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Row Over School Bus Transport


In light of a controversy that was recently spurred regarding the new school bus transportation system, at Indian School Darsait (ISD) in Muscat, the school sent messages to parents regarding the delay in the school bus service till the end of summer. The message from the school read, "Dear Parents, due to technical reasons, the commencement of the school-approved transport system is slightly delayed and will be implemented only after the summer vacation. Kindly bear with us".

The school was preparing to launch a complete school-approved and monitored bus transportation system, which was opposed by 17 out of 22 transporters who withdrew from talks. The Indian schools in Darsait lacked school bus services and depended on private transporters.

"The schools are not ready to take on any kind of responsibility in the proposed system. Moreover, the fee structure they have set will become a burden for parents. We are all in this business for the last 30 years with parents and we have never exploited them. We have a good rapport with them and we do not want to spoil that," Roy Joseph, a representative of the transporters, had said.

They say parents will be at a disadvantage as they will have to pay 40% more on transport even as the school says that the increase will be just 15%. The school has been conducting talks with the transporters for the past 2 months to reach a possible solution. Despite the challenges the school is confident about starting their own school bus service from April onwards.

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Row Over School Bus Transport
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