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School Bus Driver Sacrificed Her Life to Save 10 Year Old Girl


AKRON (AP) – An Ohio school bus driver saved a child from the bus rolling but unfortunately, the bus rolled over the driver herself. She was killed in the incident. The 51-year-old school bus driver Laura Zborowski of Akron is hailed as a hero. Hats off to her courage.

"She sacrificed her own life to save the life of this 10-year-old girl," said Akron police Lt. Rick Edwards.

The students were asked to perform their regular drills. There are around 40 students ranging from kindergarten to eighth graders. The children first exited the bus from front and as instructed lined up at the sidewalk. Then they got back into the school bus and exited the rear emergency exit. The 10-yeat old was the last to exit. The vehicle started rolling backwards when the girl was climbing out the back of the bus.  Zborowski immediately threw the girl into the tree lawn and the bus then rolled over Zborowski.

"I don't think she had time to react," Edwards said.

She was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead after two hours. The incident took place Tuesday morning at 8.10 am.

"Our focus is making sure kids feel safe and supportive and to get whatever resources we can into the school immediately," school executive director Joe Palmer said.

Edward confirmed that the school authority will check the mechanism and will determine the reason behind the rolling back of the bus. 

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