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RTO Officials File 32 Cases Against School Vehicles

RTO authorities file 32 cases against school vehicles while conducting an inspection in South Bengaluru.

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Gnanendra Kumar, Transport Joint Commissioner of Bengaluru, said that four vehicles do not possess any fitness certificate and most of the school bus drivers are not having the required years of experience as per the Supreme Court's school bus safety rules.

Several violations from school bus operators and drivers have been reported in the last few months. But the issues are far more complicated as there is a prompt violation of rules put forward by the Supreme Court and the State Government.

Mr Kumar also added that there are also other serious violations such as absence of cleaner, GPS tracking unit, drivers not using seat belts, and the absence of phone numbers of the respective schools on a school bus. Also, he said that some schools have not even formed transportation committees consisting of parents, school bus operators and school authorities.


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RTO Officials File 32 Cases Against School Vehicles
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