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School Bus Drivers Undergoes Alcometer Tests and Counselling

Most of the parents believe that school bus is the safest mode of transportation for their children. “It's not about blind faith. When we are paying exorbitant transportation fees, it is the responsibility of the school authorities to maintain safety standards of the bus to honour the trust we repose in them," a parent said.

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The detention of eight school bus drivers in the last ten days reinforced the importance of children's safety. On wednesday, 25 LKG and UKG students miraculously escaped from a school bus accident due to the carelessness of a drunken driver.

 "Perhaps, we need to look at drinking as a social problem," said Mansoor Ali Khan, board of management, Delhi Public School. "We handle a fleet of 500 buses across all our schools and conduct background checks of drivers before hiring them. We try to sensitize them through counselling sessions, where we tell them they are in-charge of the students' safety," he said."Only if their alcohol level is zero are they allowed to drive," he added.

"Radio frequency identification cards enable us to track buses. Cameras fitted in the vehicles give us an account of what has transpired inside. We also rely on information brought to our notice by students and teachers, and subject drivers to breathanalyzer tests", said Nooraine Fazal, co-founder and trustee of Inventure Academy.

Robert Khin, Bethany High School principal, who never experienced any issue related to drunk driving till date said "We hold meetings with drivers and helpers once in 15 days. They are educated about the discipline they have to maintain while ferrying students. If a driver is found violating traffic rules, immediate action is taken. Memos are issued, fines are levied. In an extreme case, the driver is suspended or his services are terminated. Complaints from parents or students are taken seriously."

 For the purpose of eradicating drunk driving in school bus, authorities took initiatives such as conducting of alcometer tests and counselling, which is expected to produce good results in school bus safety. 


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School Bus Drivers Undergoes Alcometer Tests and Counselling
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