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Why Tracking App is Inevitable for a School Bus Attendant

School administrators operating school buses are always faced with two primary concerns. While one is about the safe, to and fro transportation of students from the school to their homes.

The other concerns the efficient management of their fleet of school buses. So, how do these administrators ensure the above concerns are addressed in the best possible manner and at all times?

They invest in what are called as tracking apps which not only resolve the above mentioned issues, but also improve the goodwill of the school that patronizes these apps.

Alongside offering convenience of monitoring the trips of students, these tracking apps serve as a leading light to school bus attendants. Here we shed light on the benefit of these apps to a school bus attendant.

An Overview of TrackSchoolBus and Its School Bus Tracking Apps

TrackSchoolBus, as the name suggests is a provider of technology-powered school bus tracking apps that come as convenient and safe means of transportation for students.

Additionally, these apps not only help school bus attendants to know of the real-time location of any particular school bus but also provide invaluable on-road information.

TrackSchoolBus presents 4 unique tracking apps which are:

1. Parent App

2. Bus Attendant App

3. Transport Manager App

4. Driver Console App

Here we shed light on the 3 important tracking apps that are meant for school bus drivers and attendants.

1. Bus Attendant App

True to its name, this state-of-the-art tracking app enables attendants to lay hands on the information concerning the next destination that the bus is heading towards.

Tagged as route planning app, it is through this app that bus attendants can take well-informed decisions through real-time notifications and announcements indicating a traffic jam or bad weather conditions.

This app helps bus attendants assign feasible pick-up and drop points. It is through this app that school bus attendants will be notified about every student in the bus and where he/she should be picked up and dropped.

Additionally, this app helps them make alternative arrangements for all those students who have missed their bus.

This app sends notifications to school bus attendants and administrators informing them about instances when a student gets dropped at an unlisted point.

The list of benefits of the bus attendant app does not end here. You can employ this app to enjoy a couple of advanced features, namely: re-center facility and manifest feature.

The re-center feature comes into play when there is a change in the pick-up point. Given the sudden relocation of any child, it is through the re-center feature that school bus attendants can get the details of the new pick-up point from where the student needs to be picked up.

The manifest feature shows up all the details concerning every student who boards the school bus.

Details like the pick-up points, a route map indicating the exact location for a pick-up and the entire list of students who are onboard will be displayed.

In the event a student is absent on a particular day, the manifest feature does not display his/her details on the stop list for that day.

2. Transport Manager App

TrackSchoolBus offers a tracking app called as the Transport Manager app which comes handy to all the school bus fleet managers. It is through this tracking app that transport managers can exercise a strong control over the entire fleet of school buses.

While allowing the managers to track each and every school bus that is plying on the road, this app ensures connectivity with other app users.

So, with this app in your hand, you as a transport manager can send voice instructions to bus attendants. Last but not the least, the transport manager app helps managers locate untracked vehicles.

3. Driver Console App

Recognized as an innovative offering of TrackSchoolBus, the Driver Console App is a trip-friendly app that provides a host of features to all the drivers at the wheel.

In addition to helping the driver to schedule pick-up and drop trips, this app gives out invaluable information like the speed of the school bus while also gathering the details of different school buses.

It is through this app that school bus drivers and bus attendants can lay hands on live camera feeds of the activities inside the bus along with managing pick-up points.

School bus attendants can make the most of the real-time notifications and alerts given out by this app to plan daily route trips.

The Promise of Real-Time Notifications Given Out By Tracking Apps

TrackSchoolBus, through all the above described apps helps all the stakeholders including students, parents, the school authorities and all those concerned to heave a sigh of relief with every school bus trip.

Providing top quality software that should be installed in superior quality tracking systems, TrackSchoolBus, the provider of school bus tracking apps delivers real-time notifications along with an auto optimization feature.

It is through this innovative feature that school bus attendants can get to know the exact pick-up point as is displayed on Google Maps.

With this information, school bus drivers can save a great deal of time when they can effortlessly optimize the student’s pick-up and drop points.

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School Bus Designs : Why They Remain Unchanged

First of all school buses are designed well and serves its purpose. School buses are the primary mode of student transportation in the United States.

Over half the student population in the country rely upon school buses for transportation to school and back to home. It is estimated that over 26 million students travel in school buses.

