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Snow Leopard Equipped With GPS Collar


Snow leopards at Mongolia are equipped with GPS collar. The Snow Leopard Trust’s field team somehow managed to equip GPS collar to a male leopard. This will enable the team to track the moments of the cat during coming months. The latest initiative is a part of the long-term study on ecology and behaviour of these cats by the organization.

“The cat weighed 44.3 kg and we think he is four to five years old”, Snow Leopard Trust field scientist Örjan Johansson said.

It’s astonishing to find out that it’s the 20th snow leopard to be equipped with a GPS collar by the Trust. The study began on 2008. Since then, it’s the 11th male leopard to be collared with GPS collar.

The newly equipped male cat is named as “Tsetsen”, which means “ingenious” or “crafty” in Mongolian.

The Innovative Study

The long-term study is conducted by the trust in the South Gobi region of Mongolia. The trust as well as, its partners is pioneering the research about the endangered cat.

The study resulted in the vast development and expansion of the knowledge about leopard’s behaviour, its reproductive cycle, nutritional needs and population dynamics.

Insights about the snow leopard cub dispersal, predation patterns and migration between mountain ranges has been obtained from the previously GPS collars equipped 19 cats. The study has helped in their conservation and to protect the cats’ habitat area.

With the study, it’s possible to keenly observe the movement patterns of the new cats compared to its predecessors. It will also enable to retrieve the cat’s history and family connection with other snow leopards in the area.

The long-term study about snow leopard is a joint project conducted by Snow Leopard Trust and Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation in cooperation with the Mongolia Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism, and the Mongolia Academy of Sciences.

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Snow Leopard Equipped With GPS Collar
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