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School Buses Caught On Camera Running Red Lights, Speeding in Chicago


Chicago:  Numerous school bus violations were found by the ABC7I – Team. Nearly 200 school buses were running with red lights and speeding on Chicago streets.

While school bus is considered as the epitome of safety, the incident shook the school authorities and parents to the core. The traffic cameras captured the incident.

"That's not good, that's not safe at all," said Rholanda Gray, a Chicago mother.

The law violating video was taken from the corner of Madison and Laramie situated on the city’s west side. City cameras also caught dangerous near misses, twice buses were zooming near to people standing in the crosswalk.

"That's bad! You gotta pay attention when you're driving. They're supposed to be safe!" said Britanny Bernard, a Chicago mother.

According to the I-Team one of the top five school bus red light violation intersections occurred in Madison and Laramie.  

I-Team uncovered nearly 200 red light violations in the city from January 2014 until February of this year by school bus drivers.

"You would think that any kind of bus would have respect for the people inside, and you know you want to keep them safe," said Katie Aymar, a Chicago resident.

R& D buses were caught with the maximum number of violations. R&D received 89 speed violations.

136 violations received by R& D make up 40 percent of all of the school bus tickets issued citywide. Neither company nor the drivers had paid any of the tickets issued to them for violations.

"Oh God! I think that driver needs to go to driving school again," said Mary Hall, a Chicago resident.

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