Transportation wasn't the same in old times. Some of the first school buses were carriages that were drawn by horses which were called kid hacks or school hacks.

These were made by Wayne works around the year 1886. There were even sledges and farm wagons that were used by students to get to school or sometimes even walk to school through the snow covered lands.

With the popularity of automobiles rising in 1914 the same Wayne works moved on to automobile chassis to help students reach schools faster. With the introduction of these buses students sat on the perimeter of the bus facing towards each other rather that towards the front as they do today.

It was later on that the Blue Bird Company took an effort to create a design for the bus that resembles the buses of today even though they had a long way to go.

Some of you might wonder why the colour of a school bus is yellow. It has been yellow since its inception. This makes it easy to distinguish it from other vehicles on the road. The yellow colour is recorded as Federal Standard No. 595a,

Colour 13432 with both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Buses usually operate in the morning and evening so the colour is better visible during these times.

It is supposed that the colour helps drivers to notice and slow down their vehicles keeping in mind there are children on board.

Why School Bus Design Have Remained Unchanged

School bus designs are made to safeguard the children on board. Parents worry about their child's safety and the modes of transportation they take to reach school or come back from school.

So there is a genuine need for standardizing the way children travel. The present mode of transportation is satisfactory and safer. School buses are typically safer as they are not driven very fast.

According to the studies by National Academy of Sciences and National Transportation Safety Board school buses have closely spaced seats which are shock absorbent and are able to protect children in case there is an accident.

Little Bit About TrackSchoolBus

Various apps can be used to monitor the daily activities of students, drivers and attendants. These help to know what is happening to your child when he leaves for school and comes back from school.

Parent AppTrackSchoolBus has come up with the parent app so that parents can make use of this app to build a rapport with the drivers. The app lets you get to know when a bus reaches a pick up point or the drop point.

Parents can also monitor the speed of the bus. If the bus is being driven recklessly they are immediately notified regarding this. You can mark a leave for your pupil using this app.

You neither have to call the driver or the school management. With track school bus’s app parents are notified regarding the real-time location of the child and also the route that is followed by the school bus.

Driver Console App Using the driver app from TrackSchoolBus drivers get to communicate the route taken by them and the number of stops during the trip with parents as well as school management.

This helps them to take the shortest route possible which is beneficial to both the drivers and the school management as this saves a lot of fuel and time. They get to pass information with the transport manager.

Using the driver’s app by Track School Bus, transport managers can give drivers instruction regarding best route that can be taken by looking at the traffic on each road.

School Bus Attendant AppBus attendants will have an app that has all the student details like pick up and drop points. This helps them to work more efficiently. Another added feature for the TrackSchoolBus app is that the birthdays of the students will be notified to the bus attendants.

With this the attendants can wish the pupil on his birthday which creates a better rapport with the students. They get to know which students have boarded the bus and those who haven’t. Using the Track School Bus App they can contact the parents to check if the students are on leave or if they have failed to board the bus.

School Transport Manager AppIn some cases the schools have a transport manager or the school bus contract is given to a third party in which case the fleet is managed by a transport manager.

By using the TrackSchoolBus app, the transport manager can track the school buses from anywhere using the app. The transport manager will be notified regarding route traffic, unfavourable weather conditions, bus break down, or anything that is related to the vehicle status.

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TrackSchoolBus Launches Upgraded Driver Console App

Hurrah!! we're launching an upgraded version of our Driver Console App. A number of our clients and prospects were confused with the mobile and tablet versions of the app. So we decided to combine both their features and release it as a single app.

This new version is a complete trip management app.  As the same app is now available on mobile as well as tablet, it allows drivers to access the app without any confusion.
It is a useful version for transport managers as they obtain details such as kilometres covered, details of finished trip, vehicle speed, etc. As per these details, school authorities can provide ranks to drivers.

