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Ride-sharing Apps should have GPS and SOS button, says Malaysian Organisation

In an effort to augment the safety of ride sharing services, the Public Transport Users Association of Malaysia (4PAM) wants GPS trackers, cameras, and, SOS button for ride-sharing apps.

Ajit Johl, 4PAM President, said that SOS Button in apps will help passengers to inform their parents, cops, and SPAD(command centre under the wing of Land Public Transport Association), if they felt any danger in the trip. He also suggested installing GPS trackers and cameras in taxi to capture everything that happens inside it.

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Some other proposals made by 4PAM include regulation of driver's qualifications, ensuring insurance for drivers as well as passengers, and affordable tariff regulation. Johl also added that the directors of ride sharing companies to be made responsible for the bad conduct of drivers and must be imposed with heavy fines.


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