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School Bus Seat Belts Becomes a Talking Point in the West


School bus seat belts have been a talking point for years in the west. According to reports, the transport department of  Canada proposes to set up guidelines for installing seat belts on school buses.

In the last decade, it was identified that only 1% student accidents were involved with a school bus. Transport department of Canada found that the chance for school children to get killed while walking to school is 16 times higher than that of students travelling by school bus.

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Currently, all school buses have lap-only seat belts, but transport department of Canada says that this will increase the risk of injuries.  Hence, the seat belts will be installed on school buses in the near future. But the discussion goes on as there are still some drivers who are against the seat belt installation as they believe that it doesn't have any role in increasing school bus safety.

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School Bus Seat Belts Becomes a Talking Point in the West
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