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In addition to above benefits, there are a number of other valuable features including:

  • Error-free attendance management system
  • Easy scheduling of instant trips
  • Data storage (everything related to trip such as route, pick-up point, etc.)
  • Next destination details
  • Quick creation and update of new pick up points
  • Trip history details
  • Announcement of next trip
  • Real-time notification
  • Automatic school announcements
  • Chat facility
  • Birthday wishes for school bus students
  • CCTV Footage for drivers
  • Automatic leave update
  • Over speed Alert
  • Welcome message for each student

We are excited about this new app. It is definitely a positive step towards TrackSchoolBus' ultimate aim – 100% safe school buses. The launch of the app is not the final word though. There would be constant improvisation as we try to implement new ideas, and more importantly, listen to feedback from the Drivers and Transport managers themselves.

If you want to check out the app, here's the link – Driver Console

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6 Ways School Bus Driver Route App Provides Safety




"Anyone can drive a car but it takes someone special to drive a school bus!”


School bus transportation and its safety are what matters most to parents as well as school authorities. Student safety is not the responsibility of school bus driver alone. Everyone, including students, has a unique role to play in assuring safety.


With the introduction of school bus driver console app , driving has become easier for drivers. Using the app, they are able to have better control over each school bus ride. Also, it helps to keep the bus under surveillance from inside, helps mark attendance, assists in planning route, makes coordination with transport manager easy, etc.


Drivers are able to perform multiple tasks with minimum disturbance. School Bus Driver Route app is a great solution for managing school buses in an effective and efficient manner.


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Here are the six ways school bus driver console app provides safety:


1. Navigation or Trip Planning


School bus driver console app allows drivers to plan each trip carefully and easily. Your bus driver can set routes, set the number of stops in a single trip, etc., allowing the driver to decide beforehand and act wisely according to your plan.


The Driver Console app shows the profiles of students to be picked from each stop in an organized way. Drivers are able to select the shortest route from their console and thus plan the trip properly.


2. Speed Monitoring


Bus speed can be monitored in real-time using the app. That is, parents as well as school authorities can check out whether the school bus is over speeding or if they are making unnecessary stops. Hence it is possible to keep an eye on drivers and send alerts to them if necessary.


One of the biggest benefits offered by the app is to get an idea about the good and bad driving habits of drivers.


3. Providing Live-Cam Feed


Multiple cameras are installed in buses which give driver live feed of students on board. Drivers can view what's happening in the school bus through this console with the help of school bus driver route app. It is very advantageous for drivers as they are able to observe children without leaving their seat.


Live cam feed saves time and at the same time adds safety and is convenient to the driver.


4. Taking School Bus Attendance


App assists drivers in taking school bus attendance. By using the app, drivers can easily spot missing child in the school bus. As the students board the school bus, attendance will be taken.


Driver console contains details of each student who are boarding from a particular stop. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards will be provided to each student and with the help of those cards, student attendance can be taken.


Taking school bus attendance is the greatest benefit offered by the app as it gives instant warning to drivers, parents and other school authorities if a student is missing.


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5. Make Important Announcements


With the help of driver console, important announcements can be delivered to students. Drivers are able to interact with the students through the driver route app which indeed gives them provision to make important announcements.


Hence the app helps drivers to maintain discipline inside the school bus. Similarly, transport managers are also able to play audio on the bus and thus make announcements as well as play informational audio.


6.Revolutionize School Bus Driver Experience


With the innovative school bus driver route app, school bus drivers are able to enjoy and have better control of the school bus. Technology has made driving an easier and safe one. The app makes it easy for the driver to stay in control.


Introduction of Driver Console app has opened up a new and enjoyable driving experience to drivers. Risk and tension of parents, teachers and drivers are reduced to the minimum. 


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How can Driver Console App help School Transportation


Safety of school transportation is what parents care the most. Some parents are so scared to send their child to school via school bus. Hence, they try to use their own vehicle to assure safety for their children. But the truth is that today's school bus transportation is safer than anything.


With the technological development, school authorities are able to manage school transportation better. Parents, school authorities and drivers can now check out the safety of the children through the apps on their smart phones.


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As the name suggests Driver Console App is an app designed for drivers. Drivers can enjoy a variety of benefits from this app. Some of its major benefits are:

  • Better Control

Drivers are able to have better control over each bus ride with the help of School bus driver console. It helps the drivers not only to closely observe the activities of students inside the school bus, but also helps them to design the best route for the school bus journey. Also helps them to keep up a good co-ordination with transport managers. They are able to carry out multiple tasks with minimum distraction. Above all, it is a great solution to manage school bus in an effective and efficient way.

