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Should You Use GPS on Your Child While Travelling?


Using GPS in children is nothing but smart parenting. Have considered using GPS in children during vacation time?

Jakob Lund, a 9 year old failed to get back to his mother after wandering away from his elementary school in Spokane. The mother of Jakob got tensed and called 911 for help. Jakob Lund has Asperger syndrome and it’s not the first time that he had gone missing.

 The good news is that Jakob’s mother made him wear a special high tech wristband in order to track his move. While the mother was on line with 911, the dispatcher activated the bracelet. The exact location of Jakob Lund was tracked with advanced cellular signal triangulation technology. He was found 15 blocks away from the school. After 10 minutes of the first call for help Jakob was found and he sent back to his mother’s arms.

Parents are afraid to even think about losing their children. According to the recent reports of U.S. Department of Justice, every year about for atleast an hour, 340,500 children get separated from a grown-up.

FBI’s National Crime Information Center confirmed that in 2014 alone, there were 466,949 entries for missing children under 18 excluding the unreported incidents. Some families are lucky enough to get their children back but some are not. The story of Madeleine McCann is an example. She went missing while on family vacation at Portugal and has never returned.

The fear of losing can never happen if you use technology that works. With technology it’s possible to track kids.  GPS devices for young kids are a blooming industry.

Todd Morris, founder of Brickhouse Security, says GPS devices are particularly ideal for international travel. “Traveling with multiple children in strange areas can be a high anxiety situation,” he says. “Sometimes just knowing there’s a safety net can help parents enjoy their vacation a bit more.” 

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Should You Use GPS on Your Child While Travelling?
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