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Smart T-shirts Designed in India is Now Available for Rs 2499


A Hyderabad based company has introduced 'smart t-shirts'. This wearable tracker can track the daily steps, calories burned, distance covered etc. The company claims that it is the first tracking T-shirt sold in the market. This t-shirt can also connect to Maps app for navigation assistance despite not having its own GPS. It is now available for a discounted price of Rs. 2499.

The t-shirts will start shipping when it achieves the funding goal of Rs. 5 lakhs. It can be connected to mobile app that helps in navigation.

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T-shirts consists of vibration sensors, Bluetooth module, micro controller, soft switch, and a rechargeable battery.  The switch can be used for turning off the device. Since it is a washable t-shirt, the electronic boards in the shirt are made water-proof.

This idea can be later implemented in ensuring safety of students. The RFID cards can be replaced by t-shirts in the future to track students.   


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Smart T-shirts Designed in India is Now Available for Rs 2499
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