whether their child has boarded the bus from their pick up point and got down at the drop point. They are concerned if the driver or attendant in the school bus is well behaved and is taking good care of your child.

These concerns are real and parents look forward to a system which can help track the movements of their children. If there was an effective system which can undertake this task it would be easier for parents, drivers, attendants and school management.

One of the questions that is raised by everyone is that if the school bus tracking app is safe to use. The sensitive data of the students need to be protected from all piracy.

School bus tracking enables parents to monitor the child or school bus location while they are on the go. Let us look at how safe school bus tracking applications are.

Parent’s concern

Why is the bus late, have my child boarded the bus, where is the school bus right now, will the bus drop my child before I finish my work. These are some of the worries that parents have when they send their child to school or while they come back after school.

After realizing the concerns of parents an app was developed to solve the basic problems that parents and school management faces. It gives a peace of mind to parents who worry about their child’s safety. Parents worry about when the bus will reach to pick up their child and when it will drop off their child.

Another concern is that they don’t have any contact with the bus driver or the attendant. In case there is a delay in pick or drop the parents want to be notified regarding this. If there is a change in the point from where the child is picked up or dropped that needs to be reallocated that is to be communicated with the driver or the attendant.

Driver app

Using the driver app, drivers can have all the details regarding the students that he needs to know. They can mark the attendance of the children so that they know which student is attending school and who is not.

This helps them to plan the best routes so that it saves money and time.

They can collaborate with transportation managers and take the route that is best suited. They can also monitor students from the inside and ensure the student’s safety.

Drivers can view live cam feed so as to monitor activities without leaving the driver console. This also makes sure that your child is not bullied while they are in the bus.

Drivers have an instant access for student details which helps them to take the best routes to reach the pick up or drop points.

Drivers receive notifications regarding change in pick up points and even birthdays of students which helps them to build a rapport with the students.

Parent App

Parents can check on their pupil as the application marks the attendance four times a day when a student gets on or off the bus in the morning and in the evening. Thus parents get to know the attendance of the child without contacting the school management.

Parents get real time notifications of the activities of their child which gives them a peace of mind. Thus they get to know the location of the bus.

This can help them know when the bus if arriving to pick up or drop their child. The parent app can be used to assign a new pick up point without having to call up the driver or school management.

The app can be used to manage more than one child who comes from the same house.

Bus Attendant App

Bus attendant can make use of this app to perform their duties clutter free. They can figure out the next location which the school bus needs to make a stop.

The trip history can be mapped which helps to record the journey taken. When a student boards or gets off the school bus a notification is sent to the attendant. It even notifies the attendant if a child misses a school bus.

Attendants can schedule and direct driver throughout the trip as when a trip is confirmed, it automatically moves to the trip history.

Just like in the driver app attendants also get notification about the student birthdays. Students will be happy to be wished on their birthdays.

Transport Manager App

Sometimes the whole trip is conducted and managed by a transport manager. A school might have a fleet of vehicles that needs to be managed from a control centre.

They can also help with planning the best routes and efficiently manage the fleet. If in case a vehicle is not being tracked the transport manager will get an immediate notification regarding this.

They can send group messages which help to communicate a message to all drivers and attendants. Each bus can be tracked by the transport manager and this real time location can help to choose the best available routes.


School bus tracking apps not only is safe to use but it also ensure the safety of our kids. There are various facets of school bus tracking application that ensures co-ordination with parents, bus drivers, bus attendants and transportation managers.

It is definitely a value addition for schools and parents looking for the safe transit of their children to and from school.

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TrackSchoolBus Launches Upgraded Driver Console App

Hurrah!! we're launching an upgraded version of our Driver Console App. A number of our clients and prospects were confused with the mobile and tablet versions of the app. So we decided to combine both their features and release it as a single app.

This new version is a complete trip management app.  As the same app is now available on mobile as well as tablet, it allows drivers to access the app without any confusion.
It is a useful version for transport managers as they obtain details such as kilometres covered, details of finished trip, vehicle speed, etc. As per these details, school authorities can provide ranks to drivers.

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In addition to above benefits, there are a number of other valuable features including:

  • Error-free attendance management system
  • Easy scheduling of instant trips
  • Data storage (everything related to trip such as route, pick-up point, etc.)
  • Next destination details
  • Quick creation and update of new pick up points
  • Trip history details
  • Announcement of next trip
  • Real-time notification
  • Automatic school announcements
  • Chat facility
  • Birthday wishes for school bus students
  • CCTV Footage for drivers
  • Automatic leave update
  • Over speed Alert
  • Welcome message for each student

We are excited about this new app. It is definitely a positive step towards TrackSchoolBus' ultimate aim – 100% safe school buses. The launch of the app is not the final word though. There would be constant improvisation as we try to implement new ideas, and more importantly, listen to feedback from the Drivers and Transport managers themselves.