  • Planning School Bus Trip or Navigation

Drivers are able to plan each trip using driver console app. They can set route, and decide stops in a single trip in advance. Through the app, drivers are given details about each student picked from a particular stop. Based on the shortest trip shown in the app, driver can plan the routes.

  • Helps to Check Speed of the School Bus

Driver Console App helps the driver to check speed of the school bus in real-time. This app is useful to parents and school authorities also. As it can give alerts when the driver increase or decrease the speed of the school bus unnecessarily. Thus, they can keep a regular watch on school bus drivers. One would get a brief idea about the good and bad habits of school bus drivers. Hence, parents as well as school authorities will be able to recognize any kind of unsafe driving.


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  • Able to get Live Camera Feed

There are multiple cameras installed in the school bus, which gives a continuous live camera feed of students on-board. Drivers are able to view this feed on his console app with the Driver Console App. They are also able to check the school bus without leaving the driver's station. At the same time, it saves time, add convenience and safety.

  • Helps to Update School Bus Attendance

The app helps to update school bus attendance of each student in the bus. With this feature drivers are able to know which all students are missing from the school bus. The latest edition of console app enables to update attendance when the students board the bus. Also, it has details of students boarding from a particular stop. Bus attendance of each student is marked using Radio Frequency Identification.


Apart from these benefits, drivers can interact with the students through this app and thus give them provision to make important announcements. Drivers not only get help with navigation and marking attendance, but also helps to keep up proper discipline within the school bus. Transport managers are able to play audio on the bus to make announcements and play informational audio in the school bus. Introduction of driver console app is a boon to school transportation as it doubles the safety of students.


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Why is the Driver Console App a Necessity for Schools?


Driving is the most risky job. And when it comes to school transportation the trouble becomes doubled. It is the responsibility of driver to control the school bus trip and behavior of students. Drivers should be able to handle multiple tasks at the same time. Their prime responsibility is to take care the school bus safety.

With the introduction of apps, the drivers are able to fulfill their duty more proficiently and they have better school driving experience. Driver console app is an excellent example for this. Driver console app is a brilliant app created especially to help and guide school bus drivers.

Bus rides can be revolutionized using the driver console. Drivers are able to have better control over each school bus rides. The next pick up and drop details will be provided to them at the right time. They can keep a close observation both inside and outside the school bus.

Here are the benefits of using driver console app:

  • helps to take attendance of students in school bus
  • can keep a good coordination with transport manager
  • can helps the drivers in routing
  • helps to execute multiple task
  • manage bus effectively and efficiently

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All these benefits help the driver in doing various important tasks easily and quickly. Apart from this, the app helps them to plan the trip or navigation. Drivers can decide the route and the number of stops in a single trip beforehand. The app provides profiles of students from each stop to the driver. Hence, there would be a proper organizing in fulfilling the driver's tasks. They can find the shortest route and thus plan accordingly.

Using the app, a driver can monitor bus speed regularly. Similarly parents, transport managers or other authorities can also keep an eye on the driver. And they can send alerts if the drivers are not paying much attention to driving. One can easily identify if there is any possibility of unsafe driving.

The drivers would get a continuous live feed of students aboard with the help of multiple cameras installed in the bus. All these live feed can be viewed by the driver using their console app. The drivers will have the ability to monitor the bus efficiently. Some of the qualities of the app include convenience, time saving and safety assurance.

Driver console plays a greater role in keeping school bus attendance. This feature helps the driver to identify who are all missing in the school bus. The app also enables to take bus attendance whenever the student board the bus. Drivers are able to get information about each student at a particular stop from the app. Bus attendance can be taken using radio frequency identification (RFID) cards. Apart from this drivers are able to interact with students inside the bus and can thus give important announcements through the app. The app indirectly helps to maintain discipline inside the school bus.

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The driver console can be a very useful app for every schools. The app not only helps to maintain discipline but also helps to maintain school bus safety. With the introduction of app, navigation or trip planning have become easier for drivers. Transport managers can also make important announcements through the audio facility of the driver console app.

By considering all the benefits together we can understand the importance of driver console app especially in an institution like school where school bus safety is given greater priority than anything.

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