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Students Hold Road Safety Campaign


JC Road:  In collaboration with Bengaluru City Traffic Police, students of Sri Sri Centre for Media Studies coordinated a campaign for road safety awareness in front of Town Hall.

The campaign named Alert Today Alive Tomorrow saw the participation of people belonging to different backgrounds. The volunteers raised awareness among different communities about traffic rules.

“Such campaigns are essential in our city. After Delhi and Chennai, Bengaluru has the highest number of road accidents. By taking part in the campaign today, I am doing my bit to educate the people on the roads. Together, we should work for a safer Bengaluru,” said MLA B N Vijaya, who took part in the drive as well.

“This campaign was planned by the students of PG Diploma in Journalism to create an effective approach to road discipline and forcefully deliver a clear, unique message to the public with the objective of saving more lives,” said Geetha Shankar, Institute Head at SSCMS.

The campaign included a silent street play about the right way to use road along with holding banners, placards, and regulating traffic

The play highlighted the importance of wearing of seat belt, awareness about the amber light, usage of high and low beam, pedestrian safety, using child restraints, following lane discipline, wearing helmets and other precautions on the road.

“We as media students write about issues but very rarely come out and create awareness. We all come from different states of the country. I have been living here since nine months and I see that traffic in Bengaluru is pathetic. It takes 25 minutes for me to travel 3 km and reach college every day. That is why we decided to hold a campaign,” said Shri, a student.


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Students Hold Road Safety Campaign
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