If you want to check out the app, here's the link – Driver Console

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Trends in School Transportation Management

In the past few years, educational field has greatly been influenced by Information technology. School transportation management is an area where a number of IT companies focus on. Most of the entrepreneurs consider this as a good opportunity and thus, make innovative products to solve the school transportation issues.

Some of the key trends in school transportation management that can capture the attention in the coming years are as follows:


9 Qualities of a Great School Bus Transportation System

  • Route Optimization

Now, it is not difficult for us to think about organizing school bus routes, bus stops and then, allocating students to their respective bus stops. One can automatically build optimized routes, resolve the most appropriate bus stops and match students to those stops based on their addresses.

  • School Bus Tracking

Now, people are more interested in keeping track of school buses during their movement. Many schools have started implementing the school bus tracking software for effective school transportation management.

The software helps transport managers to effectively manage fleet of buses, tackle emergency situations properly and create weekly reports regarding school transportation management.

  • School Bus Attendance

Due to working hours and tight schedules, parents will have great concern about their child's safety in transportation. In order to put a stop to this worry, schools have implemented software that provides instant notifications to parents whenever their child gets on or off the school bus.

With apps like driver console drivers are able to know whether any particular child is missing from the bus. The app will have details regarding each student and their assigned stops, which help the drivers to instantly recognize them. School management, thus guarantees a secure and risk-free transportation to students.

  • Tracking App for Parents

From morning to evening, parents will be worried about their child and eagerly wait for the school bus to arrive. When there are unfavourable weather conditions, the situation gets worse. School management can tackle such situations by providing an app that enables the the parents to track their child's school bus in real time and thus, reach the bus stop in time.

Once a child boards the school bus with tracking, parents are able to see the real-time location along with route which helps them to plan accordingly. They are also able to manage more than one child with a single app.

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  • Tracking App for Transport Managers

With the help of the transport manager app, transport managers are able to have exclusive control of the school bus. App avoids even minor possibilities of accidents or mishaps that can happen in the school transportation service.

Transport managers are able to communicate with the driver whenever they feel a need for that. Using the app, they are able to schedule school bus trips easily. New pick up points can be built and assigned. Also, it is possible to update if there are any bus stop relocations.

  • Tracking App for Bus Attendant

This app includes a complete attendance management system which helps to reduce attendance flaws. Manual way of collecting attendance is usually a tedious task and is prone to errors. Each and every minute detail is considered in the attendant app.

Drivers are able to instantly get notification, along with the contact details and a picture of the child. They get exact direction of the trip and the confirmed trip paves way to trip history.

  • Live camera feed

With the help of cameras, drivers obtain live camera feed of students inside the school bus. Drivers can view this feed via their own console. This helps them to save time, thereby adding comfort, convenience and safety.

  • Geofencing

Parents as well as school authorities can restrict the movement of school bus to a particular area. They will get instant notification if at all school bus enter the restricted area. Parents can also set their own boundary by using the geofencing feature of parent app and receive alerts when the school bus approaches near to their child's pick up point.

  • Manifest Feature

Produce routine school bus passenger details like pick up details, route diagram indicating pick up location, list of students present inside the bus etc. If a student applied leave on a particular day, his pick up details will not appear in that day's stop list in the app. This saves valuable time of the driver as well as the students by not having to stop at unnecessary points. It is a useful feature that is going to be a trendsetter in the future.

These are trends that have revolutionized the school transportation management. They not only help the new drivers to have better control of the school bus, but also give parents peace of mind. With the advent of various technologies, costs for fuel can also be significantly reduced with the facility of route optimization.

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Why School Bus Driving is the Perfect Career


School bus driving is always a risky business for you. Due to this reason, most of us are reluctant to choose it as a career. Even though there exists such a misconception, school bus driving is still popular among people. There is greater scope for this career as demand for quality bus drivers are rising at a steady pace. With the advent of innovative driver console, task of the driver seems a little easier.

Here follows top 10 reasons showing why school bus driving is a perfect career for you:

1. You are Having Great People Skill

As a bus driver, every day you may need to interact with a lot of people. This includes teachers, parents, transportation officials and obviously kids. One of the greatest qualities needed for a school bus driver is the ability to communicate and deal with different types of personalities. Hence, those with great people skills are best suited for this job.

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2. You Enjoy Working with Kids

If you love children, then school bus driving is a perfect job for you. All you have to do is to make children comfortable and happy. It will be easier for you to handle them, once they think that you are actually a caring person. If you become harsh and adamant, it may create negative feelings in the minds of children and they may never follow your orders correctly.

