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School Education Ministry Bans School Buses from Entering Petrol Pumps While On Duty

The school education ministry issued a new policy banning school buses to enter petrol pumps while on duty. Also, the policy orders two CCTV cameras to be installed on every vehicle carrying students.

This policy was introduced since it was noticed that most of the school bus enters the petrol pump while they are on duty. It will not only waste time but also increase student safety risks.

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Sanjay Tiwari, additional regional transport officer of Bhopal, favoured the policy as he thinks that it wastes student's time unnecessarily. He said that school buses can refill either after rendering service or before going for duty.

Tiwari claimed that even though they are short of manpower, they will surely keep a watch on petrol pumps and he asked pumps to report immediately whenever they witness school bus ferrying students enter petrol pumps.

Prabodh Pandaya, Parents Association general secretary of Madhya Pradesh, said that installing CCTV cameras is essential as it helps to reduce the number of sexual harassment and kidnapping cases of students.


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