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Roxbury Students Gets School Bus Safety Lessons


Roxbury students participates in a safety education program that involves lessons on pedestrian safety and rules for riding the school bus. Janine Byrnes, Transport Director of Roxbury Schools said that the program will eventually bring an interactive approach on everyday bus safety.

In addition to this, the program includes lectures on proper road crossing, safe loading as well as unloading the bus, good behavior, emergency measures and evacuation process will be the prime focus. The program was conducted many years ago and Byrnes states that it is high time to bring it back, as the lessons are vital for school bus going students.

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As per the reports, all students of grade K6 will receive the school bus safety lessons
even though they are not using school bus transportation since bus can be used for trips and extracurricular activities.

The program is scheduled to implement in 2017-18 term and they decide to conduct the lesson in the month of October(bus safety month) every year. Byrnes promised that the Roxbury Community will be rewarded for transporting students safely until now.


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Roxbury Students Gets School Bus Safety Lessons
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