3. You like Driving

It will be difficult for you to control and manage a large vehicle like a school bus. Some of you may feel exciting to control a large vehicle and some feel intimidating. If you think driving as a fun task, then life as a driver can be demanding and relaxing at the same time.

4. You Bother about Children's Safety

When you take annual records, you may find that the school bus accidents are really small in number. This is because drivers take an extra effort to make their passengers(students) safe and secure.

If you are a quality driver, then you will be able to maintain proper discipline inside the school bus, make sure that the child reached home safely, implement safe board and de-board procedures regularly. With the help of driver console, you will be able to manage bus effectively and efficiently.

5. You Remain Calm Under Pressure

As a school bus driver, you may face several tight situations such as bad weather, noisy children, difficult traffic, incomplete road construction etc. any time on the road. When such unexpected issues occur, if you have a little patience and a clear head, it can actually be a fun challenge for you.

6. You Prefer a Flexible Work Schedule

Usually a school bus driver works on morning and evening with a long break in between them. You can also choose extra hours for field trips or any other school activities. A bus driving career is a perfect job for you, if you dislike the usual office hours from 9 to 5.

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7. You are Expecting a Job with Rewarding Benefits

You may get different types of benefits from school systems such as extended vacation days, retirement plans, health and insurance etc. Hence you will be encouraged to continue it as a career.

8. You Don't Need a High Five Educational Profile

For becoming a school bus driver, you don't have to spend years in college. All you must need is to go through a training program and receive commercial driver's license before employment.

9. You Want to Get a Reasonable Salary

By spending a few hours in the morning and evening, you will be able to get a reasonable salary. Also you may get plenty of opportunities to spend extra hours and thus can receive additional benefits from the school.

10. You May Not Need to Spend Money for Training Purpose

Most of the schools cover driver's training programme in order to ensure high quality employees for their school bus. This is really advantageous for you.

So, if you are a person who likes kids, is responsible and wants a comfortable, steady source of income, then school bus driving can be a great job for you. With the introduction of  driver console, school bus driving became much easier and interesting than earlier.

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Why is the Driver Console App a Necessity for Schools?


Driving is the most risky job. And when it comes to school transportation the trouble becomes doubled. It is the responsibility of driver to control the school bus trip and behavior of students. Drivers should be able to handle multiple tasks at the same time. Their prime responsibility is to take care the school bus safety.

With the introduction of apps, the drivers are able to fulfill their duty more proficiently and they have better school driving experience. Driver console app is an excellent example for this. Driver console app is a brilliant app created especially to help and guide school bus drivers.

Bus rides can be revolutionized using the driver console. Drivers are able to have better control over each school bus rides. The next pick up and drop details will be provided to them at the right time. They can keep a close observation both inside and outside the school bus.

Here are the benefits of using driver console app:

  • helps to take attendance of students in school bus
  • can keep a good coordination with transport manager
  • can helps the drivers in routing
  • helps to execute multiple task
  • manage bus effectively and efficiently

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All these benefits help the driver in doing various important tasks easily and quickly. Apart from this, the app helps them to plan the trip or navigation. Drivers can decide the route and the number of stops in a single trip beforehand. The app provides profiles of students from each stop to the driver. Hence, there would be a proper organizing in fulfilling the driver's tasks. They can find the shortest route and thus plan accordingly.

Using the app, a driver can monitor bus speed regularly. Similarly parents, transport managers or other authorities can also keep an eye on the driver. And they can send alerts if the drivers are not paying much attention to driving. One can easily identify if there is any possibility of unsafe driving.

The drivers would get a continuous live feed of students aboard with the help of multiple cameras installed in the bus. All these live feed can be viewed by the driver using their console app. The drivers will have the ability to monitor the bus efficiently. Some of the qualities of the app include convenience, time saving and safety assurance.

Driver console plays a greater role in keeping school bus attendance. This feature helps the driver to identify who are all missing in the school bus. The app also enables to take bus attendance whenever the student board the bus. Drivers are able to get information about each student at a particular stop from the app. Bus attendance can be taken using radio frequency identification (RFID) cards. Apart from this drivers are able to interact with students inside the bus and can thus give important announcements through the app. The app indirectly helps to maintain discipline inside the school bus.

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The driver console can be a very useful app for every schools. The app not only helps to maintain discipline but also helps to maintain school bus safety. With the introduction of app, navigation or trip planning have become easier for drivers. Transport managers can also make important announcements through the audio facility of the driver console app.

By considering all the benefits together we can understand the importance of driver console app especially in an institution like school where school bus safety is given greater priority than anything.

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