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School Buses Undergo Inspection in Tamil Nadu


As a part of ensuring school bus safety in Tamil Nadu, around 8 school buses from different State Board schools are being inspected by officials of the transport department. The inspection is being conducted with assistance from police, revenue and education department officials. E. Sundaravalli, the District Collector, had ordered for the inspection before schools re-open for the next academic year on June 1st.

The inspection of the buses across the city, being carried out by 12 RTOs, will extend until May 30th. The schools, whose buses are being inspected, include Vani Vidyalaya, St Mary’s, Assisi Matriculation, and PRS Matriculation School.

A total of 21 parameters insisted by the Supreme Court were tested to ensure the safety of the school buses. Some of those parameters include availability of first aid kit, fire extinguishers (minimum two), platform for getting into the bus, emergency door, condition of tyres and seats, and installation of speed governors.

In the inspections conducted so far, 32 buses have been found to be defective. A re-inspection will be conducted on May 27th, before which, the schools are expected to rectify the vehicles’ faults.

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School Buses Undergo Inspection in Tamil Nadu
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