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10 School Transportation Trends to Watch out in 2018

Transportation is going through a phase changes and is supposedly having a makeover in the way it operates.

As schools and other entities are accepting the changes that are happening in the transportation sector it has become easier to implement these new ideas to the school transportation sector.

So, what are these changes that are happening in school transportation? How is it going to revolutionize the way children are taken to school and back?

We have so many doubts regarding how these changes can be implemented and how it will impact the school transportation sector.

Here in this blog we will discuss about the 10 school transportation trends to watch out in 2018.

1. Geo Fencing: Parents can now set a virtual perimeter in which they want their child to stay. If in any case the child breaches the set perimeter a notification will be sent to the parents.

Geo fencing can be used by parents as well as school authorities. This can ensure a student’s safety while he travelling or at school or even while they go for an excursion or a school match.

2. Bus Movement Pattern: There are instances where buses exceed the speed limitation or drive recklessly. These are cases when student safety is put at risk and invite unnecessary accidents.

The use of a sophisticated monitoring system will ensure that bus drivers adhere to the speed limits and don’t violate traffic signals.

3. Route Optimization: There are chances that buses take routes that are not optimized which take toll on the fuel and time. With the introduction of a good transportation management system the best optimized route is ruled out and help curb the fuel and time wasted unnecessarily.

4. Heating Mechanisms: In the places where the cold weather is an issue there must be heating mechanism to cold start the engine. It is not that easy or you have to pay your drivers to get up an hour early to warm the block manually.

Also constant heat is a wasteful technique. There are smart timers that are hooked up to block heaters. This will help to automatically start the engine and warming it well making sure the bus is ready when the driver arrives.

5. Alcohol Detection on Steering Wheel: Earlier there are cases where the drivers drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol. This new method where there are sensors on the steering wheel detect if the driver is intoxicated.

This is necessary as drivers are sometimes good at hiding their intoxication and this might lead to road accidents or breach of children’s safety.

6. Route Planning: Earlier the planning bus routes, bus stops and assigning them to the students was a tedious process that was done manually.

With the use of a route management system, routes will be optimized automatically and it figures out the best possible route. This helps to find out the most appropriate bus stops for the students.

7. School Bus Tracking: Parents are always worried about the safety of their children while they leave on the school bud.

With the advent of school bus tracking applications, parents as well as school management can track the movement of the bus. Moreover this can help transport managers to find out the route taken by the bus.

8. School Bus Attendance: There are chances that students might miss the school bus in the morning or evening. The new school bus attendance software will send notification to parents when they get on or off the bus. This will be helpful to parents who tend to worry whether their child is safe while they love to school or from school.

9. Live Camera Feed: Another latest feature is a live camera feed that is connected to the driver console. These school bus security cameras help drivers to see inside the bus cabin to check if the students are alright. The latest addition to this technology is face recognition where the attendance of the students is registered automatically.

10. Tracking Apps: With the advent of technology, all the activities of students can be tracked so as to ensure the safety of students. There are apps for parents, transport managers, drivers, and attendants.

 These apps ensure an attendance management system which help to decrease all the redundancies in attendance.

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