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Security Upgraded To Next Level in New Zealand


GPS tracking devices are being trialled on rescue dogs and police search dogs in New Zealand. The decision to provide GPS trackers to search and rescue dogs will be implemented within next few months.

Earlier, Wairarapa police dog Thames had been recovered after searching for one week at Mt Holdsworth. Police spokeswoman Kaye Calder confirmed that they were conducting various trials of GPS tracking systems before Thames disappeared. "That work has been well advanced and has been piloted by several police dogs in the last few months and a decision as to their appropriateness for use will be made shortly."

Search and rescue dogs are described as "effectively a four-legged member of police". It costs around $60,000 to train a police dog excluding ongoing costs such as food and upkeep. The cost of GPS tracking systems is yet to be confirmed. 

More than 100 police dogs serve for general patrols, rescue, recovery work, and drug and cash detection in New Zealand as of now.

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Security Upgraded To Next Level in New Zealand
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